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I compiled my teaching portfolio into a PowerPoint presentation.

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  • powerpoint of teacher portfolio
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Teaching Portfolio (Linked In)

  1. 1. Mrs. Goff’s Portfolio Welcome!
  2. 2. Table of Contents I. Cover Letter II. Resume III. References IV. Philosophy of Education V. Qualifications VI. Classroom Management VII. Classroom Procedures VIII. Ideal Schedule IX. First Day Procedures X. Parental Communication
  3. 3. I feel that my extensive background in business, coupled with a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Illinois, makes me an excellent candidate for an elementary school teaching position within your district. My teaching portfolio follows for your review. To prepare to transition into the field of education, I completed a three hundred hour internship, with the majority of my th time spent in the 4 and 5th grade classrooms, as a Teacher’s Aide at Central City Grade School in Centralia, Illinois. Below are a few highlights of my internship experience: Involved with the implementation, including student testing, of the RtI (Response to Intervention) program. Learned how to integrate technology into the classroom. Assisted multiple groups in Learning Centers. Provided one-on-one help in Math and Science. My time at Central City School proved invaluable. I felt like I had found a place that I belonged. The daily interaction with the children and the connections I formed with them will always hold a special place in my heart. I would love the opportunity to bring my enthusiasm and passion for learning to your school. I have applied for my Statement of Eligibility and I have passed the Florida Teacher Certification Exam for Elementary Education. Prior to the internship, I worked for UPS for over 4 years as an Operations Management Specialist and 2 years as an Industrial Engineer. During that time, I obtained many skills that could easily transfer to a teaching position: Resolving conflict with customers and executive level employees. Training employees on running the Customer Counter and International Operations. Giving presentations and participating in meetings involving executive level employees Inventory control. Solving problems through analyzing, using resources wisely, and thinking innovatively. I am confident that my background, commitment, eagerness to learn, and desire to achieve will ensure my future success as a teacher. Thank you for taking the time to look over my portfolio. I look forward to hearing from you. Sincerely, Jessica Goff
  4. 4. Jessica Goff 11816 SW 14 t h Street, Yu kon, OK 73099 ■ (618) 292-1355 ■ jjack5@uis.edu TEACHING OBJECTIVE: Obtain a full time teaching position PROFILE/SUM M ARY th “An awesome aide…smart, confident, a self starter and efficient.” Mrs. Waggoner, 5 grade teacher, Central City Grade School Committed to creating a safe, encouraging, challenging classroom environment centered on the belief that reading is the foundation for all learning. Ability to remain organized, detail-oriented, and manage time well in stressful and fast paced situations. Excellent communication skills with all levels of staff. Computer proficiencies include Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. Working knowledge of SmartBoard, Microsoft Access, Visual Basic, Web Design (CSS) and Adobe Photoshop CS4. EDUC AT ION Bachelor of Arts Universit y of Illinois Ma y 2010 Major: English GPA: 3.6 CERTIFICATION: Applied for Statem ent of Eligibilit y Applied: Ma y 2010 Subjects: Elem entar y Education (K -6), English (6-8), English (9-12) Florida Teacher Certification Exam Passed: April 2010 WORK OR EXPERIENCE st th th th th Teacher’s Aide Internship K-1 (RtI), 4 -5 , 6 -8 Language Arts Central City Grade School Centralia, IL Spring 2009 st Participated in the district’s implementation of Response to Intervention (RtI) for K-1 . Integrated computer technology into daily classroom activities. Used a variety of teaching and management strategies including learning centers and hands-on approaches to learning. th th Provided one-on-one assistance to students in the 4 and 5 grades in Math and Science. Created and gave a lesson plan on writing a business letter which utilized the SmartBoard. Graded papers and recorded grades. Obtained knowledge of No Child Left Behind and Adequate Yearly Progress. Engaged students by reading aloud. Industrial Engineer United Parcel Service Decatur, IL July 2006-April 2008 Created a plan to save the Southern Illinois District 300k/year by reducing aircraft. Responsible for planning a saf e, efficient, cost effective air network for twent y -two f acilities. Evaluated work m ethods b y using work m easurem ents to im prove process es. Developed effective financial analyses and presentations f or all levels of staff. Passed all district and region audits. Operations Management Specialist United Parcel Service Centralia, IL January 2002-July 2006 Responsible for keeping all safety documentation audit ready. Designed a safety contest that was implemented within the center. Received OSHA certification. Audited hazardous m aterials for shipping. Supervised custom er counter and international shipping. Controlled inventor y and paid all invoices. Maintained top position out of twent y f acilities in m anaging pa yroll for 70+ em plo yees. Handled custom er concerns in person and over the phone.
  5. 5. References are available. Please send me a private message.
  6. 6. Philosophy of Education I have never had the privilege of teaching a classroom before, but that does not mean I do not have a vision of what I would like my classroom to be. I believe that each child has the ability to succeed as long as they are given encouragement, the opportunity, and the proper resources. It is my goal to give each child my personal best each day and provide a safe, caring environment in which they are free to express their opinions and mature into a responsible member of society. I am honored to assist them in their unique journeys and provide them with guidance along the way. Above everything else, I believe that reading is the foundation for all learning. If a child is introduced to the joy of reading at a young age, I believe that he or she will continue to foster that interest throughout their life. I intend to make reading aloud to my classroom a part of every day. Classroom discussions will be encouraged and I will work with my students to draw connections between the reading and their own experiences. It is my goal to transform the classroom into a community that supports one another and fosters learning through hands-on activities, learning centers, and positive reinforcement. Classroom jobs and planners are just two of the tools that will be used to instill responsibility in my students. My classroom will be a place in which real life skills are taught and life lessons are learned. It is my hope that students will leave my classroom with the tools they need to succeed in the world.
  7. 7. Qualifications Earned BA in English from the University of Illinois in May of 2010 (GPA 3.63 Cum Laude) Passed Florida Teacher Certification Exam in Elementary Education in April of 2010 Applied for Statement of Eligibility in May of 2010
  8. 8. Classroom Rules Respect others, our school, and school property. Always be prepared. Raise your hand when you would like to speak. Follow classroom policies. Stay on task.
  9. 9. Classroom Consequences For the first violation, you will receive a verbal warning. For the second violation, you will give back one ticket. For the third violation, I will contact your parent or guardian. For the fourth violation, you will be referred to the office. Remember: Each day is a new day. Choose your actions wisely and begin the day with a great attitude! *Bullying, cursing, verbal/physical threats, or fighting will result in being directly sent to the principal’s office.
  10. 10. Individual Rewards Rewards System Students will earn tickets for the following: 1 ticket for having homework turned in each day 1 ticket will be earned each day for good behavior (no more than a first violation) 2 tickets will be earned for being “caught in the act” of doing something nice for others 10 tickets will be earned for bringing up a grade on your report card or for achieving an “A.” At any time during the month, a student can “spend” tickets on school supplies if they have left theirs at home. (1 ticket- 1 pencil, etc.) 1 ticket for passing desk/work area inspection on Friday 2 tickets for having perfect attendance (cannot have a tardy) for the entire week. Tickets can be earned through AR. There will be extra opportunities to earn tickets as indicated by teacher. I will hold an “auction” in my classroom once per month. Tickets will be used to bid on items. Items that will be auctioned will include: Homework Pass – Entitles student to right to skip a homework assignment. All About Me Day – Entitles student to line up first, bring pictures from home to show the class, bring something to class to show and tell, and a homework pass for that evening. Student will also have a special seat for the day. Move My Desk – Entitles student to move their desk to another location in the room. They may pick the spot, but will be moved back if any behavioral problems result from the move. Lunch Brunch with Teacher – You may eat lunch in the classroom with the teacher. Teacher will provide pizza and drinks. Your Choice of Classroom Job – You may choose what your job will be for the entire month. Trinkets/School Supplies/Other small tokens Students may choose not to use their tickets and roll them over to the next month. Group Rewards: If all students turn in their homework on time for an entire week, we will have an extra 15 minute recess on Friday! If all students exhibit good behavior all week (nothing past a first violation), we will have a movie afternoon on Friday (complete with popcorn)! If all students meet or exceed the standards on the FCAT, we will have a pizza party and game day!
  11. 11. Classroom Procedures Beginning of Day Bathroom Find your seat and unpack your backpack. You do not have to ask to use the bathroom. Make sure you have 2 sharpened pencils. Go quietly to the back of the room and take Write in journal from prompt on board until hall pass from wall. teacher instructs you to stop. Sign your name on clipboard next to pass. If it is Friday, clean your desk and backpack Only 1 student can be in the bathroom at a before writing in journal. time. During this time, if you have a question on a homework assignment you may come to my desk. No more than three students in a line at my desk. Recite Pledge of Allegiance. Get out the first subject and any homework assignment for that subject.
  12. 12. Classroom Procedures Tissues Pencil Sharpening You do not have to ask to get a Kleenex. This should be done before school starts. Kleenex boxes are located at the front and If you need to sharpen a pencil during back of the room. class, place it in the “Needs Sharpened” box Quietly get up and get a tissue. and take a pencil out of the “Sharpened” Use hand sanitizer. box.
  13. 13. Classroom Procedures Lines Hallway When leaving our classroom, we will line up Walk on the right side of the hallway. by groups. No talking. Quietest group goes first. If you are talking in line, you will be removed If you are talking in line, you will have to from the line. return to your desk and wait to be called.
  14. 14. Classroom Procedures Turning in Work Homework Make sure your name is on the paper. Home work must be written down in planner Place work in the appropriate basket. before dismissal. I have to initial. Parents If you finish early, you may read AR or work must initial each night. on other homework. Homework will be checked each day. If I have verified that you have AR and If you need help at home, ask someone to homework complete, you may work on a help you. If they cannot help you on a problem, have them initial to show that you challenge puzzle . tried to get help. If you have a question, see me before class or during journal time. If homework is not complete, you will spend your recess completing it. Any homework not completed by the end of the following day will get a zero. Homework not completed will also result in a “Homework Not Complete” being sent home for your parent or guardian to sign .
  15. 15. Classroom Procedures Cleanliness Birthdays Your backpack, desk, chair, and surrounding Students are allowed to bring a treat from area should be kept neat and organized. home to share with the class. Each Friday, before completing your journal, Birthday students will be allowed to line up clean out your desk and backpack. first. Desks will be inspected on Fridays. Students may bring in a baby picture to Class will not be dismissed until desks are display on the board for the day. straight and classroom is picked up. Students will bring in a “Me in a Bag” to show and tell. (A paper sack containing three items that reflect their interests, goals, etc. They may decorate the sack if they would like.)
  16. 16. Classroom Procedures Classroom Jobs Jobs will be assigned every Monday morning. The student will be responsible for completing that job for the entire week. Homework Collector – Collect assignments and place in appropriate location. Pencil Sharpener – Sharpens pencils from the “Needs Sharpened” box once per day. Line Leader Paper Passer Outer Board Cleaner – Responsible for cleaning boards at the end of the day. Messenger – Takes notes to the office, etc. Hall Pass Cleaner – Clean hall passes at the end of the day. Bulletin Board Updater – Update class job assignments for the week. Update birthdays (if the beginning of the month).
  17. 17. Mrs. Goff's Classroom Schedule Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday 8:20-8:30 Journal Journal Journal Journal Journal/Clean Desks 8:30-9:00 Social Studies Social Studies Social Studies Social Studies Social Studies 9:00-9:30 Spelling Bee and Test 9:30-10:45 Language Arts Language Arts Language Arts Language Arts Library/Computers 10:45-11:15 Recess Recess Recess Recess Recess 11:20-11:50 Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch 11:50-2:00 Math Math Math Math Learning Centers 2:00-2:25 Science Science Science Science Learning Centers 2:25-2:35 Clean Room Clean Room Clean Room Clean Room Clean Room 2:35-2:50 Read Aloud Read Aloud Read Aloud Read Aloud Read Aloud Weekly Totals: Social Studies 2 hrs, 30 min Science 2 hrs, 30 min Language Arts 6 hrs, 45 min Math 9 hrs, 45 min Auctions will be held the last Friday of every month. Any reward parties will be held on Friday afternoons. Language Arts block will include 45 minutes of direct instruction and explaining literacy centers. For the next hour, teacher will rotate through four groups of guided reading. While teacher is working with small group, students are expected to complete their English and Spelling assignments. If they complete their assignments, they are to read AR quietly. Math block will include 45 minutes of direct instruction and explaining math centers. Then students will be given 25 minutes to work on assignment. For the next hour, students will rotate through 3 math centers including one guided by the teacher.
  18. 18. First Day Find your seat according to the seating chart. Fill out the “Who Are You?” form on desk and turn in when complete. Unpack your supplies and organize your desk. Teacher introduction and the “Name Game” Ask if anyone wants to share with the class something fun that happened or somewhere they went over the summer. Go through school policies including emergency plans. Go over the classroom management procedures. Send copy home with students for parents to sign (students must also sign). Go over the classroom procedures. Send copy home with students for parents to sign (students must also sign). Hand out any handouts that come from the school, the parent/guardian information form, and the parent communication procedures. Discuss having one folder to take home: graded papers in one pocket and information for parents in the other pocket. If students bring back all papers signed, they will receive a ticket. By rows, students may pick up their books and then line up at my desk so I can record the numbers. While books are being distributed, students should be quietly writing in their journal from the prompt. Take pictures during the day. Assign class jobs. Verbal quiz on procedures (Show me what you would do if you needed to sharpen your pencil, etc.)
  19. 19. Parental Communication Parents may contact me at the school or through e-mail. I will respond to e-mails within 48 hours. If a parent would like to speak with me in person, I will be happy to arrange that. Each Friday, I will send home a “Week in Review” with the student. This is my way of keeping parents up to date with their child’s progress and make them aware of any issues. Items covered may include: grade concerns, behavioral issues, praise for a job well done, and upcoming classroom activities. This sheet must be signed and returned to me on Monday. Send home a letter of introduction and a parental “Getting to Know You” form for them to send back on the first day of school.
  20. 20. Thank You! Jessica Goff Contact Information: jjack5@uis.edu (618) 292-1355