Case Study: GameQuest Re-Platforms from OrderMotion OMX and Yahoo to GoECart 360


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After spending six months evaluating
dozens of popular enterprise ecommerce software vendors, none came close to being as complete and reliable as GoECart. From managing inventory to processing orders to assisting customers
across 15+ sales channels, GoECart 360 Ecommerce Suite and Order Management Solution
has immensely improved our day-to-day
operations. Our order volume has more than doubled since moving to GoECart platform.

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Case Study: GameQuest Re-Platforms from OrderMotion OMX and Yahoo to GoECart 360

  1. 1. Client Case Study After spending six months evaluating dozens of popular vendors, none came close to being as complete and reliable as GoECart. From managing inventory to processing orders to assisting customers across 15+ sales channels, GoECart 360 has immensely improved our day-to-day operations. — Margaret Kim, Dir. of Marketing GameQuestDirectIndustryVideo Games, Software and AccessoriesRequirements Solutionn Full-featured multi-channel solution — Ecommerce, Order GoECart 360 Management, Inventory Management, Fulfillment, and CRM Resultsn Channel-specific product catalog and pricing — B2B, B2C, retail, marketplaces n Consolidated from three systems to onen Robust multi-location inventory for 10,000+ SKUs n Reduced cost by 65%, order volume up 20% year over yearn Powerful fulfillment capabilities including FedEx SmartPost® and n Achieved multi-channel integration with 15+ online marketplaces UPS Mail Innovations® n Improved decision making via robust reporting­ — now hasn Reliably handle thousands of orders a day consolidated view of Customers, Orders, Inventory, and Revenues across all channelsn Easy order entry system and returns for contact center staff n Improved team productivity and back office efficiencyn High-performance API for real-time, systems integrationn Affordable and  • • 1.877.243.3612
  2. 2. GoECart 360 Replaced All Three Point Solutions Situation Analysis GoECart 360 replaced GameQuestDirect’s previous online store, order management GameQuestDirect provides the world’s greatest system, and shipping software with a single system for running their entire business: selection of new and rare video games online. The company’s catalog includes more than 10,000 n Employees no longer need to re-enter data in different systems, rectify inconsistent titles for all leading game consoles including or inaccurate data, or wait for batch updates. PlayStation ®, Xbox ®, etc. In addition to selling n Back office systems integration costs and time associated with getting multiple via its own website since 2006, the company systems to work together are no longer an issue. also markets and sells its products under several n IT staff and infrastructure costs for the company are dramatically reduced, thanks brands through 15+ online marketplaces including ®, eBay ®, and ®. Each to GoECart’s Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) delivery model. channel requires its own pricing and promotion Product Catalog and Inventory Syndicated Across All strategy. Orders are processed and shipped daily. GameQuestDirect prides itself on an excellent track Sales Channels record of on-time delivery. GoECart 360’s application programming interface (API) was leveraged to enable integration with GameQuestDirect’s marketplace management tool provider: The Challenge n The GQD product catalog and inventory are now syndicated across all leading Before migrating to GoECart 360, the company had online marketplaces including Amazon, eBay, and been using three systems to run its multi-channel retail operation: Yahoo! ® Stores, OrderMotion® n The company is now able to sell with confidence across ALL channels: web Order Management System, and Agile Networks storefront, brick and mortar stores, wholesale and call center — in addition to the Shipping Software. Each of the systems was marketplaces and CSEs. difficult to use and very expensive to maintain. The systems were also not well integrated and Intelligent Reporting Provides a 360-Degree View of relied on slow and outdated batch processes. Business Activities Moreover, access to key metrics to make timely GoECart 360 provides GameQuestDirect with better tools for decision making: business decisions was spotty at best — and multiple licensing fees were eating away at n Managers now have the ability to view and share accurate data in real time from GameQuestDirect’s narrow profit margins. The anyplace in the world. company required a new ecommerce solution n Business performance dashboards provide a graphical view of key performance that would provide a modern web storefront with indicators (KPIs) such as best-selling products, top customers by revenue and cutting-edge features, support its multi-channel profitability, sales by channel with historical comparison, etc. commerce strategy, provide robust and integrated back office capabilities, and be overall much easier Multi-Channel Commerce Attracts More Profitable to use. Further, the company needed to achieve all of this at an affordable price while minimizing IT Customers requirements and downtime. According to market research conducted by Forrester ® Consulting, 68 percent of U.S.- based online shoppers say they are more likely to purchase from a brand whose products The Solution: are available through multiple channels. GoECart 360 solution enables GameQuestDirect GoECart 360 to realize the full potential of these valuable consumers by efficiently extending digital experiences to wherever and whenever they interact with the brand. GoECart saves us both time and money. GoECart 360 is truly the perfect, all-in-one solution for any serious growing business looking for an enterprise-class ecommerce platform without breaking the bank. — Rick Baqai, CEO, GameQuestDirect  • • 1.877.243.3612GoECart and GoECart 360 are trademarks of GoECart. All other trademarks and tradenames are the properties of their respective owners. Copyright © 2012 GoECart. All rights reserved.