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Spsbcn 2017 how to use PnP assets


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After attending this session you will have a better understanding of the many artefacts and assets within the SharePoint PnP. We will talk about how they can help to make your everyday life as an architect or developer easier. Based on examples from customer projects we will discuss a hybrid architecture for self-service site creation in the cloud and on premises. We will also discuss how the user interface of your solutions can be aligned with the look and feel of Office 365 or SharePoint Online.

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Spsbcn 2017 how to use PnP assets

  1. 1. How to use SharePoint PnP assets in real world use cases Thomas Gölles (@thomyg)
  2. 2. Session Agenda
  3. 3. Thomas Gölles Head of Modern Workplace Solutions Solvion information management @solvion @thomyg Co-Organizer of SharePoint Saturday Vienna (#SPSVIE), Office 365 Meetup Graz, Office 365 Meetup Vienna Friends, Family, Grazer AK, Liverpool FC and of course a „SharePoint nerd“ #spsbnc
  4. 4. Thanks to our Sponsors Silver Gold Raffle Organized by
  5. 5. Why should you be forced to solve everything by yourself?
  6. 6. Wouldn’t it be great, if you would have peers to share and learn from?
  7. 7. Real life learnings shared by the community for the community „Sharing is caring“
  8. 8. Http Requests # 4.9 Billion Most used capability - Provisioning Engine (1516 tenants) Unique tenants # 8764 Unique visitors in GitHub 29908 (avg 2 weeks) Views in GitHub 146729 (avg 2 weeks) Monthly Metrics – Status from Sep 2017 History and some numbers
  9. 9. SharePoint Patterns and Practices (PnP) is a open source initiative coordinated by SharePoint engineering. It's a channel for the SharePoint engineering to share documentation, guidance, samples and reusable component for the community. PnP initiative coordinates all SharePoint developer documentation and guidance cross on- premises and online. Day to day work is coordinated by the PnP Core team, which consists from Microsoft internal people and external MVPs. „Sharing is caring“
  10. 10. Youtube channel
  11. 11. Guidenance and Documentation
  12. 12. Guidenance and Documentation
  13. 13. Learning
  14. 14. Training / Learning Ressources  PnP at - Welcome page with sample and guidance search  SharePoint Dev Group - Questions and feedback  PnP at MSDN  PnP videos at YouTube  PnP at -  PnP Sites Core Component - GitHub repository  PnP Core Component (JavaScript) - GitHub repository • PnP PowerShell - GitHub repository • PnP Partner Pack - Reusable starter kit for typical enterprise requirements • PnP Guidance - GitHub repository • PnP Office-Addins - GitHub repository • PnP Tools - GitHub repository • PnP Transformation - GitHub repository • PnP Provisioning Schema - GitHub repository
  15. 15. Demo Site
  16. 16. From Standard SharePoint Site
  17. 17. By using PnP Powershell
  18. 18. For example: create basic content:
  19. 19. One collaboration dashboard
  20. 20. Request a new project space
  21. 21. Async TeamBox site creation architecture 2 TeamBox Dash- board 1SharePoint Service /sites/site 5 IIS Website 6 7 WebJob 4 SP Lists 3
  22. 22. Our office in Graz, Austria
  23. 23. The view I used to have …
  24. 24. Everyday at around 10:45 …
  25. 25. Lunch time
  26. 26. But we moved and my new view is like ...
  27. 27. • Create a recurrent event in Outlook • “Ping” a colleague everyday • Stand up and have a look • Use technology to solve the problem Possible soluitions
  28. 28. MoCaDeSyMo
  29. 29. Front door view
  30. 30. MoCaDeSyMo Penny: Well, you know, it’s the Cheesecake Factory. People order cheesecake, and I bring it to them. Leonard: So, you sort of act as a Carbohydrate Delivery System. Penny: Yeah, call it whatever you want, I get minimum wage. Mobile Monitor
  31. 31. Architecture
  32. 32. #SPSBCN