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SharePoint Konferenz Wien 2018 - Intranet in SharePoint: how to deliver an intranet users like


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Intranet in SharePoint - How to deliver an intranet users like

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SharePoint Konferenz Wien 2018 - Intranet in SharePoint: how to deliver an intranet users like

  1. 1. Partner: Veranstalter: SharePoint konferenz Intranet in SharePoint – How to deliver an intranet users like Thomas Gölles SOLVION information management
  2. 2. @thomyg Team Lead Modern Workplace @Solvion Graz, Austria Thomas Gölles
  3. 3. Agenda
  4. 4. Problem Description
  5. 5. Theory: Your intranet project is more complex then the a moon landing mission
  6. 6. First thing that comes to mind …
  7. 7. Ok. But there is a little bit more Still strongly simplified and without any actual knowledge of such a endeavor.
  8. 8. Success of a moon landing mission • Space shuttle starts • Landing party takes picture on the moon • Everyone returns to earth
  9. 9. How do you measure the success of your intranet project?
  10. 10. But you are a consultant, just take a “best practice” from other projects We are not different from all the others.
  11. 11. Confidence is the feeling you have until you understand the problem.
  12. 12. Expectations vs Reality Source:
  13. 13. But what is the problem? Time for some sense making
  14. 14. Office365 is like a Swiss army knife … Source: Sam Marshall, Clearbox Consulting @sammarshall
  15. 15. … but if only it was that simple Source: Sam Marshall, Clearbox Consulting @sammarshall
  16. 16. You can’t buy a digital workplace, it is a concept not a product. Source: Sam Marshall, Clearbox Consulting @sammarshall
  17. 17. Possible solution for a complex situation How to create a intranet your users like.
  18. 18. Source:
  19. 19. Tackle your project like a business idea Introducing the Business Canvas Model for your Intranet
  20. 20. Example of Apple iPod/iTunes
  21. 21. Your corporate Intranet as a Business model Think of your Intranet project like a business. Your end users are your customers. As they don’t pay you directly using their very own money take usage and satisfaction as your target currency in addition to the savings you will generate. Happier employees lead to happier customers. Revenue More clients faster, customer satisfaction, ROI Employee satisfaction, loyalty, winning talents Usage reports Key resources Your project team Your management Channels Intranet & Portals Collaboration Digital Processes Unified Communication Cost structure Costs for internal people, external consultants, training Licensing cost, Hardware costs Implementation Customer Relations Workshops, Interviews Communication plan, Surveys, Trainings VALUE PROPOSITION THE VALUE FOR YOUR END USERS Here you need to be creative and precise Key activities Diverse Team Measurable KPIs Keep change in mind User Adoption Key partners Corporate Communications Corporate HR Corporate IT External Consultants Customer segments Your users Different teams and departments Stakeholders Personas
  22. 22. Key Activity: Create a diverse project team
  23. 23. “Ivory Tower” Approach of “Research and Recommend” is not working anymore.
  24. 24. Your winning project team • Experts from all areas not only IT • Diverse group of people from all genders and age groups • All key stakeholder and end user personas should be represented • Team members a communicators of your message inside the company • Collaborate as a group on eyelevel • Give feedback and please praise success
  25. 25. Key Activity: Create measurable KPIs
  26. 26. Most stated project objectives are platitudes – they say nothing but hide behind words If you cannot reasonably disagree with an objective, or measure it, then it is a platitude
  27. 27. The platitude indicator • “Collaboration will be encouraged” • “A best-practice collaboration platform” • “To provide the best collaborative experience for our users” • “It’s a SharePoint project” Source: Paul Culmsee
  28. 28. SharePoint non platitudes • “We are proving that through better information management, we can improve our customer relationship and trust building without over-burdening our staff” • “We are proving that we can grow the organisation while reducing email volumes and centralising document storage” • “By building communities of practice, we prove that we can reduce information overload and allow our users to find the right expertise” Source: Paul Culmsee
  29. 29. Key Takeaways • A platitude is like a mirage. It looks like a goal, but in reality it is nothing • Platitudes delude us into thinking that we have an end in mind when we actually do not • Don’t confuse the means with the end. Always ask what difference the means will make, rather than trying to come up with a universal definition for it Source: Paul Culmsee
  30. 30. Key Activity: Plan with change in mind Expect changing requirements
  31. 31. There is no point in asking users who don’t know what they want, to say what they want There is even less point in thinking that you already know what they want
  32. 32. Knowing vs. Learning Cognexus Institute Source: Paul Culmsee
  33. 33. Knowing vs. Learning Cognexus Institute Source: Paul Culmsee
  34. 34. Do not penalise your team for their learning For a problem that is novel or requires learning for participants, they will examine potential solutions just to explain the problem Each instance of examining the solution will impact the understanding of the problem Source: Paul Culmsee
  35. 35. Key takeaway • Expect fluid requirements • Expect scope changes • Involve stakeholders • Expect resistance and pullback • Plan for prototyping • Be adaptable • Do not penalise people for their learning
  36. 36. Plan for user adoption Frustration kills motivation
  37. 37. New version. Next update. New feature. But after the next corner there will be time for some rest.
  38. 38. Without governance there will be accidents. No speeding. It’s not a race track.
  39. 39. Simple example how much every WTF moment and frustration eats resources Usually 2 or 3 persons are on the help. Lost time, effort and sometimes too much lost motivation. Source:
  40. 40. Key takeaway • Be prepared for changes in moving versions forward • Ensure a shared understanding of the problem among all participants • Plan for training and onboarding • Don’t expect everyone to just get it • Integrate learning into the users daily routine don’t only do on time workshops
  41. 41. Examples What a intranet can look like today
  42. 42. Intranet vs digital workplace Source: Sam Marshall, Clearbox Consulting @sammarshall
  43. 43. Content collaboration in Microsoft 365 SharePoint Source: Mark Kashmann
  44. 44. Define your Information Architecture
  45. 45. Communication Site
  46. 46. SharePoint hub sites Blog/Organize-your-intranet-with-SharePoint-hub-sites/ba- p/174081
  47. 47. PnP SharePoint Starter Kit
  48. 48. Clearbox Consulting – SharePoint Intranets in a box Report
  49. 49. Valo Modern the perfect companion for modern SharePoint
  50. 50. Valo classic
  51. 51. Integrate bots in your intranet
  52. 52. Use PowerApps for simple forms
  53. 53. Include reports with Power BI – reuse your on premises data
  54. 54. Combine Communication and Collaboration
  55. 55. Selfe Service where possible
  56. 56. Stick to Standard SharePoint
  57. 57. Ich freue mich auf Ihr Feedback! SharePoint konferenz Partner: Veranstalter:
  58. 58. Vielen Dank! SharePoint konferenz Partner: Veranstalter: