Angela F.'s Solar system Brochure


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Angela F.'s Solar system Brochure

  1. 1. The Milky Way Our Galaxy is a relaxing Universe were you will always stay calm. There are many planets in the Milky Way so after you leave you’ll would remember the wonderful adventure you
  2. 2. The Sun The sun is biggest, most hottest star in the Universe. When you pass it put some sunglasses on and don’t get too close or you’ll get burned!
  3. 3. Mercury Mars Venus Terrestrial Planets Maybe you should visit Terrestrial Planets first, since you can land on them. Look out for asteroids! But here’s information about them. Mercury When you land on Mercury, its going to be very hot ,so put on very light clothes ,but on the other side its as cold as ice ,so don’t forget to bring warm clothes. And at night, when you look around their we’ll be no moon for Mercury. Bring lots of water because there is no water on Mercury so if your running out jump back into that spaceship and go to a planet with water. If you think that is a big planet you should see Venus. Venus If you go to Venus, there is a lot more to explore because it is about ten times bigger. Again, no moon, very hot, and no liquid. The atmosphere is pure carbon dioxide ,so if you can’t breathe it, bring an oxygen mask. It is very cloudy so bring extra strong windshield wipers because it would hard to land. Other than that, its great planet. Mars Mars is a good place to visit. They have two moons, which are both very interesting. Their land is much, much drier ,so its a lot harder. The air is carbon dioxide ,so if you can’t breathe it, bring an oxygen mask with your type of air. The whole planet is red ,so if you don’t like the color red, I suggest that you don’t go there. Unlike the other planets, It has water. If you dig deep enough, you’ll find water. If you see Aliens, tell them I said hi!
  4. 4. Earth Earth is the most awesome planet ever. It has one moon, which is very pretty when its full. Our atmosphere is pure oxygen. The temperature is mild so its not too hot but not to cold. The planet has water so don’t be worried you won’t be able to have a drink if your thirsty. This planet surely has life form so you can interact with other aliens. It is a very relaxing planet where you can get pampered all day and night. I highly suggest that you go to this planet. It’s so great that I will for surely live here for the rest of my life!
  5. 5. Jupiter Neptune Uranus Saturn Gas Giants Look but can’t touch! There is mostly ice and rock. There so 4 rings but they aren’t as visibleno land here so DON’T land. Here’s many coolest things about Saturn as the ones on Saturn. Neptune isa little about these planets. that you should see for yourself. the smallest gas giant ,but still the fourth largest planet. Neptune is mostly made of hydrogen and Jupiter Uranus helium with some methane. Neptune is most likely the windiest Jupiter is a very big planet. Its Uranus is the seventh plant planet in the galaxy so don’t openthe size of 11 earths! Jupiter also from the sun so its very cold and a window. Some scientists thinkholds the record for most moons. windy. Uranus has 27 moons so there’s an ocean of hot water63 moons! There is also a great you will see many moons on this under the clouds so there might bered spot near the bottom which is trip. This planet also has 11 rings a chance there is. There is soa storm that has been going on for but they aren’t as visible as the many cool things about Neptuneat lease 100 years. Don’t get too ones on Saturn. It’s also a lot that’s why I’m trying to persuadeclose to it or you’ll be sucked in. smaller than Saturn so don’t be you.So, if you like moons and and big too disappointed. Below the cloudsplanets, this is a place to visit. on top, there is a layer of extremely hot water, methane, and ammonia. Uranus turns blue Saturn because the methane gas is the atmosphere. Personally, I think its Saturn is the second biggest a nice shade of blue.planet and is super cold. Saturnalso has 46 moons that are allsizes. Saturn is mostly hydrogen,helium, and methane. One of the Neptunecoolest things about Saturn is that Neptune is the eight planetit has rings around it made of from the Sun. This planet also has
  6. 6. The Sun Pluto Eri Kuiper BeltThe Kuiper is two special terrestrial planets called dwarf-planets because they are too small to be regular planets so if you think yousee another one of Neptune’s moons it might just be a dwarf-planet. Here’s some information on them.PlutoPluto is a very small planet ,but it’s like any other. Pluto has an atmosphere ,but it’s so cold that the atmosphere freezes and falls toPluto’s surface because it’s so far from the sun!! Even though, Earth’s moon is bigger than Pluto, Pluto has his own moon. It’s nameis Charon and it’s about the half the size of Pluto. And thats why it’s just like any other planet.ErisEris is a new planet that astronomers found in 2005 ,so we don’t so much about it ,but if you visit it and then come to Earth and tellus what was their, we’ll surely be happy. The first thing we know is that Eris is two times farther than than Pluto from the sun whichmeans it’s TWO times colder!!!! Brrrrr!!! Second thing we know is it’s a lot bigger than Pluto and that’s all we know maybe we’ll learnmore when you get there?
  7. 7. Comets Comets Comets are the things you have to look out for on your trip. There these big chunks of ice, rock, and gas that scientists think might have valuable info on our solar system. Comets orbit the Sun in long, oval paths. Most of them travel way beyond to Pluto. A comet’s trip around the Sun can take hundreds, even millions of years to get around the Sun. In July 1994,a giant comet was on a collision corse with Jupiter. As it got close to Jupiter it broke in to many pieces. The pieces slammed in to Jupiter for a week! Poor Jupiter! So, watch out for them because you don’t want your spaceship end up like Jupiter.