Important Tips on brochure design


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This presentation is about the tips on brochure designing which is very important. For more details visit

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Important Tips on brochure design

  1. 1. Brochure Designing TIPS BY:
  2. 2. BROCHURES ?Brochures are kind of leaflets which providesinformation about the company. It is meant forgiving people as a form of advertisement of thebusiness organization. It helps in spreading thebusiness via people to attract potential customers.It leaves an impact on the person reading thebrochure that’s why a brochure has to be designedin an attractive way. It gives an identity to thecompany. Creating an excellent brochure is verynecessary for a business organization.
  4. 4. TIP #1Create a layout-Design, theme and structure Foremost thing before designing a brochure is to decide the purpose of it. Whether you want to advertise your products, giving information or direct mail marketing. The brochure designing should be in such a way that the message is successfully conveyed through it.
  5. 5. TIP #2 Create unique designsThe design should be unique so that it stands outfrom all as the customers do not give much of a timeon going through a brochure. The design should beeye-catching. A client appreciates a unique design ifthe brochure holds the identity of the business in aunique way.
  6. 6. TIP #3 Make Interesting CoverCovers should be made in an attractive way so that customers read them willingly. It is the first thing that is seen so it should be appealing. The words should be simple.
  7. 7. TIP #4 Printing Size should be confirmedThis is very important as the designs created by youwill be printed. So the size should not be in confusionas this confusion will ruin all.
  8. 8. TIP #5 Fonts and ResolutionCorrect font and size should be chosen so that the information is readable.Resolution should be kept to 300dpi so that the designs are not pixilated.
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