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Michael jordan

  1. 1. Michael Jordan BIO<br />Created By Gökhan Öztürk<br />
  2. 2. CHILDHOOD LIFE<br /><ul><li>He was born on February17 1963 in Brooklyn,NewYork.
  3. 3. He was the fourth of five children to be born to Deloris Jordan.
  4. 4. His family moved from Brooklyn to Willmington,North Carolina.
  5. 5. Before he played basketball he was famous for his baseball skills.</li></li></ul><li>High school<br /><ul><li>At first he failed to make the varsity team,so his coach told him to practice on the jr. varsity team.
  6. 6. Jordan average points made on his team was 25 per game.
  7. 7. The returning year in highschool he was confident that he could make the varsity squad,and he did.</li></li></ul><li>SUMMER<br /><ul><li>He attended the national five star basketball camp before his senior session.
  8. 8. He met the legendary coach Dean Smith from UNC college who gave him a college scholarship.</li></li></ul><li>COLLEGE<br /><ul><li>In college he earned the spot as a tar heel starter and was the fourth freshman ever to do so.
  9. 9. He played on the tarheel team two more times before considering the NBA draft.</li></li></ul><li>THE OLYMPICS<br /><ul><li>Before he played professional basketball he played in the 1984 olympic games in Los Angeles.
  10. 10. He was the captain of the talented amateur squad.
  11. 11. Jordan made a 17 point average per game that gave his team the gold medal. </li></li></ul><li>BASKETBALL CAREER<br /><ul><li>The Chicago Bulls selected Jordan in the 1984 NBA draft.
  12. 12. His performance gave him rookie of the year and got him a spot on the allstarteam,but they lost in the first round of the playoffs.</li></ul>For the next five years they kept losing in the first round of the playoff.<br />
  13. 13. A shot of Jordan makinga dunk<br />
  14. 14. HIS SUCCESSES AND REWARDS<br />5 time MVP awardwinner<br />10 time allnbateammember<br />14 time NBA Allstar<br />3 time NBA Allstar MVP<br />10 time leading in scores<br />3 time leading in steal<br />
  15. 15. FIRST RETIREMENT <br />After his fatherdeath he decidedtoretirefrom his NBA careerandbasketball.<br />He playedbaseball in Birmingham Barrons.<br />He returnedbasketball in 94-95 seasonand say justthissentence’’I m back’’<br />
  16. 16. SECOND TERM OF BASKETBALL<br />When he returnedthebasketball he was not succesfultogetthenbatitlebecause of Shaq’steam Orlando Magic.Florida teambeatedthem in conferancefinals.<br />Afterthisyeartheyreachedthechampion ring thankstobeatingthe Seattle andothersuccesfullwouldappear in future.<br />
  17. 17. SECOND RETIREMENT OF JORDAN<br />WhenRodman’sandcoachPhillJackson’scontrats has finishedandScottiePippenwantedtoleave,Jordan wantedtoretireagain.<br />In 1999 Jordan explainedthat he leftfrombasketballagain.<br />
  18. 18. WIZARD’S YEARS<br />He wantedtoreturnbasketballagain but know not forChicago Bulls.<br />He playedfor Washington Wizard’ssuccess.<br />
  19. 19. Now he is not playingbasketballanymorebut he is also in basketballbusiness.<br />