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India Quiz Finals

  1. 1. India Quiz Finals
  2. 2. • Six Teams• 5 Rounds Dry Round Theme Round Stage 2 Connect Long Visual Connect
  3. 3. Dry Round +10 No Negatives First 6 – Clock WiseNext 6 – Counter Clock Wise
  4. 4. 1• Set up by Article 148 of the Indian Constitution this organization has recently been in the news a lot over the past year. Its top post is held by Vinod Rai. Identify it from this stamp issued in its honor in 2010.
  5. 5. Comptroller & Auditor General Of India
  6. 6. 2• The Jawahar Lal Nehru Award for International Understanding was awarded to this person in 2008 , 13 years after it was announced in 1995. It was conferred upon him for his unique role in providing stability and progress in his home country, in upholding the Arab cause and for promoting peace and understanding in the region. In her speech, President Pratibha Patil applauded his “unflinching commitment to peace”• Who is he ?
  7. 7. Hosni Mubarak
  8. 8. 3• It started was started on July 16, 1991, with three coaches donated by IR, and equipment from Impact India, a non-profit Organisation. Similar projects have also been started, notably the project in Bangladesh on which major surgeries have been performed to restore movement, hearing, sight and correction of clefts. What is the name of this in-the-news train?• HINT : KBC
  9. 9. Lifeline Express
  10. 10. 4• 1950- President Sukarno (Indonesia) - First ever• 1962- Queen Elizabeth II (United Kingdom)• 1995- Nelson Mandela ( South Africa)• 1999- King Birendra Bir Bikram Dev Singh (Nepal)• 2007- Vladimir Putin (Russia)• 2011- President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono (Indonesia)• What does this list* indicate ?*List is indicative and not exhaustive
  11. 11. Chief Guests to the Republic Day Celebrations
  12. 12. 5• This picture dated Aprl,2010 shows Dr. C. Chandramouli and Mr.P.Chidambram in the Rashtrapati Bhawan with the president. What was the purpose of this visit?
  13. 13. To kick off the Census• The census of India takes place under the aegis of the Home Ministry.• C . Chandramouli is the Census Commissioner of India.• The Census begins by noting down the family details of the First Citizen of the country.
  14. 14. 6• A large lotus in full bloom carved out of stone surrounded by small lotuses to signify the years he lived; rocks from all the states of India are spread around. The huge stone lotus is the work of the famous sculptor, A. Ramachandran, who took several months to chisel it out. A range of elements – from greenery to stone to wood to metal— have been used to create it. Surrounded by greenery, the samadhi is ringed with black stones and the pathway to the memorial is made of wood. Stone was brought in , on which waves have been carved, and which is interspersed with the 46 lotuses, symbolizes the cosmic ocean.• This is the description of the memorial of an Indian Prime minister. ID the Prime Minister.
  15. 15. Rajiv Gandhi (Veer Bhumi)
  16. 16. 7• This famous book starts off thus :“ Proxility is not alien to us in India. We are able to talk at some length. Krishna Menon’s record of the longest speech ever delivered at the United Nations (nine hours non-stop), has not been equaled by anyone from anywhere. Other peaks of loquaciousness have been scaled by other Indians. We do like to speak. “
  17. 17. The Argumentative Indian
  18. 18. 8• When Indian forces drove away the Portuguese from this colony, it became in the eyes of international law, an independent country. The residents of the colony requested the Government of India for administrative help. Mr. K.G. Badlani, an officer of the Indian Administrative Service (IAS) was sent as the administrator. In 1961, Mr. Badlani was, for one day, designated the Prime Minister of the ‘country’, so that, as Head of State, he could sign an agreement with the Prime Minister of India, Jawaharlal Nehru, and formally merge the ‘country’ with the Republic of India.• Identify this former Portuguese colony.
  19. 19. Dadra & Nagar Haveli
  20. 20. 9• The building is named after the African republic which gifted a hundred thousand pounds in 1941 for the construction of a suitable war memorial, in grateful recognition and commemoration of the gallantry and sacrifices of Indian troops in the defence of “X” in WWII. After partition, Indias share which amounted to £ 70,000 was used in the construction of the building The building was inaugurated by HE Rahmatullah Abdulla, Ambassador of “X” on 30 May 1959.• Identify “X” and the building ?
  21. 21. Sudan , National Defence Academy
  22. 22. 10• The villains death scene, was cut from the film by the Censor Board. The reason is that the censors claimed there are rules about people taking the law into their own hands and not being punished for it; this was not permitted as it may corrupt naive viewers. For this reason the ending of the film had to be re- shot for a U Rating.”• ID the movie.
  23. 23. Sholay
  24. 24. 11 Her real name is Nilanjana Sudeshna. Aschoolteacher, who found her given name toolong, used her nickname instead and it stuck.She wrote under that name; her first work hasa character who was supposed to have a “goodname” sent by his grandmother in India whichgets lost in the mail. Who?
  25. 25. Jhumpa Lahiri
  26. 26. 12• The botanical name for this fruit of South American origin is Manilkara achras. The two names used in Indian languages for this fruit are derived from the Aztec name for the fruit and from the latex obtained from its bark.• Name the fruit ?
  27. 27. Chikoo, Chicle
  28. 28. Themes No Passing , Incorrectly Answered questions go directly to AudienceSports Art LiteraturePolitics Music Cinema Next
  29. 29. SPORTS• He was the only athlete representing India at the 1900 Summer Olympics in Paris, where he won two silver medals in athletics. His medals are claimed by both India and Britain. He served as the Secretary of the Indian Football Association and was the first person to score a hat-trick in an open tournament in India. After he retired from sports he went to Hollywood and became and became a successful actor.• ID.Answer
  30. 30. Norman Pritchard ( Norman Trevor) Won Silver medals in •200 meters •200 meters hurdles Themes
  31. 31. ART• Pictograms used to represent sports at the Commonwealth Games has been inspired by a particular style of folk art prevalent in India.• What is the style of drawing called ? Answer
  32. 32. Sanjhi Themes
  33. 33. LITERATUREAwards Won:• First woman to win the Sahitya Akademi Award.• Jnanpith Award.• Padma Shri .• Padma Vibhushan .• Sahitya Akademi Fellowship.• Considered the first prominent Punjabi poet, novelist.• She is most remembered for her poignant poem “Aj akhan waaris shah nu” and her novel “Pinjar” which was made into an award winning film of the same name.ID her Answer
  34. 34. Amrita Preetam Themes
  35. 35. POLITICS• I was born on 19 December 1934, in the Nadgaon village of Jalgaon district, Maharashtra. I received my masters in Economics and Political Science from the University of Poona, and my LLB from the Government Law College, Mumbai. In college I used to play table tennis and got many laurels to my alma maters. I have served as both an MLA and and MP and I have the unique distinction of never having lost an election that I have stood for. A bank that I started in 1973 for the upliftment of women had its license revoked by the RBI in 2003 because of financial irregularities. Arun Jaitley launched a website so that people could know more about me named “KNOW _______ ________”. Who am I ? Answer
  36. 36. Pratibha Patil Themes
  37. 37. MUSICIdentify :1) The string instrument2) The artist playing the instrument. Answer
  38. 38. • 1) Zitar • 2) Niladari KumarPOSTER
  39. 39. Themes
  40. 40. CINEMA• He is best known for a memorable role played in the epic movie “ Sholay”.• He often portrayed the quintessential meek and oppressed old man. The irony however is that his onscreen life transformed into his off screen life and today despite an illustrious career he depends upon external help for meeting his medical expenses.• ID the actor. Answer
  41. 41. Avtar Kishan Hangal Themes
  42. 42. Stage 2• 18 Questions• + 10• Connect Answers to crack theme.
  43. 43. Set 1
  44. 44. Stage Two 1X originally requested that Aishwarya Rai be castopposite him but the director picked Y becauseshe had not previously been paired with the actor.The elaborate final battle scene employed over sixthousand extras. Some of the actors portrayingwarriors in the movie were masters of Kalari, whoused their expertise. They were the only ones touse real weapons in the filming.A popular song from this movie was picturised atBhedaghat in Madhya Pradesh amidst theNarmada River.Identify the movie.
  45. 45. Asoka
  46. 46. Stage Two 2• If Emperor Akbar’s court had the “Nav Ratna’s”.• In whose court would you have found the “Ashta Pradhan’s” ?
  47. 47. Shivaji
  48. 48. Stage Two 3• After the Second World War “X” was quoted as saying thus• "Hitler, killed five million Jews. It is the greatest crime of our time. But the Jews should have offered themselves to the butcher’s knife. They should have thrown themselves into the sea from cliffs... It would have aroused the world and the people of Germany... As it is they succumbed anyway in their millions.“• Who is X ?
  49. 49. Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi
  50. 50. End of Set 1• +60/-50
  51. 51. Set 2
  52. 52. Stage Two 4________3392 A.D. (formerly called ____Reborn)is a comic book series published by Virgin Comics.It is written by Shamik Dasgupta, the art is byAbhishek Singh, and it is a brainchild of DeepakChopra and Shekhar Kapur. It features a re-imagining of the historical classic in a post-apocalyptic future.The books published till date have been collectedin three volumes.Volume 1: The Mahavinaash AgeVolume 2: Reloaded - Tome of the WastelandsVolume 3: Reloaded.FITB ?
  53. 53. Ramayana
  54. 54. Stage Two 5• At birth he was named Badruddin, because he was born on the night of a badr (full moon).• People erroneously think that his popular name was given by is subjects, but he was named after his maternal grand father Shaikh Ali ____Jami .• He called his capital “_____ _____”. Literally meaning City of Victory.• Identify him and his capital ?
  55. 55. AkbarFatehpur Sikri
  56. 56. Stage Two 6This south Indian dynasty excelled in foreign tradeand maritime activity, extending their influenceoverseas to China and Southeast Asia.They left a deep imprint in South East Asia. It canbe seen from the various temple complexes likePrambanan in Java which show a clear Dravidianarchitectural influence ?The greatest of this dynasty was popularly knownas “Periya Udayar”. He consolidated the empire byconquering the kingdoms of southern Indiaexpanding the Empire as far as Sri Lanka in thesouth, and Kalinga in the northeast.Name the dynasty ?
  57. 57. Chola Dynasty
  58. 58. End of Set 2 • +50/-40
  59. 59. Set 3
  60. 60. Stage Two 7“X” was born with a complete set of teeth, a sign that hewould become king, which is inappropriate for a Brahmin likehim.So “X”s teeth were therefore broken and it wasprophesied that he will rule through another.King Nanda throws “X”a out of his court, prompting “X” toswear revenge.“X” searches for one worthy for him to rule through. “X”encounters a young “Y” who is a born leader even as a child.“X”s initial attempt to overthrow Nanda fails, whereupon hecomes across a mother scolding her child for burning himselfby eating from the middle of a bun or bowl of porridge ratherthan the cooler edge. “X” realizes his initial strategic errorand, instead of attacking the heart of Nanda territory, slowlychips away at its edges.These are legends about X & Y. Identify them ?
  61. 61. X- ChanakyaY- Chandragupta Maurya
  62. 62. Stage Two 8• It started with the appointment of a Naib us Sultanat by Muhammad of Ghor, first Muslim Emperor of India and ended with the killing of Ibrahim Lodi by Babur in the First Battle of Panipat on April 20, 1526.• What ?
  63. 63. Delhi Sultanate
  64. 64. Stage Two 9• The Mysterious Island is a novel by Jules Verne, published in 1874.• The novel is a sequel to Vernes famous Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea.• Captain Nemo dies at the end of the tale, before his death he reveals to one of his confidants his true identity as an Indian Prince Dakkar, a son of a rajah of the then independent territory of Bundelkund and a nephew of the Indian hero__________ ?• Whose nephew is Captain Nemo ?
  65. 65. Tipu Sultan
  66. 66. End of Set 3 • +30/-20
  67. 67. Set 4
  68. 68. Stage Two 10The ____________is a collection of Vedic Sanskrithymns. The name of this collection is a compound wordmade of Sanskrit words for "praise/ verse" and"knowledge").The text is organized in 10 books, known as Mandalas, ofvarying age and length. The "family books": mandalas 2-7, are the oldest part of ________ and the shortestbooks; they are arranged by length and account for 38%of the text. The eighth and ninth mandalas, comprisinghymns of mixed age, account for 15% and 9%,respectively. The first and the tenth mandalas are theyoungest; they are also the longest books, of 191 suktaseach, accounting for 37% of the text.FITB ?
  69. 69. Rig Veda
  70. 70. Stage Two 11He played the role of Mahaguru in the tele serial“Shaktiman”.He taught at St. Thomas school in Jagadhri before taking toacting. He worked as a sports teacher at the school. He lovedhis job and the small town of Jagadhri. In his own words,“There was something very warm about Jagadhri. I remaineda teacher there until the day I watched Rajesh Khannaromance Sharmila in Aaradhna. That was the beginning of myaddiction to cinema.”He has written such books as The Longest Race, Rerun atRialto, The Best in the world, and is also a sports journalistwith a special interest in cricket, a game on which he haswritten extensively in publications such as Sportsweek,Outlook, Cricket talk, Sunday Observer and Debonair.Identify him ?
  71. 71. Tom Alter
  72. 72. Stage Two 12His chosen imperial title was “Alamgir” (conqueror of theworld).He built the famous Badshahi Mosque in Lahore, which,for 313 years remained the worlds largest mosque andstill remains to this day the 5th largest mosque in theworld. ?He died in __________on Friday, 20 February 1707 at theage of 88, having outlived many of his children. His modestopen-air grave in Khuldabad expresses his deep devotionto his Islamic beliefs. The tomb lies within the courtyard ofthe shrine of the Sufi saint Shaikh Burham-ud-din Gharib(died 1331), who was a disciple of Nizamuddin Auliya ofDelhi.Identify the person and the place of his death ?
  73. 73. AurangzebAhmednagar
  74. 74. End of Set 4 • +20/-10
  75. 75. Set 5
  76. 76. Stage two 13Sir John Tenniel, who later became famous as the illustrator of Alice in thewonderland, drew these two cartoons for a British magazine Punch. Whichfamous event in Indian history do these two cartoons depict?
  77. 77. The crushing of the Revolt of 1857
  78. 78. Stage Two 14The “ X Samman” is a prestigious arts awardpresented annually by the government of MadhyaPradesh.It outstanding achievement in one of the fwasfirst awarded in 1980. It was initially conferred inalternate years in the fields of Classical Music,Classical Dance, Theatre and Plastic Arts. From1986-87 onwards, the awards were presented inall four fields every year. The award is presentedfor our categories.Y is a famous work of X is about the child of SageVishwamitra and the apsara Menaka.Id X and Y ?
  79. 79. X- KalidasY- Shakuntala
  80. 80. Stage Two 15• Born in Ambala, he spent the early part of his life living with his maternal uncle in Sanaur (Patiala) . He graduated from the Film and Television Institute of India. He is also an alumnus of the 1973 class of National School of Drama where Naseeruddin Shah was a co-student.• He got the National Award for the best actor for “Ardh Satya” in 1982• Identify him ?
  81. 81. Om Puri
  82. 82. End of Set 5 • +10
  83. 83. Set 6
  84. 84. Stage Two 16The _____________is a water-sharing treaty betweenthe Republic of India and Islamic Republic Of Pakistan,brokered by the World Bank (then the InternationalBank for Reconstruction and Development). Thetreaty was signed in Karachi on September 19, 1960by Indian Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru andPresident of Pakistan Mohammad Ayub Khan. The treaty was a result of Pakistani fear that since thesource rivers of the _______basin were in India, itcould potentially create droughts and famines inPakistan, especially at times of war.However, India did not revoke the treaty during any ofthree later Indo-Pakistani Wars.FITB ?
  85. 85. Indus
  86. 86. Stage Two 17
  87. 87. Sir Syed Ahmed Khan
  88. 88. Stage Two 18Identify him ?
  89. 89. Roshan Seth
  90. 90. Bharat Ek Khoj
  91. 91. Connect Questions• +10• Connect all images in one slide.
  92. 92. Triskaidekaphobia
  93. 93. Chandigarh• Le Corbusier- Architect• Rock Garden• Triskaidekaphobia – It doesn’t have a Sector 13• Jawahar Lal Nehru’s Idea• Banner from KXIP logo.• Chandi Maa
  94. 94. T-Shirt sponsors for IPL teams 2010
  95. 95. Deputy Prime Ministers of India• Yashwant Rao Chavan• Lal Krishna Advani• Charan Singh• Sardar Patel• Jagjivan Ram• Devi Lal
  96. 96. Gharanas of Hindustani Music• Gwalior• Agra• Jaipur• Patiala• Kirana• Indore
  97. 97. Connect?
  98. 98. Indian Nobel Prize Winners• Rabindranath Tagore• Mother Teresa• Ronald Ross• S Chandrasekhar• C V Raman• V S Naipaul• V Radhakrishnan
  99. 99. Indian missiles• Prithvi• Dhanush• Agni• Nag• Akash• Sagarika
  100. 100. Indian Missiles• Prithvi• Dhanush• Agni• Naag• Akaash• Sagarika
  101. 101. Long visual connect• All pictures have a unifying theme.• Set 1 +90/-80• Set 2 +80/-70• Set 3 +70/-60• Set 4 +60/-50• Set 5 +50/-40• Set 6 +40/-30• Set 7 +30/-20• Set 8 +20/-10• Set 9 10
  102. 102. Set One
  103. 103. Set One
  104. 104. Set One
  105. 105. Set One
  106. 106. End of Set 1 • +90/-80
  107. 107. Set Two
  108. 108. Set Two
  109. 109. Set Two
  110. 110. Set Two
  111. 111. End of Set 2 • +80/-70
  112. 112. Set Three
  113. 113. Set Three
  114. 114. Set Three
  115. 115. Set Three_______________ = Date Palm + Bearer (Translate into Hindi and add)
  116. 116. End of Set 3 +70/-60
  117. 117. Set Four
  118. 118. Set Four
  119. 119. Set FourHeadquarters
  120. 120. Set Four
  121. 121. End of Set 4 +60/-50
  122. 122. Set Five
  123. 123. Set Five
  124. 124. Set Five
  125. 125. Set Five
  126. 126. End of Set 5 +50/-40
  127. 127. Set Six
  128. 128. Set Six
  129. 129. Set Six
  130. 130. Set Six
  131. 131. End of Set 6 • +40/-30
  132. 132. Set Seven
  133. 133. Set Seven
  134. 134. Set Seven
  135. 135. Set Seven
  136. 136. End of Set 7 • +30/-20
  137. 137. Set 8
  138. 138. Set Eight
  139. 139. Set Eight
  140. 140. Set Eight
  141. 141. End of Set 8 • +20/-10
  142. 142. Set Nine
  143. 143. Set Nine
  144. 144. Set Nine
  145. 145. End of Set 9 • +10
  146. 146. UNESCO World Heritage Sites in India