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Thrive 2018 - Microsoft Teams a developer's perspective


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Talk on the Microsoft Teams ecosystem and developer options.

Published in: Technology
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Thrive 2018 - Microsoft Teams a developer's perspective

  1. 1. Microsoft Teams - a developer's perspective #THRIVEITCONF
  2. 2. @thomyg Team Lead Modern Workplace @Solvion Graz, Austria Thomas Gölles
  3. 3. Microsoft Teams Platform Build an app using tabs, bots, connectors and other rich capabilities
  4. 4. Microsoft Teams Communicate through chat, meetings & calls Collaborate with deeply integrated Office 365 apps Customize& extend with 3rd party apps, processes, and devices Work with confidence enterprise level security, compliance, and manageability
  6. 6. HUB EXPERIENCE Enable your teams to make decisions and take action faster Reduce context switching on important tasks Create opportunities for collaboration around external content
  7. 7. Teams is the fastest growing business app in Microsoft history 329k Organizations are using Teams 181 Teams users span 181 markets across the globe 44 Teams is available in 44 languages 70% of Skype for Business enterprise customers are using Teams 60+ 60 customers with 10,000+ monthly active users 10K
  8. 8. Tailoryourteamworkwith 200+ Teams apps now available!
  9. 9. Bots Connectors Personal apps Tabs Activity feed Messaging extensions Extensible Platform Voice + Video MS Graph
  10. 10. How to create a Teams App Develop components HTML TypeScript / JavaScript .NET Integrate with Teams Microsoft Teams JavaScript Library Bot Builder SDK - Node.js & C# Package and deploy Host web pages and services Create and package manifest Upload/publish package
  11. 11. IIS Express Project Templates A quick note on tools… .net scripting
  12. 12. Walkthrough / Demos
  13. 13. Contoso in Microsoft Teams
  14. 14. Store
  15. 15. Tabs
  16. 16. Personal apps
  17. 17. Bots
  18. 18. Talent Talent Bot Job Postings Talent list all active positions..
  19. 19. Activity Feed
  20. 20. Connectors
  21. 21. Adaptive Cards
  22. 22. Messaging extensions
  23. 23. Command box
  24. 24. TeamsBot Planner FlowExchange Demo Case Text Analysis
  25. 25. Resources Start exploring Teams App Studio Node.js c#/.NET capabilities of the Teams extensible platform Microsoft Graph API Teamwork Calling/Online Meetings Start today! Get started developing Teams Developer Documentation Teams Sample Code Leverage Teams DnA experts
  26. 26. THANK YOU Hvala! #ThriveITConf
  27. 27. • Thomas Gölles • Microsoft MVP (O365) • SOLVION @thomyg Head of Modern Workplace Solutions Graz, Austria • Stephan Bisser • Microsoft MVP (AI) • SOLVION @cloudguy_pro #AskCloudguy Graz, Austria