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Aidan's Tour of Our Solar System


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Aidan's Tour of Our Solar System

  1. 1. Tour Of Our Solar System Caution:Planets may be farther apart then The Sun they appear. The Terrestrial Planets:A Blazing Blast! Neptune Caution:Planets may The sun is the very center of our solar system. It’s heat The terrestrial planet are the four closest to our sun be farther apart spreads threw the solar system and gives each planet it’s so they have nice warm weather depending on were then they appear. own features. If you want to go visit the sun you might you land. Also there the only planets in our solar need some super special equipment or have fire resistant system with land! If you want only warm weather I skin. If you mange that please come tell us earthlings recommend Earth or Mars but if you want the really and please let us find out how. hot stuff head to Mercury or Venus. Now you should Uranus know what to expect in this area. Mercury is the planet closest planet to the sun however only the side facing the sun is hot. The other side is cold. This makes Mercury the perfect Saturn place for any kind of vacation. Also Mercury has lots of craters that could be used as a ramp for things on wheels. Second closest to the sun is Venus. Now Venus is Jupiter hot everywhere all the time so this planet is only for hot vacationing. Venus’ thick atmosphere makes it impossible to see the surface from the outside but Mars once you get inside you will see dry cracked ground covered in volcanos. Earth:Our Fantastic Planet! Earth Next is the third planet from the sun, Earth theOur planet is the only one in our solar system that we know planet we live on. Earth is very special. It is the onlyhas life so here you can have lots of fun. You can surf in planet in our solar system that we know has life. Venusthe water or scuba with the sea creatures. Unless of course Because of that there is lots to do here. You couldyou are an alien with gills then you don’t need a scuba suit. go to the beaches or hike in the mountains or go to MercuryAlso you could se the wild life on land. There are animals the towns and meet people!in the mountains, the deserts and the towns. Last but not least is Mars the forth planet from the In the towns you can also meet us people. Maybe you can sun. Mars is also known as the Red Planet becausetry our food like tacos, hotdogs or sushi. Or you could of it’s red soil. According to scientists researchenjoy our technology like computers witch you can use to mars had life at one time. Scientists have found ice The Sundo all kinds of cool things. You can search information, in the soil and places that look like they had games and even buy stuff. If you were to find any other clues I’m positive you would become famous! asymptotia.comAs you can see Earth is an amazing planet. Please comevisit!
  2. 2. Caution:Planets may be farther apart then they appear. Uranus Neptune Jupiter Saturn The Gas Giants:Freezing Fun! ed101.bu.eduThe gas giant planets are the four outside theasteroid belt (shown to the right) witch is a seriesof astroids that separate the terrestrial planetsfrom the gas giants. They are all very cold. Thegas giants are very different from the terrestrialplanets. The gas giants got there name becausethey do not have land, only gas. If you want tovisit these planets you can’t land for a pit stop.All you can do is fly by and see the view. Thegiant part of there name is because they are thebiggest planets so you have lots to explore.Jupiter is the fifth planet from the sun and the physicsquest.homestead.comclosest planet to the asteroid belt. It is also thebiggest planet in our solar system so there is alot to explore. Unfortunately there is no land onjupiter but you can take a pit stop on theasteroids in the asteroid belt. Afterwards you can Danger!:Comets and Meteorsexplore the wonderful planet. One of jupiters When traveling around in our solar systembest features is it’s giant hurricane. It is the watch out for comets and meteors. You arebiggest storm in history. It has gone on for able to land on meteors but they can crashmillions of years. It also has many other storms. into you so be careful. Comets on the otherSaturn is the sixth planet from the sun and hand you can not land on at all so stay awaysecond from the astroid belt. It is very cold on from them at all costs! Be safe and have asaturn. It is a very interesting planet because it is great trip!the only planet with visible rings of materialsorbiting it. Only gas giants have rings. Saturn’sare made small chunks of ice and rock.Uranus is the seventh planet from the sun andthird planet from the asteroid belt. It is colderthan saturn and very windy at the surface butvery hot on the inside of it’s thick clouds. It looksblue because of the methane gas in it’satmosphere.Neptune is the eighth and last planet from thesun and the forth from the asteroid belt. Neptuneis the smallest gas giant but still bigger thanmercury, earth and mars. It is the windiest planetin the solar system. It is rumored that theremight be super hot water under it’s surface.