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Kaplan examples october2


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Kaplan examples october2

  1. 1. Lyndon GodsallInstructional Designer
  2. 2. IX510 and IX520This is a presentation of two courses built for the Masters in Instructional Designfor Kaplan University. The first course is IX510 Instructional Design, which wasbuilt using a scenario/modeling approach. Students were given a task to build aphotography course. The course design required the students to role play.The second course IX520 Needs Assessment and Evaluation in Education andTraining gave students a choice of corporate or educational scenarios. Aconstructivist approach was used to design the course. Students were given“Steps” to follow to ensure they understood the course projects.Both courses made extensive use of Wikis, Journals and Blogs. Also a number oflearning objects were used including CodeBaby.
  3. 3. IX 510 Instructional Design
  4. 4. IX510 Instructional Design. Designed and built for Kaplan University in the eCollege Platform.
  5. 5. Building courses for maximum student interaction
  6. 6. Building scenarios to help students feel connected to the learning process.
  7. 7. Working with real world examples.
  8. 8. IX520 Needs Assessment and Evaluation in Education and Training
  9. 9. Maximizing the potential of the Learning Management System
  10. 10. Scaffolding approach used to support student learning.
  11. 11. Study aids produced to model a step approach to help with assessments.
  12. 12. Codebaby software used to develop learning objects
  13. 13. Inclusion of Wikis and Journals in all courses
  14. 14. Developing a “Photo” class web page to develop a sense ofcommunity