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Power point2


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Published in: Technology
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Power point2

  2. 2. POWERPOINT PowerPoint (PPt) presentations can add to the usability of your course for your students. The PPt presentations will be enhanced through the addition of an audio component.
  3. 3. POWERPOINT Note: A PPt with audio will have the audio stripped when uploaded into the Blackboard system, hence the need for the use of third-party software such as Camtasia, Jing or Knovia.
  4. 4. POWERPOINT Note: The following information is provided to assist those who desire to create and add an audio component to the PowerPoint items in their courses. While audio may be added to your PPt presentations, you will need to use a third-party tools to develop your audio files.
  5. 5. POWERPOINT Camtasia Narrated PowerPoint: Camtasia is a very flexible, easy to use program from Techsmith ( Camtasia allows the user to record every click of the mouse, every turn of the page, and narrate it all at the same time. Video can also be introduced into Camtasia if desired
  6. 6. POWERPOINT Jing Narrated PowerPoint: Jing is a very flexible, easy to use program from Techsmith. You can think of it as the free though less robust version of Camtasia. We receive many positive comments from instructors and developers on the software and its utility. (
  7. 7. POWERPOINT Zentation: Zentation is a free tool that allows you to merge a YouTube video with a PPt presentation, as shown in this presentation from the Zentation site. The tool allows you to sync the PPt with the video. (
  8. 8. POWERPOINT Knovio: Is also another tool that you can use to add audio to your PowerPoint presentation. It is a free service and very easy to use.