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  1. 2. Jaanu Meri Jaan……
  2. 3. This is what she claims:” Yaar mai to tension leti hi nahi hun..”
  3. 4. Reality 1 “ Yaar 1 week bad Submission hai Aaj to nightout hai…”…
  4. 5. Reality 2 In the midst of Rishikesh.. “ Yaar aisi waterfall mai roj subah nahaungi to kam se kam 8 baje ki class mai dhang se sunungi….”
  5. 6. The Fetish: watchout in the exchange term Ogles for 5 minutes then says: “Yaar chal inse baat karte hai”
  6. 7. “ Tum Sab mujhe Bigaad rahe ho!!! “ and Yes we agree
  7. 8. “ Tum dono mujhe gaaliyan mat sikhao“ but here we disagree
  8. 9. “ PP Saaale chal Runaway Bride dekhte hain….
  9. 10. No, I am more interested in watching Princess Diaries Day 1: Runaway bride Day 2: Princess Diaries Day 3: 27 dresses
  10. 11. And thus presenting most eligible bachelor of the batch Pushpen”dar” singh
  11. 12. Back To Shivani - Fun fact 1: Last year, barred by FII PGP2 team to think in public
  12. 13. Shifting the focus… Flowers in hand Dressed up to occasion I believe in Mouthful of happiness Introducing the business guru of the campus…
  13. 14. Fun fact 2: Almost stole a life jacket in Go Karna… felt it was an extended part of her Back To Shivani -
  14. 15. Wishing her All the best ! For the night ahead