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Published in: Technology
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  1. 1.  Mobile Application Development (MAD) Intro to Android platform Platform architecture Application building blocks Development tools Android Apps. By :BOBBy J
  2. 2.  Smart Phones ◦ Internet access anywhere ◦ Social networking Millions of mobile users Open standards By :BOBBy J
  3. 3.  Open software platform for mobile development A complete stack – OS, Middleware, Applications An Open Handset Alliance (OHA) project Powered by Linux operating system Fast application development in Java Open source under the Apache 2 license By :BOBBy J
  4. 4.  HTC , Samsung , Motorola , Videocon , Micromax also. Different Versions of Android Android 2.3 9(new), 2.2 8, 2.1 7, 2.0.16 2.05, 1.64, 1.53, 1.12 Android 1.01 By :BOBBy J
  5. 5. • Develop technologies that will significantly lower the cost of developing and distributing mobile devices and services• Devoted to advancing open standards for mobile devices. By :BOBBy J
  6. 6. • Application framework• Optimized graphics :3D - OpenGL ES 1.0• SQLite - for data storage• Web Kit - Integrated web browser• Dalvik - Java Virtual Machine• Connectivity - Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, GPS• Media support• GSM Telephony• Rich development environment By :BOBBy J
  7. 7. By :BOBBy J
  8. 8. • Email client, SMS program, calendar, maps(googles), browser, contacts, and others.• written using the Java programming language.• Can replace built in apps. By :BOBBy J
  9. 9. • Activity Manager• Content Providers• View System• Resource Manager• Notification Manager• Package Manager By :BOBBy J
  10. 10. Views such as An Activity Manager thatlists, grids, text manages the life cycle ofboxes, buttons, applications and providesand even an a common navigationembeddable web backstackbrowserContent A Notification ManagerProviders that that enables all apps toenable display custom alerts in theapplications to status baraccess data fromother applications A Resource Manager,(such as providing access to non-Contacts), or to code resources such asshare their own localized strings,data graphics, and layout files By :BOBBy J
  11. 11. • System C library• Media Libraries• Surface Manager• SGL• 3D libraries• SQLite By :BOBBy J
  12. 12. • Dalvik VM – Dex files – Limited memory• Core Libraries – Java 5 Std edition – Collections, I/O etc… By :BOBBy J
  13. 13. • Device drivers• Memory management• Process management. By :BOBBy J
  14. 14.  Android SDK provides the tools and APIs necessary to begin developing applications on the Android platform using the Java programming language Download Android SDK Core To Develop with Eclipse IDE, we can add the plugin - Android Development Tools (ADT) By :BOBBy J
  15. 15.  Apps can invent and broadcast their own Intent Thinkof Intents as a verb and object; a description of what you want done E.g. VIEW, CALL, PLAY etc.. Systemmatches Intent with Activity that can best provide the service By :BOBBy J
  16. 16. Client component makes a Home request for a specific action Picasa Photo GalleryContacts “Pick photo” GMail System picks best component for that action Chat New components can useBloggerBlogger existing functionality
  17. 17. Development requirements  • Java • Android SDK • Eclipse IDE (optional)   By :BOBBy J
  18. 18.   • The ability for anyone to customize the Google Android platform • The consumer will benefit from having a wide range of mobile applications to choose from since the monopoly will be broken by Google Android • Men will be able to customize a mobile phones using Google Android platform like never before. By :BOBBy J
  19. 19. • Android is a multi-process system, in which each application (and parts of the system) runs in its own process. Most security between applications and the system is enforced at the process level through standard Linux facilities, such as user and group IDs that are assigned to applications. By :BOBBy J
  20. 20.  Android doesnt support:  Bluetooth stereo  Modem pairing  Wireless keyboards   © artesis 2008 | 21 By :BOBBy J
  21. 21. By :BOBBy J
  22. 22. By :BOBBy J
  23. 23. • How background app interact with users• Consistent notification presentation By :BOBBy J
  24. 24. By :BOBBy J
  25. 25. By :BOBBy J
  26. 26. By :BOBBy J
  27. 27. By :BOBBy J
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  29. 29. By :BOBBy J