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Exhibition 2012 01_03

  1. 1. 展讯 THE COMING EXHIBITIONS /1 TODAY ART MUSEUM今日美术馆活动讯息2012.01-2012.03January-March 2012COMING EVENTS
  2. 2. 展讯 THE COMING EXHIBITIONS /22012今日美术馆战略合作伙伴Strategic Partners of Today Art Museum赞助商Sponsors唯一指定官方合作酒店The Unique official Hotel Partner of Today Art Museum今日美术馆2012年媒体战略合作伙伴Strategic Media Partners of Today Art Museum2012互联网门户合作伙伴 特别支持媒体Internet Portal Partner Key Support Media合作艺术媒体Art Media Partners今日美术馆官方媒体Today Art Museum Official Media
  3. 3. 展讯 THE COMING EXHIBITIONS /3 2011.12.29-2012.1.19 贺慕群纸上作品展 Hoo Mojong Paper Works Exhibition 1 号馆 2 层 / 2nd floor exhibition hall of building 1 2011.12.31-2012.1.16 仙镜——黄莺个展 My Mirrored Realm - Huang Ying Solo Exhibition 1 号馆 3 层 /3rd floor exhibition hall of building 1 1.8-2.13 启 —— 中国雕塑学会青年推介计划 Starting, Youth Artists Introducing Plan by China Sculpture Institute 2 号馆 2 层、3 号馆 1、2 层 2rd floor exhibition hall of building 2, 1st, 2nd floor exhibition hall of building 3 2.8-23 对月——何森个展 Conversing with the Moon - He Sen Solo Exhibition 1号馆2、3层/ 2nd, 3rd floor exhibition hall of building 1 2.19-26 季·节——第三届海峡两岸少年儿童美术大展 Seasons & Festivals - The Third Cross Strait Children Paintings Exhibition 3 号馆 / building 3 3.1-18 庆庆装置艺术回顾展 Retrospective Exhibition of Qingqings Installation Art 1 号馆 3 层 / 3rd floor exhibition hall of building 1 3.3-12“和你在一起,永远不孤单”陈可个展“With You - Ill Never Feel Lonely”Chen Ke Solo Exhibition 3 号馆 1 层 / 1st floor exhibition hall of building 3
  4. 4. 展讯 THE COMING EXHIBITIONS /4 3.4-20 硬伤——杨宏伟作品展 Ying Shang (Carving) - Exhibition of Yang Hongwei Printmaking Works 1 号馆 2 层 / 2nd floor exhibition hall of building 1 3.18-27 沈晔作品展 Shen Yeswork Exhibition 3 号馆 1 层 / 1st floor exhibition hall of building 3 3.18-28 矩阵—程玉杨艺术摄影展 Matrix—Photography Exhibition of Cheng Yuyang 3 号馆 2 层 / 2nd floor exhibition hall of building 3 3.24-4.1“风尘三闲”——吕鹏、魏东、梁长胜作品展 The Adventures of the Three Travel Weary Loafers 2 号馆 2 层 / 2nd floor exhibition hall of building 2
  5. 5. 展讯 THE COMING EXHIBITIONS /5免费参观日让更多人走进今日美术馆,本馆每月第一个星期六免费开放。2012 年 1–3 月期间的免费开放日将是 : 月 7 日、2 月 4 日、3 月 3 日。 1Free VisitsTo create more opportunities for people to visit Today Art Museum, we are going to have the first Saturday to be freevisit day every month.During January-March 2012,on Jan.7,Feb.4, and Mar. 3, all visitors could visit all the exhibitions at Today ArtMuseum for free.
  6. 6. 展讯 THE COMING EXHIBITIONS /6贺慕群纸上作品展Hoo Mojong Paper Works Exhibition
  7. 7. 展讯 THE COMING EXHIBITIONS /7 主办 :今日美术馆 Organizer: Today Art Museum 协办 : gallery aye Co-organizer: aye gallery 策展人 :江梅 Curator: Jiang Mei 展期 :2011年12月29日—2012年1月19日 Duration: Dec. 29, 2011-Jan. 19, 2012 地点 : 号馆 2 层 1 Venue : 2nd floor exhibition hall of building 1 对于大陆美术界来说,贺慕 群这个 Recent years have witnesses Mojong 名字是这几年才渐渐为人所知悉的, Hoos rise in the arts circle of Chinas 她被誉为继潘玉良之后,最杰出的华 mainland. She was renowned as the 裔女画家。 most outstanding female artist after Pan 贺 慕 群 祖 籍 浙 江 宁 波, 出 生 于上 Yuliang. 海,二十六岁就漂泊异乡,先后在台 O r igin all y f r o m Nin gb o o f Z h ejian g 湾、 巴 西、 西 班 牙 等 地 留 居,1965 P r o v in c e, M ojo n g H o o w a s b o r n in 年定居巴黎,上世纪 90 年代叶落归 Shanghai, and had been leading a moving 根,回中国定居。在法国大茅屋学院 life since 26, living in Taiwan, Brazil, Spain(Academic grande Chaumiere) 的 学 习 and so before settling down in Paris in 让她具备了扎实的绘画基本功。1968 1965. She came back and settled in China 年她凭借其油画作品《玩具系列》摘 in 1990s. Hoos study at the Académie de 得巴黎 " 妇女沙龙展 " 的桂冠。 la Grande Chaumière made her an artist贺慕群的作品内容多是些寻常生活 with great painting skills. In 1968, her oil景物。偶几段窗外的风景、一盆艳丽 paintings Toy Series, won her the top prize的夏花、桌布上散碎的颜料盒、茶水 at the woman salon exhibition held in 杯、墨水瓶、苹果、火柴以及揉皱的 Paris. 香 烟,都是她最爱的素材。艺术家 Subjects of Hoos paintings usually cover 将人们熟视无睹的客观印象,转换成 ordinary scenes in life. Sights outside 能够承载其自我独特内心体 验的视 windows, a pot of bright-colored flowers, 觉形式。她以内敛的笔致,新颖却不 paint boxes scattered on the table cloth, 做作的视角,朴拙的形象,古旧的色 tea cups, ink bottles, apples, matches 彩,还有隽永、温和的视觉肌理,在 and crumpled cigaret tes, are all her 淡然的语调中细腻地传达出她对生 favorite subjects. Under her brushes, 活敏感又朴素的感受。这些人们习以 impressions which people get too familiar 为常的景物被她反复描摹不断验证, with to notice were turn into visual forms 而成为观者可以探视艺术家内心世界 which carry the artists personal inner 的一面镜子。 experience. We can tell her sensitivity and
  8. 8. 展讯 THE COMING EXHIBITIONS /8贺慕群是一位 成熟的,多面兼擅的 simple attitude to life by her restrained艺术家。其创作,从油画到版画,再 painting style, antiquated colors, novel yet到素描、蜡笔、墨彩这些纸上小品, natural perspective, simple images and都游刃得当。本次展览,主要展出贺 pleasant and mild visual texture. Those慕 群上世 纪 60 年代 到 90 年代 创作 repeated familiar scenes have become a的一批纸上作品。 mirror for us to look into the artist’s inner从这些纸本作品中,我们更能窥见, world.略不同于油画的情 愫。即那些存 在 Hoo is a skillful ar tist and her works于她胸壑间的中国传统绘画的审美趣 involve lots of medium, including oil旨。尽管这些作品往往有着传统西 painting, prints, sketches, and paintings方现代绘画正装式的外衣,可是当我 with crayons and black or colored ink. This们能够用心去探知和感受,穿透过 exhibition mainly focuses on Hoos’s works
  9. 9. 展讯 THE COMING EXHIBITIONS /9这些重重包裹,触到她的创作“原点” on paper from 1960s to 1990s, from which时,就不难发现,她所独拥着的内心 we can see her love for traditional Chinese体验是一种中国式的“原点”。在不 paintings. Appearing as modern Western刻意追求某种中国风格上的认同与相 paintings, the works exhibited will show似之前提下,有着毫不雕琢的语言灵 their Chinese roots if we explore and feel性和率真而又质朴的心理特质,这 them by heart: they are not pursuing to种灵性质感是种中国味道。由那些粗 be identical or similar with China style in枝大叶的古柏和草木生机的乡野世界 appearance; they are natural, forthright里,似乎可以嗅到,属于中国早期现 and sincere. When you are walking among代主义艺术家们,如常玉、关紫兰、 those thrifty cypress and fields, you may周碧初、庞薰琹等人,骨子里共有的 feel the warm, simple sensibilities born朴素人情味道。 in China’s early artists of modernism like Chang Yu, Guan Zilan, Zhou Bichu and Pang Xunqin.
  10. 10. 展讯 THE COMING EXHIBITIONS / 10仙镜——黄莺个展My Mirrored Realm- Huang Ying Solo Exhibition主办 :今日美术馆策展人 :黄笃展期 :2011 年 12 月 31 日—2012 年 1 月 16 日地点 : 号馆 3 层 1Organizer: Today Art MuseumCurator: Huang DuDuration: December 31, 2011—January 16 , 2012Venue: 3 rd floor exhibition hall of building 1黄莺作为女性艺术家,一直把 个人 Huang Ying always uses body and its的身体和形象作为艺术创作的载体。 images as the tool and carrier of her art.在之前的绘画得到认可之后,她又潜 After her paintings got recognized, she心两年时间用影像作为媒介开始 全 devoted two years to art making with新的创作。这种前期实拍和后期制 videos. Her creations, which combine作相结合的创作方式,让她更加没 scene shooting and post production,有障碍地营造她“虚拟的现实镜像”。 enable her to create her “virtual reflection黄莺的艺术是一个自我探寻过程,这 of reality”freely.次展览黄莺以影像的方式展示出自我 The art of Huang Ying is a process of self-与环境之间多重存在的可能性。在一 exploration. In this show, Huang Ying个自我消失的世界里试图确立自我的 will use video to show us the possibility存 在,黄莺将身体置于她营造的一 of multi-existence between the self and个虚拟现实之中,在她作品里的现实 the environment. She puts the body in a更像一个世外桃源,而在这个想象中 virtual reality she created, and tries to逃离现实的世外桃源,却是一个超 establish and secure the existence of self真实的、更为冷酷孤寂的现实,某种 in a world where the self has vanished.意义上折射出艺术家对当代商业社会 The reality her works depict is more like这种尔虞我诈、急功近利、物质主 a retreat from the real world, a place义这样现实的反思。 of happiness and peace. However, this在黄莺的世界里,身体没有任 何特 imagined place is a surreal, lonelier and定标 识,是抽象的、形而上的,个 more merciless world. This demonstrates体 与 现实的 遭 遇并非反 抗 或 屈 从, the artists’ reflection on the reality of而是在人与环境之间不断冲突的过 our commercial society, which is full of程中寻找和修正微 妙的平衡点,甚 deceiving, cheating, eagerness for money至于相互侵 略与渗透。这种人与环 and profit, and materialism.
  11. 11. 展讯 THE COMING EXHIBITIONS / 11境接触的互动性、适应性和抽象性, In the world of Huang, the body has no体 现了黄莺作品里面非常明确的东 particular identification, but rather is方美学观。但 她在作品中摒 弃了传 abstract and metaphysical. One will not统的形式感,而是 运用了各种现代 resist or comply when he encounters语 言 和 手法, 比 如电 影 的 镜 头 感、 the reality, but rather look for a subtle蒙太奇 手法、叙事性的中断、拼贴 balance in the endless conflict between与合成的方法和 3D 技术,改变了对 him and the environment, and even invade特定空间和时间的认知,巧妙地将 or infiltrate into the reality. All these中国美学与现代语言结合起来。 interaction, adaptability and abstraction of黄莺不断还原自我的过程更像一个 the encounter between the individual and疑问或反思 :人和自然、和今天现实 the environment reflect Huang’s eastern世界到底是一个什么样的关系 ? 它将 aesthetics which is explicit in her works.身体的碎片层层剥离,从自然的身体 However she abandoned the traditional涉及到社会的身体、科学的身体、道 forms in her works, which is always德的身体,从而表明个体的处境实际 associated with eastern aesthetics,上就是人类的处境。 and utilized various kinds of modern art languages and methods, such as cinematic methods, montage, narrative suspension, collage and synthesis methods and 3-D technologies, thus changed our perception of specific space and time, and achieved a unique combination of Chinese aesthetics and modern languages. Huang Ying’s self-exploration is purposing a question: what on ear th is the relationship between man and nature, and between man and the real world? This relationship broadens the concept of “body”from natural body to social body, scientific body, and moral body, thereby showing us the fact that the situation of an individual actually reflects the situation of the mankind.
  12. 12. 展讯 THE COMING EXHIBITIONS / 12启 —— 中国雕塑学会青年推介计划Starting, Youth Artists Introducing Plan byChina Sculpture Institute主办 :今日美术馆、中国雕塑学会承办 :中国雕塑学会沙龙策展人 :吴洪亮 唐尭展期 : 月 8 日 -2 月 13 日 1地点 : 号馆 2 层、3 号馆 2Organizer : Today Art Museum , China Sculpture InstituteSponsor : China Sculpture Institue SalonCurator : Wu Hongliang, Tang YaoDuration : January 8 - February 13Venue : 2nd floor exhibition hall of building 2, 1st ,2nd Floor exhibition hall of building 3雕塑这一艺术形式在进入新世纪以 As a form of art, sculpture started to来,日渐面临新的问题,甚至在被功 be confronted with new problems since利化、观念化、工具化的同时,其自 the 21st Centur y. W hile it has been身的语言特征也在被消解和边缘化。 materialized and become some conception对于艺术中的“雕塑”来说,中国雕 and tool, its ways of impression were塑学会作为专业的学术机构有必要重 also marginalized and decomposed. China新强调其特有的艺术内涵,并从这一 Sculpture Institute, as the professional立场出发探讨其在当下的价 值与意 academic institutions, should underline义,直面这些侵扰与误解,提出解决 the art content of sculpture again, which方案—— 在强化自我、淳化 理念的 is an ar t form, and reflect on the ar t同时,引进新鲜血液,活化其独立性。 form’s worth and meaning, facing to these这里既包括概念的创新,也应有新人 problems and putting forward solutions.的创造。因此,中国雕塑学会沙龙作 China Sculpture Institute makes self-为中国雕塑学会的青春板块以平和的 construction and purify the conception,心态,实操的勇气开始这一态度的实 at the same time, to inject new energy
  13. 13. 展讯 THE COMING EXHIBITIONS / 13施。坐落在北京 798 艺术区的这个沙 and vitalize its independence. There is龙以宽松自由的模式,给思考提供了 not only conception innovation, but also游弋的活水,为青年雕塑家的创造搭 creations by freshman. For that reason建了表演的平台。 从 2010 年 9 月开 China Sculpture Institute Salon, as the始已连续推出了五个展览,它们有非 youth part in Chia Sculpture Institute,常酷的名字: 《构》 质》 身》 灵》 、《 、 《 、《 、 started the operation with peace and《戏》,这不是一种系统的分类,而 courage. Based in Beijing 798 Art Park是不同创作状态的汇聚。 此项目是 Our salon provides youth sculpture with a为未来而做,为可能性而做,通过多 platform to think and create in free style.种形式、不同形态的传播方式,给雕 Since Sept. 2010, they have organized five塑以新的启示并作出青春版的回应。 exhibitions and the names of them were因此,称此展叫“启”,应该是别有 very cool as“construction”,“matter”,意味的 。 “Body”, “Play”. These names “Soul”, were not systematical classified, but a gathering of different creating conditions. This project is planned for future and for possibilities. Through various patterns and dif ferent ways of disseminating, the project will enlighten sculpture and give youthful respond. Therefore, the exhibition is named as“start”which is very meaningful.
  14. 14. 展讯 THE COMING EXHIBITIONS / 14对月——何森个展Conversing with the Moon- He Sen Solo Exhibition主办 :今日美术馆展期 : 月 8 - 23 日 2地点 : 号馆 2、3 层 1Organizer : Today Art Museum ,Duration : February 8 - 23Venue : 2nd, 3rd floor exhibition hall of building 1
  15. 15. 展讯 THE COMING EXHIBITIONS / 15作为上世纪九十年代发展起来的新 As an impor tant member of Neozoic生代艺术家重要成员之一,毕业于四 Artists in 1990s, He Sen, graduated from川美术学院的艺术家何森一直以强烈 Si Chuan Fine Art Academy, has been表现性的绘画风格及其笔下带有“颓 well-known by China contemporary art废”情绪的女孩,在中国当代艺术界 circle for his strong expressive painting广为人知。但 2005 年后,何森对符 st yle and the“dispirited girl”in his号化的观念作品开始感到厌倦,于 artworks. However, after 2005, He Sen是他一方面继续完善“女孩”系列作 became tired of creating the symbolized品,同时进行新创作方向的探索。也 concept ar t work. For that reason, he许是出于逃避嘈杂纷 乱的现实,以 started new exploration in creation and,及趋向于宁静的天性,何森尝试以传 at the same time, he continued to improve统图像为题材的创作 — 李 鱓、徐 girl series. Probably, to avoid noisy reality渭、马远等传统绘画大师的画面被他 and pursuing for peace in natural instinct“借用”到油画布面上。这是一次带 He Sen is trying to create art works with有冒险性的尝试,但又或许是中国文 theme of traditional images. In these化发展的必然。中国的当代艺术在学 works, paintings of Li Shan, Xu Wei, Ma习西方近三十年后仍然没有形成自己 Yuan and other traditional Chinese artists完整的体系,这表明了西方标准并不 were borrowed and these images were是中国艺术的出路—中国当代艺术 painted on the canvas. This experiment在借用西方的艺术形式后,必须在自 is like a venture and, maybe, also the身的文化逻辑中找到内核,才能真正 certain result of the Chinese culture’s延续下去。而何森新作或许正是对 development. It has been thirty years since这一文化趋势的回应,当然最终它还 China contemporary artists began to learn需要时间的检验。 from west and in such a long time China contemporary art had not constructed a whole system for itself. The fact tells that committing to western standard is not the right way for China art and artists. China contemporary art can borrow the western art form; however, the core spirit must be derived from China traditional culture. Only that, it can be truly developed and last for a long time. Maybe, He Sen is putting this culture trend into practice. Surely it is need the test of the time.
  16. 16. 展讯 THE COMING EXHIBITIONS / 16庆庆装置艺术回顾展Retrospective Exhibition ofQingqings Installation Art主办 :今日美术馆 Organizer: Today Art Museum展期 : 月 1-18 日 3 Duration: March 1-18地点 : 号馆 3 层 1 Venue: 3rd floor exhibition hall of building 11990年代中后期是中国女性主义艺术 The late 1900s witnessed the rise of发展的一个高潮时期,陈庆庆无疑是 Chinese feminist art and Chen Qingqing这个群体的代表之一。她创建了一种个 is certainly considered one of the leading人风格强烈的、具有灵知主义风格的 r e p r e s e n t a t i v e s o f t his gr o up . S h e语言体系,其语言表现为一种举重若 establishes a powerful individual style轻的气息,虽精巧却大气、气势逼人但 that embodies a linguistic system of很女性化。这不仅体现为一种灵性和 spiritual intuition, a language that can情极而致的女性主义意志,还表现为 address heavy themes with a delicacy and一种充满穿透力的个人的语言想象。 lightness. This facility is an exquisite and陈庆庆的装置艺术创建了一个灵异世 imposing characteristic of the feminist界,这个世界被假定在一个箱盒中,呈 language. Displaying a sense of internal现出一幕幕混合着恐怖、美丽、诡异而 spirit ualit y and a pressing feminis t童话般的景象,比如一只小恐龙在逼 determination, Qingqing possesses a近一个脸色惊恐的金发褐肤小女孩, powerful imaginative language.金发碧眼的女孩脸恐龙身的一排天 C hen Q ingqing’s ins t allation ar t使挂在树梢上快乐地歌唱,一只小孩 establishes mysterious worlds, which的手或者两条蛇从电视机壳洞孔伸出 occur within box-like forms, The scenes来,一棵小仙树插在一个绿色白衣娃 within are horrible, beautiful, ghastly,娃的肚子上、一群小猪爬上天安门屋 or even seem like a childs fantasy. For顶等。 example, a small dinosaur presses up本次展览是陈庆庆近20年创作最完整 against a terrified and panic-stricken的一次体现。 little, tan-skinned blond girl; a group of
  17. 17. 展讯 THE COMING EXHIBITIONS / 17angels composed of blond-haired, blue- haired, child wearing a white coat; a smalleyed girls with dinosaur bodies hang from group of piglets crawl up towards the roofa tree merrily singing; a small childs hand of a model of the Tiananmen gate, etc.or two snakes stretch through holes in a T his E xhibition is a retrospectivehollowed television set; a small whimsical representation of Chen Qingqing’s workstree is stuck through the belly of a green- since the last 20 years.
  18. 18. 展讯 THE COMING EXHIBITIONS / 18
  19. 19. 展讯 THE COMING EXHIBITIONS / 19
  20. 20. 展讯 THE COMING EXHIBITIONS / 20“和你在一起,永远不孤单”陈可个展“With You - Ill Never Feel Lonely” Chen Ke Solo Exhibition 主办 :今日美术馆 Organizer: Today Art Museum 策展人 :朱朱 Curator: Zhu Zhu 展期 : 月 3 - 12 日 3 Duration: March 3 - 12 地点 : 号馆 1 层 3 Venue: 1st floor exhibition hall of building 3 陈可是中国当代艺术界较为活跃的年 Chen Kei is one of the most active young 轻艺术家,由朱朱策划的 ‘和你在 “ ar tists in China. Curated by famous 一起,永远不孤单’陈可个展” 除展 , curator Zhu Zhu ,“With You - Ill Never 示陈可为其与展览同名的自传体新书 Feel Lonely”Chen Ke Solo Exhibition 所绘近百幅纸上作品外,还将首次展 will not only display hundred pieces of 出陈可成长经历中一些有趣而珍贵的 paper works that created by Chen Ke for “碎片” 通过文字与绘画, 。 展览将为 her new autobiographical publication, 我们讲述艺术家从一个小姑娘变为美 but also include some diver ting and 院学生,从重庆到德国卡塞尔,再到北 precious“fragments”that expresses 京一路走来的点滴。从陈可的个体经 Chen Kes growth experience, which can 验出发,展览冀图以管窥豹地观察和 be considered as a sample to observe and 探讨一代新锐艺术家的成长历程。同 discuss the new generation artists artistic 期,由新锐设计师“小马&橙子”设计、 development. Meanwhile, WITH YOU “ 朱朱撰写序言、刘野绘制陈可肖像作 - ILL NEVER FEEL LONELY”is about to 为插图的《和你在一起,永远不孤单》 publish by China Youth Publishing Group. 也将由中国青年出版社出版发行。 This book is designed by the prominent design duo“Xiao Mage & Chengzi”, prefaced by Zhu Zhu, illustrated by Liu Ye for the portrait of Chen Ke.
  21. 21. 展讯 THE COMING EXHIBITIONS / 21
  22. 22. 展讯 THE COMING EXHIBITIONS / 22硬伤——杨宏伟作品展Ying Shang (Carving) - Exhibition of YangHongwei Printmaking Works刀、木,作为古老而有文明温度的工 As ancient tools and materials reflecting具和材 料,如何形成 对艺术家的引 human civilization, how can we use knives导?通过在木头上形成的硬伤,如何 and woods to guide artists ?How can we唤起内心的力量?在对刀法的技艺操 evoke inner strength through forming Ying作中,如何回应已被种种工具所操纵 Shang (Carving) on woods? With knife的生活世界? skills and processes, how to respond to版画的技术程 序 要求一种克制,这 the living world that has been manipulated就使版画有一种静、平和疏离感 ;它 by various tools?在灵动和伤痕之间形成的空间构成了 The technical procedures of printmaking杨宏伟创作的动力。 require restraint, which makes printmaking杨宏伟从事版画创作近 20 年,毕业 quiet, peaceful and brings the feeling of后一直在中央美术学院任教,他的工 isolation; the space between intelligence作细腻、坚毅,于应手中而得心见, and scar has formed the source of Yang每一次个展都展示了他在版画中扩展 Hongwei’s creation.的可能空间。这不仅得到了诸如徐冰、 Yang Hong wei has been engaged in阿城、李陀等朋友们的知心会意,他 printmaking creation for almost 20 years.的作品也被中央美术学院、中国美术 After graduation, he worked as a teacher馆、今日美术馆、四川美术馆、广东 at Central Academy of Fine Arts. He has美术馆、关山月美术馆、炎黄艺术馆、 delicate and perseverant working attitude.美国新泽西州文化中心、英国木版画 His work reflects his mind. Each exhibition基金会等艺术机构广泛收藏。 of his works demonstrates the possibility《硬伤》将展出杨宏伟最新近的作品。 of his improvement in printmaking field.《水》 火》 石》以及长卷 《 《 、 、 《世纪坛》, His works are not only highly appraised集中体现了作品的特点,它们的刀刻 by his friends such as Xu Bing, A Cheng,痕迹连接着自然材料的质感和劳动 and Li Tuo, but also widely collected by的精神力量,单纯而充满变化,抽象 the Central Academy of Fine Arts, Art中隐约具象。作品中不仅展现了对自 Museum of China, Today Art Museum,然世界的关注和敬畏,尤其是他以漫 Sichuan Ar t Museum, Guangdong Ar t长的时间投 入其中的自我考验及其 Museum, Guan Shan Yue Art Museum,不同的叙事结构。 Yanhuang Art Museum, US New Jersey
  23. 23. 展讯 THE COMING EXHIBITIONS / 23主办 :今日美术馆 Organizer : Today Art Museum承办 :北京春秋润道文化发展 Co-organizer : Purple Gate Cultural 有限公司 Development Co.Ltd展期 : 月 4-20 日 3 Duration : March 4-20地点 : 号馆 2 层展厅 1 Venue : 2nd floor exhibition hall of building 1Culture Center, UK Woodcut Foundation natural texture of materials and the spiritand other art institutes. of labor force, which are simple but full ofThe exhibition Ying Shang (Carving) will changes, and vaguely abstract. His worksdisplay the latest works created by Yang show concern and fear about the naturalHongwei: The Water, The Fire, The Stone world, especially his self test and differentand the scroll The Millennium Monument. narrative structure devoted in the pastThe carved marks of these works join the years.
  24. 24. 展讯 THE COMING EXHIBITIONS / 24
  25. 25. 展讯 THE COMING EXHIBITIONS / 25
  26. 26. 展讯 THE COMING EXHIBITIONS / 26“风尘三闲” ——吕鹏、魏东、梁长胜作品展 The Adventures of the Three Travel Weary Loafers 主办 :今日美术馆 Organizer : Today Art Museum 展期 : 月 24 日 -4 月 1 日 3 Duration : March 24 - April 1 地点 : 号馆 2 层 2 Venue : 2nd floor exhibition hall of building 2
  27. 27. 展讯 THE COMING EXHIBITIONS / 27“风尘三闲”小组是上世纪九十年代 “ Feng Chen San Xian”is an important即已活跃在中国当代艺术界的重要艺 art group which was very active in China术创作组合,其成员为吕鹏、魏东、 contemporary circle since 1990s.梁长胜。 Because of their respect for Chinese他们的组合源自他们对中国传统艺 t r aditional ar t t hey joined toget her术的尊崇,同时对西方各艺术形式进 to be a group and studied on various行研究与学习,在不以继承传统艺术 western ar t forms. It is not the solo样式为唯一目的的前提下,主张当代 goal to inherit traditional art for them艺术应体现经典性及技法美感的精 and also they insist that contemporary致性,并将其扩展到所 创造的各种 art should embody classic essence and艺术表现形式中,继而强调在创作中 skillful exquisite factors, which should
  28. 28. 展讯 THE COMING EXHIBITIONS / 28的心灵感受与愉悦,并以此为参照做 be reflected in all kinds of art patterns文化演进的深度思考。无疑他们的作 created by them. Furthermore, the group品在中国传统文化与当代艺术样式之 emphasis the delightful feelings felt in间找到了恰当的连接。 creation and take that as the reference in更为可贵的是,他们的艺术有别于其 meditation on culture evolution. It is no他流行的当代艺术体现,是对中国现 doubt that the works of this group have实文化和艺术现象的深刻探究,并以 found some proper connection between超现实主义与波普艺术的结合呈现出 China traditional art and contemporary art一种体现当代中国特质的“中式超现 forms.
  29. 29. 展讯 THE COMING EXHIBITIONS / 29实主义波普”。这一倾向与当下西方 What’s more, their ar t work is dif fer批评家提出的“超现实主义波普”理 from other popular contemporary artistic念不谋而合,也体现了全球一体化中 expression but deep research on China的中国特色。 culture and art phenomenon, which joins surrealism with pop socialist and becomes “Chinese Pop Surrealism”. This trend is happened to have the same view with the “Pop Surrealism”raised by western critic, reflecting the Chinese characters in the process of global integration.
  30. 30. 公共教育活动 THE COMING PUBLIC EVENTS / 30公共教育活动预告THE COMING PUBLIC EVENTS公共教育活动每周更新 , 本手册包含但不限于所有活动内容 ,请通过以下渠道获取最新信息 :电话 :0086-10-58760600-100 (每天)0086-10-58769005 (周一至周五)电邮 :edu@todayartmuseum.org (如需得到每期活动预告,请将申请发至此邮箱)官网 : www.todayartmuseum.com新浪微博 : weibo.com/1762265381豆瓣小站 : site.douban.com/todayartThe Public Education Program updates weekly. This booklet covers but not limited to all theprograms, you could acquire the latest information through the following methods:Tel: 0086-10-58760600-100 (all week)0086-10-58769005 (Mon-Fri)E-mail: edu@todayartmuseum.org (Send application to this e-mail for event noticesubscription )Official Website: www.todayartmuseum.comWeibo: http://weibo.com/1762265381Douban (online community): site.douban.com/todayart
  31. 31. 公共教育活动 THE COMING PUBLIC EVENTS / 31
  32. 32. 公共教育活动 THE COMING PUBLIC EVENTS / 32马爹利今日艺术讲坛MARTELL TODAY ART LECTURES自 2007 年 1 月开讲的马爹利今日艺 “Martell Today Art Lectures”is a long-术讲坛系列讲座,是由今日美术馆公 term public program, which has been共教育部主办的一项长期性公益活 organized by the Education Department动,它以普及和深化艺术概念为主旨, of Today Art Museum since January 2007.面向全社会热爱艺术的人士公开。马 In order to popularize and deepen the爹利今日艺术讲坛系列讲座以当今艺 concept of art, it is open to the art-loving术界、思想界、收藏界、评论界等有 public. Famous scholars and experts who独特建树或研究成果的大家为主讲 make unique contributions will be invited人,内容丰富,囊括当代艺术的方方 to give talks in the Martell Today Art面面,包括绘画、雕塑、建筑、装置、 Platform Lectures. The themes of lectures摄影、首饰艺术等,并延伸到批评、 cover all aspects of contemporary art,收藏、市场及出版等艺术相关领域。 including painting, sculpture, architecture, installation, photography and jewelry art etc., and extend into criticism, collection, marketing, publishing, and other ar t- related fields.* 讲座免费入场,今日美术馆之友会员可提前预约座位Free entrance, Members of Today Art Museum Membership program please call ahead to reserve seats
  33. 33. 公共教育活动 THE COMING PUBLIC EVENTS / 33今日创意汇TODAY CREATIVE CLUB跨越文学、美术、电影、音乐、戏剧 Across the boundaries of literature,等艺术门类的界限,关注当下文化和 art, film, music, theater and other arts时尚焦点,打破传统的单一观赏模式, categories, Today Creative Club focuses通过“接触”“观看”“聆听” 、 、 ,发 on contemporar y culture and fashion.散创意思维,为人们了解当代艺术提 Breaking the traditional pattern of merely供可实际参与的途径。活动包括影片 viewing, Today Creative Club encourages展映、主题阅读、艺术家工作坊、艺 divergent creative thinking for people to术新书发布会、舞台表演、脱口秀等 understand the Contemporary Art, through丰富有趣的内容。 practical participation such as "touching", "viewing", and "listening". Activities include film screenings, themed reading, ar tist workshops, ar t book launches, stage performances, talk shows and other interesting content.亲子坊KIDS WORKSHOP充分利用今日美术馆的艺术家和作品 Kids Workshop makes full use of Today资源,综合观展、绘画、艺术写作、 Art Museum’s resources of artists and快乐阅读、歌舞游戏等环节,艺术大 art works, and combines exhibition tours,师与孩子、家长互动,鼓励他们发挥 drawing, writing, happy reading, singing想象力,通过创造性参与活动来发现 and dancing, in or der to enc our age艺术,并在此基础上在家庭成员之 the interaction bet ween ar t masters,间建立更深的信任感。 children and their parents. Kid Workshop aims at inspiring children’s imagination, and discovering art through creatively joining in activities, which also helps to build deeper trust between household members.
  34. 34. 公共教育活动 THE COMING PUBLIC EVENTS / 34马爹利今日艺术讲坛Martell Today Art Lectures“被使用的艺术”——版画的当代应用 Applied Art - Application of Printmaking inContemporary Era主办 :今日美术馆主讲人 :康剑飞时间 :2012 年 1 月 7 日(周六),14:00-16:00地点 :今日美术馆多功能厅(22 院街地下一层 A1-4)Organizer: Today Art MuseumSpeaker: Kang JianfeiTime: 14:00-16:00, 7th Jan, 2012Venue: Lecture hall of Today Art Museum (A1-4, B1f, Beijing 22 International Art Plaza)
  35. 35. 公共教育活动 THE COMING PUBLIC EVENTS / 35当关于版画的本体语言研究告一段 Research on ar tistic language of落,从本体出发来推动本体发展看来 printmaking has come to an end, which已是非常困难。那么,从艺术应用的 cle ar l y s h o w s t h a t d e v elo p m e n t in角度重新审视艺术本体是否有效呢? printmaking based only on printmaking本次讲座,主讲人将以他的三件作品: language is extremely difficult to obtain.《何处不宜家》《观看黑鸟的方式》 、 How about we change our perspective以及《作为媒体的艺术》 “版画技 ,从 and turn to the application of printmaking术的应用”“版画语言的应用”“版 、 、 for development in t his ar t? In t his画概念的应用”三个角度来讲述他的 lecture, Kang Jianfei will bring three实验。 pieces of his work: IKEA Is Everywhere,康 剑 飞,1973 年 生于 天 津,1997 年 Ways of Looking at a Blackbird and Art毕业于中央美术学院版画系,现任版 as Media, and share with the audience画系第六工作室主任,兼任中国美协 his ex p erimen t s f r om t he following版画艺委会秘书长,其工作室的研 p er s p e c t i v e s: t h e ap plic a t io n o f究方向为“版画的当代应用”。毕业 printmaking technology, the application of至今举办多次个展,作品被国内外美 printmaking language and the application术馆收藏,曾策划“2011 中国版画年” of printmaking concept.以及“中国版画进万家”等系列活动。 Kang Jianfei was born in Tianjin in 1973. He gr aduated f r om t he P rint making D ep ar t men t o f C en t r al A c adem y o f Fine Arts (CAFA) in 1997 and now is the Director of CAFA Printmaking Studio Six and Secretary-General of the Print Art Committee of China Artists Association. His studio focuses on the“application of print making in t he contempor ar y era.”Many solo exhibitions have been dedicated to Kang, and many of his works are in the collection of art museums and galleries both home and abroad. He is a planner of“2011: Year of Chinese Print Art” “Chinese Print Art at Thousands and of Families”, among other art events.
  36. 36. 公共教育活动 THE COMING PUBLIC EVENTS / 36是过程不是梦——陈庆庆、陶永白的下午茶A Life, Not a Dream - Having Afternoon Tea with ChenQingqing and Tao Yongbai
  37. 37. 公共教育活动 THE COMING PUBLIC EVENTS / 37主办 :今日美术馆主讲 :陈庆庆、陶永白时间 :2012 年 3 月 11 日(周日),14:00-16:00地点 :今日美术馆 1 号馆 3 层Organizer: Today Art MuseumSpeakers: Chen Qingqing, Tao YongbaiTime: 14:00-16:00, 11th Mar. , 2012Venue: 3rd floor exhibition hall of building 1, Today Art Museum陈庆庆之所以成为艺术家,她说 :艺 As an artist Chen Qingqing says art is the术是她获得灵魂自由的唯一之路。而 only way to gain freedom for her soul.之所以选择装置这种艺术形式,是因 She chose installation as the pattern of为唯有在这种艺术语言中,她觉得她 her art work because installation is her的表达才更自由自在。在作品中,陈 best choice to express herself freely. In庆庆凭借对装置语言的执着探求与 her art works Chen Qingqing presents精准的把握以及对各种材料的高度 her philosophy, her understanding about敏感,将个人哲学思想、对生命本质 essence of life and thoughts on various的理解以及她对各种社会文化问题 social issues through lasting pursuing on的思考,都以一种举重若轻、以小见 creating installation art works and her大的方式活灵活现地呈现出来。 sensitive sense about different materials.陶咏白,中国艺术研究院研究员,女 Her grand ideas were presented in a性文化艺术研究专家。她将与陈庆 gentle and flexible way.庆通过下午茶聊天的方式,向大家 Tao Yongbai is researcher of Chinese Art呈现一个职业装置艺术家对艺术本 Research Institute, who is an expert on体语言的探究,以及对生命、对性灵、 feminine culture research, and she will对人性的理解与表达。 have an afternoon tea with Chen Qingqing. During that time, they will talk about their understanding and expression on life, spirit and humanity. The communication bet ween t hem will show us Chen Qingqings exploration on art language as an installation artist.
  38. 38. 公共教育活动 THE COMING PUBLIC EVENTS / 38季· 节第三届海峡两岸少年儿童美术大展Seasons & Festivals- The Third Cross Strait ChildrenPaintings Exhibition主办 :今日美术馆 Organizer : Today Art Museum策展人 :周樱 Curator: Zhou Ying展期 : 月 19-26 日 2 Duration : February 19 -26 3地点 : 号馆 Venue : building 3如果要从不同地域中选取广泛的联 Children are the most common系对象,无疑会是儿童 ;如从不同年 messengers among various parts in our龄的人群中,选取最广泛的岁月记忆, world. Childhood is also the most common也无疑是孩童时代。 memory in our lives.大陆,台湾,香港,澳门,承袭着相 Mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and同民族文化的传承,却受着不同历史 Macau, namely the Greater China, people背景的影响。这些无论在地域,历史, there inherit the same great traditional还是教育,文化上的异同,体现在孩 Chinese culture though with very different子们身上时,产生了有趣的折射。如 influences in their very unique geography果以这些画为镜,生长在四地的儿童 and history respectively. These commons绘画表达,正生动地反映出该地区社 and differences, no matter formed by会生态的大部分状况。透过这个艺术 any reason, geographically, historically,项目,我们可以去了解,思考和分享。 and educationally, etc, will be reflected季·节,无 论是自然 界“春夏秋冬” by children with their paintings in these的四季,还是人生“幼青中老”的四 regions. These brilliant paintings serve as季,季节的更替,节日的期盼都横贯 different mirrors that we can share with了我们整个生命,这些记忆都是鲜活 their visions about their world through且独立的,而不应只是被局限于模式 their eyes as well as ours. We hope that化的一体性记忆上。在不断提倡个 we can learn, think and share from this体思考和独立创新之下,两岸四地孩 exhibition.子们的现况是如何的呢?透过他们的 Nature has seasons and life has festivals.这些画,或许能一窥端倪。 We all expect, celebrate and experience
  39. 39. 公共教育活动 THE COMING PUBLIC EVENTS / 39
  40. 40. 公共教育活动 THE COMING PUBLIC EVENTS / 40无论隔着的是地域还是岁月,都会一 seasons and festivals through our whole起走向未来。针对儿童的关注和思考, lives. They are so unique and different无论是教育模式还是安全成长,都 in our memory individually. What about是当代社会的迫切问题,而不只是关 these in the world of children from these乎于未来的展望。而未来,就在眼前, four regions? You can get some answers就在当下。 from this wonderful exhibition. All dif ferent ages in these dif ferent regions aims to future. But what children care and think, no mat ter it is about education or growing safely and happily, are not only their expectation about future. They should be our, especially the adults, important current responsibility.
  41. 41. 公共教育活动 THE COMING PUBLIC EVENTS / 41
  42. 42. 公共教育活动 THE COMING PUBLIC EVENTS / 42儿童美育讲座Art Education Lecture for Children台湾的少儿美术教育——龙念南对话台湾少儿美术教育专家Art Education for Children in Taiwan: Interexchangebetween Long Niannan and Experts of Art Education forChildren from Taiwan主办 :今日美术馆主讲 :龙念南、台湾少儿美术教育专家时间 :2012 年 2 月 19 日(周日) ,14:00-16:00地点 :今日美术馆 3 号馆 1 层Organizer: Today Art MuseumSpeakers: Long Niannan, Experts of Art Education for Children from TaiwanTime: 14:00-16:00, 19th Feb., 2012Venue: 1st floor exhibition hall of building 3, Today Art Museum
  43. 43. 公共教育活动 THE COMING PUBLIC EVENTS / 43大陆与台湾有着相同民族 文化的传 People in China mainland and Taiwan承,却受着不同历史背景的影响。这 inherit same great traditional Chinese些无论在地域,历史,还是教育,文 c ul t ur e t h o u g h w i t h v e r y di f f e r e n t化上的异同,体现在孩子们身上时, influences in their very unique geography产生了有趣的折射。如果以这些画为 and history respectively. These commons镜,生长在四地的儿童绘画表达,正 and differences, no matter formed by生动地反映出该地区社会生态的大 any reason, geographically, historically,部分状况。透过这次讲座,我们可以 educationally, etc., will be reflected by去了解,思考和分享。 children with their paintings in these无论隔着的是地域还是岁月,都会一 regions. These brilliant paintings serve as起走向未来。针对儿童的关注和思考, different mirrors that we can share with无论是教育模式还是安全成长,都 their visions about their world through their是当代社会的迫切问题,而不只是关 eyes as well as ours. We hope that we can乎于未来的展望。而未来,就在眼前, learn, think and share from this exhibition.就在当下。 Although we are living in different places and periods, we are facing the future. People pay much attention to and reflect on Children, no matter education model or safety in growth; all the problems are urgent issues of the modern society not only prospect for future for future is just before us and at hand.
  44. 44. 公共教育活动 THE COMING PUBLIC EVENTS / 44展览创意坊Exhibition and Innovation Center结合展览举行的儿童艺术活动。由艺术家及专业儿童美术教育人士,带领孩子参观展览,并用艺术家的方式创作自己的作品。This is the art activity for children combining with exhibitions. Children will be led by artistsand experts in art education for children to visit the exhibitions and create their own artworks as an artist.庆庆装置艺术回顾展创意坊: 装置里的童话世界Retrospect Exhibition of Qingqing’s Installation Art: theFairytale World in the Installation主办 :今日美术馆时间 :2012 年 3 月 17 日(周六),14:00~16:00集合地点 :今日美术馆 1 号馆 2 层前台Organizer: Today Art MuseumTime: 14:00-16:00, 17th Mar., 2012Assembling Place: Reception Desk of 2F, building 1, Today Art Museum哇!原来大人们的艺术品里也有这么 Wow! Have never find out that there多的童话故事 :一只小恐龙在逼近一 are so many delighting fair y tales in个脸 色惊恐的金发碧眼小女孩 ;一 adul t p e ople’s ar t w or k s . L o ok a t排挂在树梢上的天使正在快乐地歌 that, a dinosaur is walking towards a唱……你的内心有一个怎样的童话 scared blonde little girl; a row of angels世界呢?让我们跟艺术家学学装置的 are hanging on the tree and singing表达方式,用艺术的方式说出童话 delightfully and …秘密吧! What a fair y tale world are there in your heart? Let us learn to express with installation from artists and tell your fairy tale in your heart with art.
  45. 45. 公共教育活动 THE COMING PUBLIC EVENTS / 45* 建议儿童年龄 :4~12 岁* 活动费用 :每个儿童每次活动 50 元,可有 1 至 2 位家长陪伴(会员享受 8 折优惠)。* 活动需要电话预约(会员享有优先预定权)* 预约电话 :010-58760600-100 (每天),010-58769005 (周一至周五)* 活动开场 30 分钟后谢绝入场。* Proper for children in age of 4 to 12* Cost: 50RMB/Child for once, 1 to 2 parents accompanied allowed (20% off for member)* Reservation is required (members reservation is preferred)* Call No. 010-58760600-100 (everyday), 010-58769005(Mon.-Fri.)* Please no later than 14:30
  46. 46. 公共教育活动 THE COMING PUBLIC EVENTS / 46 今日·启想亲子坊 Today Creative Family Party 根据多个主题,带领孩子们徜徉在艺术的世界中,用自己的方式去理解与创作。 With various subjects children will be led to enjoy the art world and to understand and create in their own way. 主办 :今日美术馆 合作方 :今日·启想儿童艺术中心 指导教师 :罗珍、刘文清 活动地点 : 院街艺术村 A1-3 22 (今日美术馆东侧) Organizer: Today Art Museum Cooperator: Today-Kids Creative Space Tutor: Luo Zhen, Liu Wenqing Venue: A1-3, B1f, Beijing 22 International Art Plaza (East to Today Art Museum) 绘本心艺坊系列之——《点》“Painting for Yourself”Series of the dot” “ 活动时间 :2012 年 2 月 11 日(周六),10:00-11:30 Time: 10:00-11:30, 11th Feb., 2012 瓦士缇的老师请她随意地表达自己, Teacher asks Wastty to express herself 但是瓦士缇不会画画 —她不是艺 at her will, but Wast t y cannot draw 术家。为了证明这一点,她在一张空 because she is not a artist. She draws 白的图画纸上戳了一个极其普通又充 a common and furious dot on the white 满愤怒的点。就是这个小小的点让 paper. It is the dot which leads her to start 瓦士缇开始了充满惊喜的自我发现之 a surprising journey of self-discovery. The 旅,这个小小的点就标志着开始…… small dot means “Commence” 带着孩子最天真的创意,让我们一 Let us to play with dots with the most 起来玩点点点! innocent idea as a child.
  47. 47. 公共教育活动 THE COMING PUBLIC EVENTS / 47 绘本心艺坊系列之——《味儿》“Painting for Yourself”Series of ish” “ 活动时间 :2012 年 2 月 25 日(周六),10:00-11:30 Time: 10:00-11:30, 25th Feb., 2012 小男孩雷蒙痴迷画画,哥 哥却嘲笑 Little boy Ramon is crazy for painting. 他的画根本不合规矩,沮丧的雷蒙尝 However his brother laughs at him and 试让自己的画看起来更“像” ,却完 said his painting works are not well- 全迷失了方向。很偶然地,雷蒙在妹 disciplined. Desperate Ramon tried to 妹的提示下发现自己的作品很有“味 make his works looks more like a painting 儿”……渐渐地,雷蒙过上了一中有 “味 and lost himself. Occasionally, younger 儿”的生活。你想知道是什么“味儿” sister said Ramon’s painting is full 吗?让我们一起在启想绘本心艺坊欣 of feeling. Ramon was reminded and, 赏雷蒙那些有“味儿”的作品,然后 gradually, Ramon started to enjoy the 也来自己创作一幅有自己独特“味道” feeling in his works. Do you want to know 的作品吧! about what is the feeling? Let us visit Ramon’s works together and create a piece of work full of feeling. 绘本心艺坊系列之——《一粒种子的旅行》“Painting for Yourself” Series of Über Land und durch “ die Luft. So reisen die Pflanzen.” 活动时间 :2012 年 3 月 10 日(周六),10:00-11:30 Time: 10:00-11:30, 10th Mar., 2012 当我们人类想作长 途旅行时,可以 When people want to make a long journey 乘坐 火车、汽车甚至飞机 ;想作短 they can traveled by train, by bus and 途旅行时,可以骑自行车或直接步行。 by air; when people want to make an 而这一切办法,植物都没有。尽管如 excursion they can ride bike or walk. 此,我们还是能在一些最不可思议的 However, none of these ways can planet 地方发现它们,比如石头缝里、广场 use. Even so, we can find them at any 的角落里,或是高高的房顶上……它 unimaginable place, such as stone crack, 们究竟是怎样到达这些地方的呢?难 corner of plaza or the roof of high building. 道植物也会旅行,也可以翻山越岭? How could they get there? Can the planet 帮你想知道为什么?让我们跟着种子 travel or climb? Do you want to know? Let 们一起去冒险吧…… us join the seeds’venture together.
  48. 48. 公共教育活动 THE COMING PUBLIC EVENTS / 48穿衣戴帽系列之——帽子的魔法Clothing and Wearing Series of Hats Magic” “活动时间 :2012 年 3 月 31 日(周六),10:00-11:30Time: 10:00-11:30, 31st Mar., 2012你知道吗?帽子已经有很长的一段历 Do you know the hat has a long story and史,帽子到底是怎么来的?帽子不仅 how the first hat was made? A hat can可以保暖、装饰我们,还会变魔法呢! keep warm and decorate; what’s more,让我们一起来了解帽子的历史,看看 it can play magic. Let us learn about the一顶小小的帽子是怎么被施了魔法, hat’s history and know about how a hat变幻出各种从千奇百怪的帽子,这些 became so magical that it can be special,帽子各自展现着自己的风采,让我们 various and splendid. Let us design a hat也来设计属于自己风格的帽子,来表 with our idea and show the hat magic.演一场“帽子的魔法”秀吧!* 活动费用 :每个家庭 50 元 / 次,可有 1 至 2 位家长陪伴(会员享受 8 折优惠)* 活动需要电话预约 (会员享有优先预定权)* 预约电话 :010-58760600-100 (每天)010-58211455 (周三至周日)* 活动开场 30 分钟后谢绝入场* Cost: 50RMB per family for once, 1 to 2 parents accompanied allowed (20% off for member)* Reservation is required (members reservation is preferred)* Call No. 010-58760600-100 (everyday), 010-58769005(Mon.-Fri.)* Please no later than 10:30
  49. 49. 公共教育活动 THE COMING PUBLIC EVENTS / 49 3 号馆 北京 22 院街艺术区入口 Building No. 3 The entrance of 22rt International Art Plaza 重复咖啡 艺术礼品中心 Cafe Copy Art Gift Center 2 号馆 Building No. 2百子湾 路 Bai Ziwan N Road ↙ 美术馆正门 Main Door 书店 Book Store A1-4 多功能厅(地下一层) 1 号馆 Function Room(B1f) Building No.1
  50. 50. 相关服务 OTHER SERVICES / 50 《今日美术》 (馆刊) 编辑部 ART TODAY (Museum Periodical) Editorial Office 58769370 《今日美术》由今日美术馆主办,中 英双语刊物,国内外同步发行。自 2004 年创刊起,立足于中国当代文 化艺术情境,探讨全球化语境中的一切当代文化艺术现象及其学理,彰显学术、先锋、敏锐的专业气质和实验试错的勇气。刊物包含深度专题研究 ;对国内外焦点、热点学术话题、具有先锋实验性质的事件进行高端剖析。Art Today magazine,sponsored by the Today Art Museum, English-Chinese,distributed in China andoverseas is a leader in the field of Chinese contemporary art. First published in 2004, Art Today featuresthe most current information about Chinese artists, exhibitions, events, art history developments, artresearch and trends. Each issue will contain in-depth analysis andacademic reviews of the latest topicson contemporary art, showcases cutting-edge and pioneering works at fine art.图书编辑中心PUBLISHING CENTER58769465 58769684今日美术馆图书出版中心是“今日美术馆书库”的出版发行者,是中国内地艺术研究与传播最重要的窗口与推手之一。她拥有专业高水平的策划、编辑、设计、ISBN 申报、印制、发行团队,通过合理的选题制定、严谨的内容编校、典雅的装帧设计,每年出版大量书刊及展览画册。如 : 《俄罗斯艺术 300 年》《尤伦斯基金会收藏展》《迪奥与中国艺术家》《北京 798》等等。 、 、 、重要套书有《今日中国艺术家》系列、《世界名画家全集》系列、 《中国名画家全集》系列及《东方艺术》杂志等。图书发行渠道渗透全国 200 余家书店及重要美术馆、艺术院校。 The Publishing Centeris Today Art Museums book designing, publishing and distribution center. The Publishing Center is also one of the most important resources for research in contemporary art researching and information sharing within China.Our professional editing, top level design, high performance printing, fastservice domestic ISBN, 200 plus bookstores, museums and fine arts colleges,nationwide distribution, sales in
  51. 51. 相关服务 OTHER SERVICES / 51 798 Art Zone stores, make the Publishing Center one of Chinas most productive and powerful art publishers.Our works include, "Our Future: The Guy & Myriam Ullens Foundation Collection", "Dior and Chinese Artists", "Beijing 798", and many more. Our highly acclaimed book series includes "Todays Chinese Artists", "The Complete Works of World Famous Painters" , "The Complete Works of Famous Chinese Painter", "Oriental Art", etc. 《东方艺术·国画》 ORIENTAL ART CHINESE PAINTING Magazine 反映当代中国画的创作与发展,并将与中国画发展相关的艺术活动记录在案。她多视 角展示备受关注的国画家的创作动态、学术成果 ;推介有潜力的国画家 ;为当代中国画打造一个有特色的、高水准的纸上呈现空间。《国画》杂志为双月刊,逢单月 16 日出版。联系人 :杨建国 010-58760011   15901133882Chinese Painting reflects the creationand development of contemporary Chinese painting and a record of important Chinese painting related events.From multiple perspectives, Chinese Painting examines artist activity, academic research outcomes, the promotion of Chinese painters, and is a periodical which provides the Chinese painting style with a unique and highlevel platform for development.Published bimonthly, mid-odd-month.Contact: Yang Jianguo 8610-5876 0011 15901133882《东方艺术·大家》 ORIENTAL ART MASTER Magazine 聚焦与时代潮流竞逐的艺术品格长期追踪报 道艺术行业人物及其艺术活动,具体研究人 物案例,记录其艺术成长与发展的轨迹,多 层次阐释当代艺术发展脉络,深度追踪与艺 术家息息相关的展览活动。 主要栏目包括 :直面大家(封面) 、对话、艺 术家工作室、艺术视点、展评等。
  52. 52. 相关服务 OTHER SERVICES / 52《大家》杂志为单月刊,每月 1 日出版联系人 :王静 010-58760450 13581793495Art Master focuses upon current art trends and characteristics. With indepth reporting of importantartists and art professionals, Oriental Art Master studies the development and path of artists andexhibitions to understand the overall development of contemporary art.The magazines main sections include: Facing All (cover story), Dialogue, Artist Studios, Art Perspectivesand Exhibitions.Art Master is published monthly.Cantact: Wang Jing 8610-5876 0450 13581793495 《东方艺术·书法》 ORIENTAL ART CALLIGRAPHY Magazine“书法”专题,关注传统书法艺术及相关的历史、文化、人物研究,参与编辑的均为中国书法界最有成就和影响的专家,并获得国家级书法研究院、美院书法专业等单位的学术支持。《书法》杂志为双月刊,逢双月 16 日出版。联系人 :李澍周 010-58760011-823 15300283405Calligraphy is concerned about the traditional art of calligraphy and the relevant history, culture, artistsstudies. The editors are all accomplished and influential experts in calligraphy field. It gets Academicsupport by calligraphy and professional units such as national calligraphy institute and Academy of FineArts.Published bimonthly, mid-even-month.Contact: Li Shuzhou 8610-5876 0011 x. 823 15300283405艺术书店 BOOKSTORE58769385
  53. 53. 相关服务 OTHER SERVICES / 53北京最专业的美术书店之一。主要经销国际艺术、艺术家画册、雕塑、摄影、建筑、设计图书等,同时也为读者精心挑选人文图书。目前已拥有国内外艺术图书数万种,与国外艺术图书公司合作定期举办的主题书展是其一道特别风景。This is one of the most professional art book stores in Beijing. It has two branches: one store in TodayArt Museum and the other store in the National Art Museum of China. Dedicated to foreign art books,catalogues, photography, sculpture, architecture and design books, it also offers readers well-selectedworks of in the fields of literature and the humanities To date it has offered over 10,000 kinds ofdomestic and foreign books.Its collaboration with overseas partners to hold regular art book fairs has become one of its specialcharacteristics.艺术礼品店ART GIFT CENTER58769326艺术礼品中心通过把艺术家的创作开发为馈赠礼品,从而将艺术推广到人们的日常生活中。她制作的名家限量签名丝网版画、与台湾“清庭”设计公司合作的中国名画礼品、与 CCTV 合作的当代画家丝巾系列,都备受艺术爱好者青睐。The art gift center offers the opportunity to merchandise and market artrelated products directly to theart-loving general public. Our unique and highquality art and design gifts include a selection of limitededition signed fine art prints, and series of famous Chinese painters’ works produced by Qing TangCompany, silk scarves developed together with CCTV and others, all of which are warmly welcomedand loved by public.
  54. 54. 相关服务 OTHER SERVICES / 54“今日——启想”儿童创意坊、艺术坊 TODAY—KIDS CREATIVE SPACE 58211455 58769005“今日·启想”儿童创意坊、艺术坊是今日美术馆与著名儿童美术教育研究及培训品牌“启想”共同合作的博物馆儿童艺术教育培训机构,招收 2.5 岁至 15 岁学员。其宗旨 是透过绘画、设计、手工制作、雕塑、摄影、装置、表演、写作等多种艺术形式,使 儿童开阔视野、审视生活、提升品质、激发创造、感悟生命、滋润心灵,在教师、儿 童、家长、艺术中心、艺术家各种资源相互交融的过程中 , 使儿童的素养得到全面提升, 本机构的教学方法和研究成果在全国儿童美术教育领域内有着广泛的学术导向性和影 响力,同时出版各种儿童美术教育书籍,举办各种大型儿童美术展览、儿童艺术教育 讲座和公益活动。“Today-Kids Creative Space”is an art education training organ for kids at the museum. It is established by Today Art Museum and“Kids CreativeSpace”, which is well known for its research and training of kid art education. “Today-Kids Creative Space”recruits kids from 2.5 to 15 years old. It aimsat broadening views, surveying life, improving quality, inspiring creativity, being moved in life and nourishing souls by comprehensive art forms including painting, design, handiwork, sculpture, photography, installation, performance and writing. It helps kids to improve their qualities in all aspects through the interaction of teachers, kids, parents, artists and art centers. Its teaching methods and research achievements lead in extensive academic direction and great influence in kid art education in the country at large. It publishes all kinds of books on kid art education. It also holds large kid art exhibitions, kid art education lectures and public welfare activities.
  55. 55. 相关服务 OTHER SERVICES / 55重复咖啡 CAFÉ COPY58769680坐落于今日美术馆一层东侧的咖啡 + 餐厅。地面、墙壁、吧台、桌椅,甚至花瓶全部被白铁皮包裹,整个餐厅本身就是一件艺术品,绝不亚于这个当代美术馆里的任何一件馆藏。在咖啡时间你也许会碰上影响中国当代艺术的 100 人中的某个人。咖啡讲究,三明治和甜品味道出众,得益于餐厅高品质的制作和烘焙技术。Copy is a Café and restaurant, locating in Today Art Museum. With floor, wall,bar counter, tables,chairs and even vases all wrapped by galvanized iron,the restaurant itself is a piece of art work, whichstands comparison with anycollection of this contemporary museum. You might meet one of the 100peoplewho influence Chinese contemporary art here at coffee time. The exquisite coffee, delicioussandwiches and desserts reflect the restaurant’s high-quality of cooking and bakery.今日数字美术馆TODAY DIGITAL ART MUSEUM今日数字美术馆携手当今前沿科技力量,通过整合研发国内外虚拟现实引擎,于 2009 年开创了全球首个艺术类大型三维仿真、全景再现网络交互展示平台—今日数字美术馆网站(www.todayvr.com),实现了“3D 虚拟漫游”“360 立体全 、景视频在线展览”“3D 立体可执行文件 、 (单机版和网络版),多项技术在国际 ”相关领域处于领先地位,它同时拥有国际顶尖的 360 实景再现,360 度虚拟漫游制作团队,为艺术家,艺术机构打造永不落幕的展览,而基于灵境技术平台的 VR、AR 互动展览和 Web3.0 技术的结合,诞生了极具未来感的虚拟生存与虚拟社区互动体验模式,它将是网络生存体验的未来时。Today Digital Art Museum cooperates with the advanced science and technology power,reallocates and researches on both national and international virtual reality engines, it
  56. 56. 相关服务 OTHER SERVICES / 56founded the first large-scale, three dimensional platform of simulation and interactionin China in 2009: the Today Digital Art Museum Website( www.todayvr.com), on (which the “3D Virtual Tours”, 360 Panoramic Video Exhibition”,“3D Executive “Files(standalone version and netversion)”are realized with many of the advanced “Virtual Reality Team”techniques in the relevant areas of the international standard. Thecreated‘never closing exhibitions’ for artists and art institutions. The virtual reality andaugmented reality interactive exhibitions are based on the technique of virtual reality,due to the combination of the VR, AR exhibitions with Web 3.0, an unprecedented webexistence and web community experimental mode was created, it will be the future tenseof web existence.
  57. 57. 相关服务 OTHER SERVICES / 57主要特点 :想象性——它将艺术家的创想思维与计算机图像学、人工智能的发展有机结合起来,实现了从作品创意到展览整体架构的全面演进,并且以最具生产力的方式,扩展着艺术的生产空间和艺术再生产的领域。沉浸性——观者可化身为虚拟人物或角色扮演,自由控制在场景中游走的路线,甚至可以穿越作品内部( 如雕塑、装置)进行全方位体验,也可以根据个人意志探索整个空间,体验到等同真实环境的互动操作和身临其境般的场景漫游。交互性——支持角色在虚拟世界的互动与交流。参与者能够以自主浏览的方式自由地穿越无限扩展的艺术空间,并且可以与虚拟环境中的艺术家、艺术作品以及研讨会现场产生直接的交互作用。The Main Characters:Imagination – By utilizing a combination of the artists creative thoughts, computer graphics anddevelopment of artificial intelligence, realization of the overall evolution from the art concept tothe integral structure of an exhibition with the most production capability is obtained, enlarging theproduction and re-production of the space of art.Immersion – Visitors can be embodied into virtual roles and take control of their activities in the virtualenvironment, such as their paths, way of traveling, i.e. walking or even flying – even to their anglesof perception. They can even go inside the artwork specifically - sculptures, installations, etc, foran‘ all dimensional’ experience. All these possibilities allow the visitors to explore the space at will,with a strong, immersed sense and to operate an interaction as if in‘ present reality’. Interaction –The virtual roles could interact and communicate in the virtual world. With the service provided bythe network terminal, they are able to automatically go through an infinitely extended art space andconsequently, directly interact with the artists, artwork or events in the‘real world’ such as seminarsand otherfunctions.今日艺术网www.artnow.com.cn今日艺术网基于今日美术馆强大的学术优势与品牌影响力,是面向全球的的大型艺术资讯类门户网站。自 2006 年创立以来,一直秉承学术性、艺术性、开放性的宗旨,它立足于今日美术馆学术委员会的定位,关注全球化语境中的一切艺术文化现象及其问题,彰显学术、先锋、敏锐的专业气质和实验试错的勇气,已成为牵动世界艺术领域研究与探讨、分享与沟通的强大平台。This is a large-scale art portal website based on the entity of Today Art Museum. Since its foundation in 2006, it hasstrived to realize an academic, artistic and open character, establishing itself in the position of the Today Art MuseumCommittee. By focusing on all art and cultural phenomenon and their issues in the global stage and expressing aprofessional temperament of being academic, avant-garde and observant with the courage to experiment by trialand error, it has become a powerful platform which leads research, communication and participation for the entireinternational world of art.
  58. 58. 相关服务 OTHER SERVICES / 58VR 艺术研究推广中心RESEARCH AND PROMOTION CENTER OFVIRTUAL REALITY ART数字美术馆“VR 艺术研究推广中心”是中国 VR 艺术研究中心(CVRARC)的前身,也是中国乃至全球范围内首家明确倡导 VR 艺术(Virtual Reality ART),并将其作为一种独立的艺术门类进行研究与推广的公益性学术机构。“VR 艺术研究推广中心”的成立,标志着中国当代文化艺术在新的历史发展时期,与世界先进科技文化同步并行。The“Research and Promotion Center of Virtual Reality Art”as the only non-profit academicorganization in the world solely dedicated to further the development of Virtual Reality Art, itsprecursor is China Virtual Reality Art Research Center. Its aim is to research and promote this art as anindependent art category. It indicates the synchronous development of Chinese contemporary cultureand art together with the advanced science and technology during the new era.纪录片影像中心DOCUMENTARY FILM AND PHOTOGRAPHY CENTER今日数字美术馆纪录片影像中心拥有国际一流的影像器材、虚拟演播室、以及一批由专业的导演、摄影师、摄像师等组成的制作班底,其任务是记载当代艺术发展的图像。影像拍摄中心以为北京今日美术馆收集中国当代艺术文献资料为工作重心,拍摄反映艺术状态、艺术个案等艺术文献的纪录片、宣传片 , 并为用于印刷的高端图片提供拍 摄服务,为今日美术馆策划编辑的图书、杂 志提供了大量精美的专业图片。 The Today Digital Art Museum Documentary Film and Photography Center uses first class equipment, virtual studio, provides professional photo and video service to all artists and art organizations. It aims to keep record of the images and videos which represent the development of contemporary art, Its focus of work is to collect the Chinese contemporary art documents, to make documentary films of the individual cases in contemporary art, to provide high quality photography of artworks for catalogue printing, which includes a great number of professional photos for the books, magazines and catalogues edited and published by Today Art Museum.
  59. 59. 相关服务 OTHER SERVICES / 59
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