How to Grow Your Business Through More Community Engagement


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Presentation was given at the eZ Partner Conference 2012 in Lisbon.

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How to Grow Your Business Through More Community Engagement

  1. 1. HOW TO GROW YOUR BUSINESS THROUGH MORE COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT Ivo Lukač - @ilukac @ eZ Partner Conference 2012, Lisbon
  2. 2. ABOUT eZ Business partner with more than 8 years of experience in the niche currently 11 employees 60% income grow in 2011  Without new hires (2 new hires only in last 3 month)  No classic sales, PR nor marketing  No changes from 2010 except in level of engagement  In mid 2010 we started to do more engagement: extensions sharing, blogging, etc.
  3. 3. PART1: ENGAGEMENT  eZ as community driven business needs more engagement to grow  That growth depends highly on us - eZ Systems and eZ partners:  to create more buzz  to attract new developers  to increase knowledge and experience transfer  to flatten the steep learning curve  to accelerate innovation  Creating value for the future  The upcoming reputation system on will measure some of the community engagement  IMO we need 6 levels (“belts”) to rank engagements
  4. 4. YELLOW BELTPASSIVE Reading occasionally:     RSS (maybe) Following few twitter or google+ accounts Subscribed to ez newsletter3 min a day
  5. 5. ORANGE BELTREACTIVEHuston, we have a problem?! asking on forum commenting on blogs commenting on (?!) and nag on twitter or google+10 min adhoc
  6. 6. GREEN BELTPROACTIVE - SMALL CONTENT give answers on forums and blogs regular tweeting, google+, quora, etc. bug reporting small pull requests on github10 min a day We want most users on this level at least
  7. 7. BLUE BELT COMMITMENT - MEDIUM CONTENT  blogging  small extension development  newsletter  bigger pull requests on github Requires encircling interesting topics or features in your work, extracting it from the context, adopting it for publishing “Best buy”  2 – 16 hours adhoc
  8. 8. BROWN BELTTHOUGHT LEADER - BIG CONTENT writing tutorials building medium an complex extensions (eZ Market maybe) doing screencasts, podcasts, video materials, books, etcDue to amount of effort consider a way to get revenue for this effort Not for everyone Days, weeks or more
  9. 9. WHY TO DO IT?  For the community?  For your self or your company? What is the ROI?
  11. 11. WHY TO DO IT? truth is that engagement ROI is really hard to measure as any other marketing or PR ROI (except direct lead conversion)
  12. 12. WHY TO DO IT? BUT WAIT: there are still 2 big reasons to do it: 1. you can be your best PR, marketing, sales, CRM - build reputation and credibility in the community and online in general, be honest 2. less obvious - do it for your own team: no more intranet! combination of both reasons is the best, just one could not be enough
  13. 13. HOW TO DO IT?  use the available tools to save your time (community, social media)  use RSS, twitter search to be up to date  give answer to questions where you can do it quickly  encircle useful knowhow while doing working, put it in the “sharing queue”  RISK to get overwhelmed with engagement? Solution: reduce it to one time a day  reward employees who do it, pair them if needed ( depending on preferences)  use the language of your market (e.g. we use English)  be regular and consistent (be prepared for the long run)
  14. 14. PART 2: WE HAVE AN IDEA Netgen is going black belt! And we need your feedback to have the best possible outcome
  15. 15. NETGEN eZ Summer Camp 2012 Sep 2012, Croatia Wednesday-Saturday 2 tracks
  16. 16. NETGEN eZ Publish Summer Camp 2012 We need your feedback: a very short survey will be sent out next week  Subscribe to our newsletter on  or drop me your business card
  17. 17. Ivo Lukač - @ilukac -