Figure Drawing proportion and construction


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An introduction to figure drawing proportion and construction.

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  • todos los libros son de mucha ayuda para las personas que estan aprendiendo a dibujar, les agradecería si lo traducieran al español
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Figure Drawing proportion and construction

  1. 1. Figure Drawing Proportion and Construction By Goh Ee Choo
  2. 2. Ideal Human Proportion Normal Human Proportion
  3. 3. Relative Proportion of the Human Parts Head/Body/neck is four heads Arm is three heads Hand is two third of head Leg is Four heads Feet is one head
  4. 4. Figure in Different Positions In standing or sitting, take note of the leg position In kneeling, take note of the body position
  5. 5. Different Ages Group Proportion Tale note of the different head proportion when drawing different age group For baby is four head For teenage is six head For full adult is seven half head This is important in character design when designing for different age group audience.
  6. 6. Use Stick Figure to capture Gesture of the Model Make sure the proportion is correct Stick figure is a great way to capture gesture. It is gesture that will be applied to your character design and gives life to it. It is what that conveys what the character is doing and thinking. So always focus on the gesture- stick figure and ensure the correct mood and action is communicate to the audience.
  7. 7. Stick Figure Gestures Use gesture that is easily recognized expressing that emotion. The skill of the animator lies in selecting the right gesture that can conveys the nuances, support the dialogue, carry the thrust of the story and deliver the message. Anger Fear Joy On the right is a list of gestures expressing different emotions. The gesture and posture external shape must communicate the internal feeling. Surprise Devious Once you have capture the gesture, Apply the correct proportion to it. Threat “Gesture then proportion” Power
  8. 8. Stick Figure in Action
  9. 9. Figure Proportion Lasalle Animation Students ‘ Artworks
  10. 10. Stick figure expressing emotions Natalie Wee
  11. 11. Stick Figure expressing actions Nadia Santoso
  12. 12. Stick figure expressing emotions Nadia Santoso
  13. 13. Stick Figure expressing actions He JiaYin