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Blue angel by josepfvonstrindberg


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Blue angel by josepfvonstrindberg

  1. 1.  Blue AngelA movie shot in the pre-World War 1 period.This movie is known as the emblematic of Weimar Germany.Joseph Von Strindberg is the director who was deeply influenced bythe Hollywood film ideology and its apparatus.Blue Angel is the story of an eccentric absent minded professormarrying a destitute vagrant girl of a local cabaret. This turns his lifetotally. His life long suppression of sexual desires manifest as a sortof adoration of her feminine skills. He forgets all his academic lifeand leaves it in a moment of humiliation by his students. The verystudents were the reason for his accidental visit to the cabaret. Thevagrant girl is the headline of this cabaret. She is named ‘Lola Lola’.The whole movie is taken in a working class township. From thediscipline of the class room and monotony of Professor Rath, storyprogresses to the anarchist world of cabaret and low art. From anacademician ‘Rath’ transforms into a weird clown in the companyof destitute and flesh traders.But ‘Lola Lola’ and her instincts remain the same; always she isattracted to new men. When Professor Rath meets Lola for the firsttime a clown is found roaming passively all over the cabaret. Fateof Professor turns out to be the same, but he has an alter ego thatresist the subjugation of lat of his ego to her libido. She treats himlike a slave.Many a people find the elements of Jungian analytical psychologyin this movie. There are some scenes where Prof: Rath showsgestures of a child in front of the charismatic Lola. It is sometimesdenoted as the subjugation to the anima of his masculine psyche.The film is a good composition of humor, tragedy and transientstates of mind. The film set is full of stairs and narrow streets. Alsowe can see most of the events in the movie is shot inside variousindoor locations.