English Language - Word Class


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These slides are used to explain the concept of word class or better known as parts of the speech. It covers nouns, verbs, adjectives and adverbs. In this case, it is used to illustrate the concept before students try the exercises.

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English Language - Word Class

  1. 1. Word Class Why are you so confusing?
  2. 2. Word Classes How confident are you that you can pick out a noun, adjective or verb? Quite Confident Not Quite Confident
  3. 3. Today’s targets! 1. Understand the meaning of word classes and 2. Identify them in texts.
  4. 4. Complete the sentence using the correct definition. A word that tells us more about a verb. The name of a person, place or object. An Adjective A Noun A Verb A word that is used to describe something or someone. A word that is used to explain an action; a ‘doing’ or ‘being’ word. An Adverb
  5. 5. Answers Adjective • a word that is used to describe something or someone. Adverb • a word that tells us more about a verb. Noun • the name of a person, place or object. Verb • a word that is used to explain an action; it is a ‘doing’ or ‘being’ word.
  6. 6. Can you match the different colours to the parts of speech? Istianah brushed her hair wildly, Syazlynn is hilarious, Alson ran down the road excitedly. Brian hopped, skipped and jumped all the way home.
  7. 7. Descriptive Writing The Machine Gunners by Robert Westall
  8. 8. Chas reached up and tugged at the gun-barrel. One leg of its swivel had snapped with the impact. He wrenched at the other, but the aluminium of the aircraft body just bent without breaking. Besides, a belt of shining cartridges went from the gun back into the aircraft. It supported the gun like a sling against Chas’s downward pulls. Perhaps if he loosened the cartridge-belt… He grabbed the round barrel, put his plimsolls against the curving sides of the plane and went up like a monkey. He peered over the edge of the cockpit.
  9. 9. The gunner was sitting there, watching him. One hand, in a soft fur mitt, was stretched up as if to retrieve the gun; the other lay in his overcalled lap. He wore the black leather flying- helmet of the Luftwaffe, and goggles. His right eye, pale grey, watched through the goggled-glass tolerantly and a little sadly. He looked a nice man, young. The glass of the other goggle was gone. Its rim was thick with sticky red, and inside was a seething mass of flies, which rose and buzzed angrily at Chas’s arrival, then sank back into the goggle again. For a terrible moment, Chas thought the Nazi was alive, that the mitted hand would reach out and grab him. Then even worse, he knew he was dead.
  10. 10. Dear Diary, Boddser Brown will never believe what I have found today! Running through the woods, trying to get away from Fatty Hardy, I could smell burning oil and hot metal. I had been running so quickly I hadn’t realised how thick in the trees I had gone. As the hot, powerful smell got close, I started to get a bit nervous! I pulled myself up above a huge tree branch and guess what I saw…
  11. 11. Peer Assessment Highlighters at the ready! 1. Highlight and annotate an example of an adjective, verb and noun. 2. Has your partner used an adverb? – If so, highlight it! Adverb A word that describes a verb or an adjective. • Quickly …
  12. 12. Has your confidence level changed? More confident than just now Confidence is about the same
  13. 13. Today’s targets! Write a description of a World War Two air raid using key words from ‘The Machine Gunners’ .
  14. 14. What was it like during an air raid?
  15. 15. Noun was yelling at us all to hurry up. We Verb the entrance to the Noun, when suddenly, a huge Adjective sounded over head. The babies started Verb. It was Adjective! The End