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#dmu14 Remarketing: Cómo optimizar tus tasas de conversión


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"Remarketing: Cómo optimizar tus tasas de conversión." Conoce la presentación de Angela Brohman en Digital Marketing University 2014 en Ciudad de México.

Un usuario visita tu website y parece estar interesado en lo que vendes. Pero lamentablemente, se retira sin comprar. Con costos por clic que en México se duplican a cada año, no puedes darte el lujo de desperdiciar conversiones. Las técnicas de remarketing te ayudan a mantener la relación con ese usuario, guiarlo hacia la compra y eventualmente incrementar su ticket. La plataforma de Marketing adecuada te ayuda a implementar tácticas avanzadas de conversión y las compartiremos contigo en esta sesión.

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#dmu14 Remarketing: Cómo optimizar tus tasas de conversión

  1. 1. Browse Remarketing: Turning Browsers into Buyers Angela Brohman Partner Programs DirectorSilverpop, an IBM Company
  2. 2. Agenda •Browse remarketing overview •UncommonGoodsexample •SmartPakexamples •Keys to success
  3. 3. "To me, photography is the simultaneous recognition, in a fraction of a second, of the significance of an event as well as of a precise organization of forms which give that event its proper expression.” Henri Cartier-Bresson TheDecisive Moment
  4. 4. Because actions speak louder than words.
  5. 5. And to know a person … watch what they do, not what they say. Danny Santagato
  6. 6. Behavioral Clues –Tracks that Trigger
  7. 7. Likely more than 50 different behaviors… no purchase purchased attended webinar downloaded white paper used rewards points requested a demo browse abandoned contacted sales rep large purchase created trial account added to wish list lapsed customer visited website registered called call center downloaded white paper responded to promotional text returned a product clicked email visited store re-purchased customer advocate freemium user signed up for text alerts added to shopping cart used mobile app browsed website opted- in re-purchased registered
  8. 8. Browse, Form, Process –Sniffing Around
  9. 9. Quick Poll Do You Deploy Browse Abandonment Emails?
  10. 10. Browse Abandonment: Expressing Interest Sent Delivered Opened Clicked Product Views Cart Additions Checkouts Orders Revenue Units
  11. 11. Email Remarketing: A Huge Revenue Opportunity Conversion Cart Abandonment -Low volume -High conversion Browse & Process Abandonment -High volume -Lower conversion
  12. 12. 7% 29% 36% 29% Do You Deploy Browse Abandonment Emails? Yes No, but plan to in 2010 No, but plan to in 2011 No, no plans 2010 Silverpop survey
  13. 13. Example
  14. 14. Sample Browse Remarketing Program UncommonGoods
  15. 15. Prospect Visits Their “For Him” Pages
  16. 16. Visitor is Put Into a Simple Program
  17. 17. “For Him” Browse Retargeting Email 2.2% conv. rate vs 1.6% for Broadcast emails
  18. 18. “Kids” and “Office” Retargeting Emails UncommonGoodsnow has 8 browse remarketing emails
  19. 19. And The Monthly Numbers… Program Open Rate Conversion Rate Number of Emails Broadcast 18.1% 1.6% 20,400,000 Purchase Confirm -- 2.4% 398,000 Welcome 34.4% 1.4% 149,000 Browse Remarket 41.8% 2.2% 90,000 Cart Abandon 27.9% 23.1% 11,500 SKU Notify -- 23.9% 8,000
  20. 20. Sample Browse Abandonment Program SmartPakEquine
  21. 21. SmartPak–Equine Supplements & Supplies
  22. 22. SmartPakfocuses on key buyer “signals” •37.6% Open Rate •7.35% CTR •$0.44 Rev/Email
  23. 23. Joint Supplements > supplement finder Joint Supplements visitor is sent an email driving them to use SmartPak’sjoint supplement “SmartFlexFinder”
  24. 24. Horse supplements > Supplement Wizard Supplements visitor is sent an email driving them to use Supplement Wizard
  25. 25. Abandon Wishlist •Encourage subscribers to update their SmartPak wish list and/or share with friends •Potential to pair with birth date targeting (and timely email encouraging subscriber to share list with friends and family) •Send reminders around holidays •36% Open rate •2% CTR •$0.73 Rev/Email
  26. 26. Supplement Wizard
  27. 27. Supplement Wizard –Abandoned, Finished Process •Sent when a customer receives their results but does not add items to cart or checkout •40.17% Open Rate •4.18% CTR •$0.38 Rev/Email
  28. 28. Supplement Wizard –Abandoned, Did not get results •Sent when a customer starts the Wizard, but does not get to the results page •44% Open Rate •7.61% CTR •$0.25 Rev/Email
  29. 29. Key Best Practices
  30. 30. Key Paths to Purchase Content that Educates Repurpose existing content assets Test Timing Deploy a series Key BestPractices
  31. 31. Key Paths to Purchase •Identify paths to purchase –Search pages –High-end product pages –Known high-conversion product/information pages
  32. 32. Use Content That Educates
  33. 33. Repurpose Existing Content Assets
  34. 34. Timing –Start within 24 hours –Test timing for your situation –Wait too long, the prospect may have purchased from a competitor
  35. 35. Move to a Series –Start with a single email –Then add a second and third email –Focus on a specific educational aspect or promotional offer –Any offers should be presented later in the series
  36. 36. Let’s go get those browsers!
  37. 37. Angela Brohman Gracias! ¿Preguntas?