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GoingOn Academic Engagement Network Overview 2012


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GoingOn Academic Engagement Network Overview 2012

  1. 1. SM GoingOn Network The Private Academic NetworkEngaging Students and Faculty in the Age of the Social WebCampus bulletin boards covered with iers are a quintessential symbol of academic life.Nevertheless, with the advent of today’s new mobile and social web technologies, theyare destined for obsolescence, replaced by new, more advanced modes ofcommunication.However, many institutions of higher learning have yet to upgrade their academiccomputing infrastructure. They remain overly reliant on static portals or course-centricLearning Management Systems (LMS) to address these new interactive modalities. Theresult is a proliferation of disparate systems, ine cient information ow and an inabilityto e ectively engage today’s students. What is GoingOn? MANAGING At GoingOn, our goal is to provide ACADEMIC LIFE colleges and universities with the most advanced tools available to  Create Communities extend learning and student engagement beyond the con nes of  Form Study Groups “the course” and encompass the broader aspects of academic success.  Explore Programs  Access Services The GoingOn Academic Engagement Network is not another Learning  Find Tutors & Mentors Management System. It is a private academic network designed to  Discover Organizations transform the way students and  View Activity Streams faculty connect, collaborate and learn.  Join DiscussionsGoingOn provides a complete platform for creating a private academic network where  Make Announcementsstudents and faculty can build and participate in online communities, share information  Find Relevant Resources &through live “Facebook-like” activity streams, and curate their academic identity and Eventsconnections − while keeping these activities separate from their personal social networks.  Build Connections  Curate Portfolios  And More…1 Copyright 2012, GoingOn Networks, Inc. All rights reserved.