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Lost Report of SIM Card


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An Example of SIM Lost Report for the Issue of FIR

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Lost Report of SIM Card

  1. 1. To,The Officer InchargeNorth Police Station*PIN_CODE**Dist., State*Date: *Xth Month XXXX*Subject: SIM Card Lost Report.Sir,With due respect, I would like to state that I, *Name*, resident of *Locality*, want tolaunch an FIR against loss of my *Operator* SIM Card with a phone no. *xxxxxxxxxx*.It has been lost somewhere in*Place*, when I was trying to place the other SIM Cardin my phone for some time.Please register my FIR so that I can make a complaint to block my SIM Card and getthe new one so that no one can get it misused. Thanking You. Yours Faithfully, *(Signature)* *NAME*