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Standardising Business Practices and Lookups


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RIMS Forum 22 March 2012
by Freddy Salvador ARRB

Published in: Career
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Standardising Business Practices and Lookups

  1. 1. Standardising Business Practices & Lookups The ROMAN II Experience Freddy Salvador ARRB Group Ltd 22 March 2012
  2. 2. Overview1. ROMAN II Background2. Development Phase3. Systems Implementation4. Documentation of Standards5. Establishment of User Group6. What is next?
  3. 3. ROMAN II Project Background WA Roman System - Access DB - 20yrs old - Unmaintained in last 5 years - no real ownership, hence lack of use - lack of support material WALGA - Identified needs - Managed tender process Tender process identified RAMM as best replacement tool It includes Software and Processes
  4. 4. Development PhaseMake most of existing, improve some, and add new tools andprocessesRAMM - Only ONE version of the software exists – RSL workedheavily on using the best of both worlds.
  5. 5. System Implementation Challenges Urban/Rural differences/resources Database Translations Template DB created to cater for default values Standard lookup tables and locking some Rollout Process DB Naming Convention (live vs. test) Training Basic Training Levels of understanding/education/background
  6. 6. Documentation of Standards ROMAN II Website ( Central place (documentation, forums, ticketing system, support, etc.) Operational Rules Document Network setup guidelines Lookup table contents Guidelines documents Condition rating manual Training material
  7. 7. Establishment of User Group Who is in? Committee (LG Users, Consultants, RII and WALGA) All users get invited Tasks Agree recommended future improvements Manage asset lookups including processes Identify/Prioritise field trials New tools, processes, ideas. UDT standardization Identification and implementation
  8. 8. What is Next? Better communication with RSL Bug resolution Future improvements Link to New Zealand RIMS? Link to Australian Eastern States IPWEA, NAMS
  9. 9. Questions?