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The Global Open Knowledgebase (GOKb): open, linked data supporting library electronic resources management and scholarly communication



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The Global Open Knowledgebase (GOKb): open, linked data supporting library electronic resources management and scholarly communication

  1. 1. Kristin Antelman Kristen Wilson UKSG March 31, 2015
  2. 2. Overview • Project overview • Demo • Partnerships • Open data & open access
  3. 3. GOKb is… a freely available, community-managed data repository that will contain key publication information about electronic resources as it is represented within the supply chain from content publishers to suppliers to libraries.
  4. 4. GOKb supports the lifecycle of licensed content Select • Package • Trial License • Activate • Buy Manage • Troubleshoot • Manage Changes Assess • Measures of Value • Use • Costs The Knowledgebase supports, at each stage, management of resources
  5. 5. Building capacity to support both product and process “the scholarly record …. is now much more mutable and dynamic than in the past; it is made available through a blend of both formal and informal publication channels.” “another trend of note is the reconfiguration of the stakeholder roles associated with the scholarly record.”
  6. 6. Value proposition for GOKb Solving problems across the industry • Duplication of effort • Data quality issues1 • Untangling data and software 1Hill, K. & Collins, M. (2013, June 6-9). Building a Better Knowledgebase: A Community Perspective. Presented at the NASIG Annual Meeting in Buffalo, NY.
  7. 7. Current supply chain KB A KB B KB C lib 1 lib 2 lib 3 lib 4 lib 5 lib 6 Publisher A Publisher B Publisher C
  8. 8. Project timeline GOKb and KB+ collaborate on data model Funded by Mellon Foundation & Kuali OLE Partnership Proof of Concept Release Partner Release Public preview and Phase 2 Mellon funding Community development New partners Enhanced functionaity
  9. 9. GOKb partners
  10. 10. International cooperation ?
  11. 11. GOKb in the ecosystem • Publisher Data • Package information • Standard licencesGlobal (GOKb) • National/Consortial information • National licences • Central ServicesNational (KB+) • Local holdings • Financial information • Documentation Local (OLE) 3rd Party Systems & Services
  12. 12. GOKb and local systems Local (OLE, KB+) Global (GOKb) National (KB+)
  13. 13. OpenRefine
  14. 14. GOKb demo
  15. 15. Next steps • Phase 1 iteration • Rules and ingest • Customized views • Phase 2 • Ebooks • Linked data • Partnerships
  16. 16. Library partners • Data collection • Data quality • Consortial management
  17. 17. Vendor partners • Data quality • Identifiers
  18. 18. Publisher partners • KBART implementation • KBART file hosting • Data quality
  19. 19. Potential supply chain Publisher A Publisher B Publisher C KB A KB B KB C lib 4 lib 5 lib 6 lib 4 lib 5 lib 6 KBART KBART KBART
  20. 20. Open data and open access
  21. 21. “Reusable, structured data has become the main machine for doing the heavy lifting of moving knowledge around.” Bill Thompson, “The open library and its enemies,” Insights, November 2014
  22. 22. Open data • Title lists have no rights issues … but data is not well structured or machine readable • KBART can improve data standardization … but scope is narrow and “well-structured” requirements are minimal • GOKb enhances data; applies structure and supports reusability; makes data actionable
  23. 23. Organization Name Linked Data (ONLD) service
  24. 24. Gold/full y OA journals Articles in subscribed journals in Library x Hybrid OA Delayed OA Green OA OA and subscribed collections
  25. 25. • SHARE (Green OA) • GOKb can provide additional information around journal titles, change events, and organizations • Use co-referencing service to map SHARE registry to subscribed collection GOKb as source of reliable data
  26. 26. Jisc Monitor • Jisc Monitor work to explore shared OA services • “GUIDE” – Gathering Useful IDs Early (co-referencing service) • Tracking transition to open access
  27. 27. Bring variant names together to enable accurate reporting Standardize titles and link to contextual detail Potential uses of GOKb co-referencing service
  28. 28. Emerging ecosystem of complementary services
  29. 29. Thank you. Questions?