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Grow trends tangerine 2012


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Grow trends tangerine 2012

  1. 1. 2 Trends 2012. Tangerine Tango Trends 2012. Tangerine Tango 3 The colour, 17-1463 ‘marries the vivaciousness and adrenaline rush of red with the friendliness and warmth of yellow, to form a high-visibility, magnetic hue that emanates heat and energy,’ according to Pantone. Tangerine Tango has been chosen as Pantone expects ‘vibrant citrus colours to dominate in fashion, interiors and product design as we move into 2012’. Tangerine Tango is the It replaces 2011 colour of the year Pantone 18-2120 Honeysuckle, which was chosen colour of the year in 2012 for its ‘verve and vigour.’ The new colour, ‘will continue to provide the energy boost we need to recharge and move forward.’ Pantone believes that orange has grown in popularity among consumers and that as ‘a provocative attention getter’ Tangerine Tango will be popular in fashion. Through interiors it expects pillows, bedspreads and table top accessories, feature walls and personal electronics may incorporate Tangerine Tango.
  2. 2. 4 Trends 2012. Tangerine Tango Trends 2012. Tangerine Tango 512 CRUCIAL CONSUMERTRENDS FOR 2012Introduction | In 2012, much as inprevious years, some brands may 1. RED CARPETbe staring into the abyss, while In 2012, businesses around the world willothers will do exuberantly well. shower Chinese customers and visitors withAnd while we can’t offer any help even more tailored services and perks, and into defaulting nations or bankrupt general, lavish attention and respect.companies, we do believe that thereare more opportunities than ever for China is the new emperor, and outpaced companies, flailing nations and even brokecreative brands and entrepreneurs to monetary unions are looking to the Chinesedeliver on changing consumer needs. to bail them out. No wonder red carpets areFrom Canada to Korea. Hence this being rolled out wherever Chinese politiciansoverview of 12 must-know consumer and CEOs currently set foot. In 2012’s globaltrends (in random order) for you consumption arena we see a similar picture:to run with in the next 12 months. department stores, airlines, hotels, theme parksOnwards and upwards: and museums, if not entire cities, around the world are going out of their way to shower Chinese customers with tailored services and perks, and in general, lavish them with attention and respect.
  3. 3. 6 Trends 2012. Tangerine Tango Trends 2012. Tangerine Tango 72. DIY HEALTH 3. DEALER-CHICDIY goes ‘good for you’ in 2012: novel apps For consumers, securing the best deals is fastand devices will increasingly let consumers becoming a way of life, if not a source of pridediscreetly track and manage their health by and status.themselves. Deal hunting has become an integral part ofThe Do It Yourself trend is not going to slow daily life for millions of consumers. Yes, there aredown in 2012. Now, there are two kinds of many new and innovative ways in which brandsDIY: the kind (most!) consumers hate and the are using promotions and offers, but consumerkind they love. For 2012, the latter category Other positive implications for consumers attitudes to discounts and deals tracking their own state of health include THE MEDIUM IS THE MOTIVATION:will show endless innovation driven by, what are what’s really changing. less necessity for potentially intrusive and Consumers are now being alerted to, using,else, technology, which in turn feeds off a embarrassing trips to the doctor, or for reusing and sharing offers and deals via newnever-ending desire among consumers to be in Obviously, consumers have always loved getting those that do need medical attention and (and therefore infinitely more excitingcontrol. And while innovative DIY spottings keep good deals or exclusive rewards, but rather than supervision, a much more convenient and and attractive) technologies.pouring in (check out true DIY luggage check-in having to hide one’s haggling, securing the bestat Amsterdam Schiphol Airport), for this 2012 accessible way for their doctor to keep a deal is now accepted, if not admired by one’s remote eye on any troublesome conditions BEST OF THE BEST: With instant mobileoverview we’re focusing on DIY and health, as fellow consumers. In fact, it’s now about more or changes. or online access to not only deals but reviewscountless new apps and devices are actively than just saving money: it’s the thrill, the pursuit, as well, consumers can now be confidenttargeting consumers keen on preventing, the control, and the perceived smartness, and they’re getting the best price for the bestexamining, improving, monitoring and managing thus a source of status too. Just three reasons product or service.their health. In fact, Apple’s App Store currently why DEALER-CHIC is set to get biggeroffers 9,000 mobile health apps (including nearly and bigger in 2012:1,500 cardio fitness apps, over 1,300 diet apps,over 1,000 stress and relaxation apps, and over MORE FOR LESS: While many people in650 women’s health apps) and by mid-2012, developed economies may have less moneythis number is expected reach 13,000 (Source: to spend right now, consumers everywhereMobiHealthNews, September 2011). will forever look to experience more.
  4. 4. 8 Trends 2012. Tangerine Tango Trends 2012. Tangerine Tango 94. ECO-CYCOLOGY 5. CASH-LESSNext for recycling? Brands taking back all of Why a cashless future is (almost) here, Just a few of the CASH-LESS initiativestheir products (and recycling them responsibly and why it will be about convenience to keep an eye on in 2012:and innovatively). and an entire new eco-system of payments, rewards and offers. In October 2011, Google’s free, NFC-enabledWhile in times of recession, economic interests mobile payment system Google Wallettend to overrule eco-causes, the quest for a Sure, the cashless society has been popping- became operational at a selection of retailmore sustainable lifestyle will remain a most up in every trend list since 2005. And while chains across the US. Licensing MasterCard’spressing issue for years to come. We picked 2012 (again) is not going to be the year that PayPass technology, shoppers simply tapone ‘green’ trend (out of many) for this 2012 list: * ECO-CYCOLOGY mentality is more than a just consumers en masse will forego coins and their mobile device on special terminals atthe phenomenon of brands helping consumers brand-led phenomenon; realizing its importance, notes and just swipe their smartphones, it is points-of-sale to pay instantly. In participatingrecycle by taking back all old items from various cities or states in US (San Diego, Seattle and going to be the year that major players like stores, they can also redeem special coupons,customers, and then actually doing something San Francisco to name a few) have enacted their own Google and MasterCard will actively roll participate in sales promotions or gain loyaltyconstructive with them. mandatory recycling laws. Likewise, The European out their cashless initiatives* around the world. points, simply by choosing to pay with Google Parliament has voted for tougher regulations on the For consumers, the initial lure will be convenience, Wallet. disposal of electronic trash, requiring each countryBecause, as our recent Trend Briefing on but eventually mobile payments will create an to collect 4 kilos of e-waste per citizen by 2012, andRECOMMERCE introduced, consumers are to process 85% of all its electronic waste by 2016. entirely new data-driven eco-system of rewards,increasingly aware not only of the financial purchase history, deals and so on. In June 2011, US online payments processorvalue in their past purchases, but the material PayPal demonstrated a mobile paymentsand ecological value of ‘stuff’ as well. Insert * Many of these initiatives incorporate NFC application for Android devices. Users installyour own eco or generous angle [here]. We (Near Field Communication), which allows for the app and activate the PayPal widget,have dubbed this all-encompassing recycling encrypted data exchange between two devices and can then request to send or receive funds in close proximity (“near field”) to each other.on steroids ‘ECO-CYCOLOGY’. Sometimes from another individual with a smartphone and For instance: a reader located next to a retailprompted by new legislation*, sometimes by PayPal account. Using NFC, the two users cash register. Shoppers who have their creditbrands seeing the light (yes, it happens), these card information stored in their NFC smartphones can then hold their devices together in orderprograms leave consumers no excuse to not can pay for purchases by waving their smartphones to instantly transfer funds.recycle in 2012. near or tapping them on the reader, rather than using an actual credit card.
  5. 5. 10 Trends 2012. Tangerine Tango Trends 2012. Tangerine Tango 116. BOTTOM OF THE URBAN PYRAMID 7. IDLE SOURCINGIn 2012, the opportunities to cater to hundreds Expect crowd-based problem solving to fuelof millions of low-income urban consumers will endless innovations in 2012, especially as forbe unprecedented. consumers, contributing will be more effortless than ever.Driven by extreme urbanization on a global scalethat will not slow down in 2012, expect more In 2012, count on the crowdsourcing trendBOTTOM OF THE URBAN PYRAMID (BOUP) to continue to shake up business processesconsumers than ever (the hundreds of millions and spawn endless innovations. After all,of CITYSUMERS who don’t have middle-class being given a chance to contribute, or to besalaries to spend) to demand innovation tailored a part of something bigger than themselves,to their unique circumstances, from health Aakash is an Android-based, wifi-enabled will be forever popular with people.issues to lack of space to the need for durability. tablet computer, manufactured in Hyderabad,And remember, BOUP consumers have India as a low-cost but full functioning device. However the reality is that most consumers- Two IDLE SOURCING examples that showmaterialistic and aesthetic desires too. It is expected to be sold for USD 60 in retail while they might want to contribute- find that it’s the way: stores, and (subsidized by the Government too difficult or too much hassle. Which is whySome examples: of India) to students for around USD 35. you can expect to see more IDLE SOURCING Test launched back in March 2011, the Boston initiatives in 2012: products and services that based Street Bump app takes advantageDeveloped by NCR, the Pillar ATM harnesses make it downright simple (if not effortless) of the sensors on smartphones to give citybiometric technologies, making it suitable for PepsiCo India is test-marketing two products: to contribute to anything, from pinpointing roads officials a real-time map of road conditions.use by illiterate and semi-literate populations. Lehar Gluco Plus, a beverage with electrolytes in need of repairs to finding signs The Android app uses the accelerometersThe device features a contactless card reader, and glucose, and Lehar Iron Chusti, a fortified of extraterrestrial life. and GPS technology in users’ phones toa biometric fingerprint scanner, fast cash iron snack. Both are aimed at consumers register when and where the user’s car hasbuttons, a dispenser and a receipt printer. at the bottom of the pyramid — in urban Just one development unlocking new experienced a pothole, which it logs andUsers of the free-standing device can simply (and rural) areas (Source: Economic Times, possibilities: the ubiquity of always-on, GPS reports automatically. Israeli crowd-sourcedplace their thumb on the sensor and push the June 2011). and accelerometer-enabled smartphones in traffic navigation app Waze reached sevencolor-coded button for the amount of cash 2012, means that consumers themselves can million users across 45 countries in Octoberthey want to take out. In Q3 2011, NCR began and will increasingly broadcast data about 2011. The app provides free turn-by-turntesting five prototype Pillar ATMs in the US, where and what they are doing (assuming they navigation alongside live information aboutwith the aim of launching the device in have agreed to do so of course: don’t even road conditions, crowdsourced from otherdeveloping markets. get us started on the privacy debate that will users. Users can also sign-in and view their continue to rage in the new year). friends’ locations.
  6. 6. 12 Trends 2012. Tangerine Tango Trends 2012. Tangerine Tango 138. FLAWSOME 9. SCREEN CULTUREWhy for 2012’s consumers, brands that behave Now, there are endless powerful and novel In 2012, ‘life’ will take place via ever moremore humanly, including showing their flaws, strategies that you can use to flaunt your pervasive, personal, immersive and interactivewill be awesome. FLAWSOME side, which is why we’ll dedicate screens. an entire Trend Briefing to FLAWSOME andWhile many trends are all about the new, HUMAN BRANDS in March 2012. For now, SCREEN CULTURE is less of a trend in itself,it’s always worth remembering that success just one nice FLAWSOME example: but more the medium through which so manyin business in the end is more about being trends in this Trend Briefing will manifestaligned with consumer culture than just being In July 2011, US based fast food retailer themselves. 2012 will see three mega-techaware of ‘new’ techniques and technologies. Domino’s launched a month-long promotional currents converge: screens will be (even more): campaign in New York. Hiring out a huge ubiquitous / mobile / cheap / always on;While 2011 saw new levels of consumer billboard space in Times Square, the brand interactive and intuitive (via touchscreens,disgust at too many business’ self-serving live-streamed (good and bad) customer tablets and so on); an interface to everything So whether it’s the convergence of ‘online’and often downright immoral (if not criminal) feedback given via Twitter onto the digital and anything that lies beyond the screen (via and ‘offline’ (see OFF=ON in our recent RETAILactions, stories of businesses doing good hoarding. the mobile web and, increasingly and finally RENAISSANCE Trend Briefing), consumers(Patagonia! Ben & Jerry’s!) remind consumers mainstream in 2012, ‘the cloud’). In fact, the tapping into THE F-FACTOR to discover andthat personality and profit can be compatible. * Yes, we might have coined our worst trend name future for most devices will be a world where decide on new products with the help of theirIn fact, in 2012 consumers won’t expect brands ever. Although TRYVERTISING comes close ;-) consumers will care less about them and friends, fans and followers, or never endingto be flawless; they will even embrace brands just about the screen, or rather what’s being mega-trends like ‘convenience’ or INFOLUST,that are FLAWSOME*, and at large (or at least accessed through it. expect all consumer culture to be influencedsomewhat) human. Brands that are honest by and take place in an all-pervasive SCREENabout their flaws, that show some empathy, CULTURE.generosity, humility, flexibility, maturity, humorand dare we say it, some character and And no, there won’t be ‘screen overload’humanity. or ‘screen fatigue’. In fact, the above video is just a taste of things to come for digital natives in 2012 and beyond.
  7. 7. 14 Trends 2012. Tangerine Tango Trends 2012. Tangerine Tango 1510. RECOMMERCE 11. EMERGING MATURIALISMFor smart consumers, ‘trading in’ is the new A few examples: Why in 2012, experienced, open-mindedbuying in 2012. consumers in traditionally ‘conservative’ Decathlon, the French sports apparel and emerging markets will embrace campaignsIt’s never been easier for consumers to unlock equipment store, launched Trocathlon for a and products that are frank if not risqué.the value in past purchases. week in October 2011. Stores bought back any used equipment in return for coupons This is what we said about MATURIALISMConsumers have always resold large, durable valid for six months. a while ago: “Thoroughly exposed to (if notgoods like cars and houses; but in 2012, almost participating in) an uncensored, opinionatedanything is ripe for resale, from electronics Already featured in ECO-CYCOLOGY, and raw world (especially online!), experiencedto clothes, and even experiences. Novel brand Patagonia’s Common Threads Initiative is consumers no longer tolerate being treatedbuy-backs, exchange schemes, online platforms also an excellent example of RECOMMERCE. like yesteryear’s easily shocked, inexperienced,and mobile marketplaces offer smart and The US outdoor gear brand partnered with middle-of-the-road audiences. Able to handle Examples:convenient options for consumers keen eBay in September 2011 to launch an official much more honest conversations, more daringto ‘trade in to trade up’, alleviate financial marketplace where customers could buy and innovations, more quirky flavors, more risqué In 2011, Diesel India ran an in-storestrains (double dips, anyone?), and/or quell sell used goods. experiences, these consumers increasingly promotion headlined with the phrase ‘Sexenvironmental and ethical concerns. appreciate brands that push the boundaries.” sells. Unfortunately we sell jeans’ that offered Levi’s Singapore offered customers SGD a spoof sex toy to customers spending overThree drivers behind the RECOMMERCE 100 when they brought in their old jeans This mainly applied to consumers in mature USD 150. The leatherette ‘Knee J’ knee padsphenomenon: and bought a new pair: a SGD 50 discount consumer societies, but in 2012 we will see came boxed in packaging featuring risqué retro and a further SGD 50 in vouchers. more and more MATURIALISTIC manifestations cartoons and the tagline “Knee Jerk ReactionsNEXTISM: Consumers will forever crave new US-based DealsGoRound allows users to in emerging markets too. Guaranteed.”and exciting experiences promised by the ‘next’. resell and buy past Groupon, LivingSocial, and BuyWithMe deals. Why? For all the many cultural differences Released in March 2011, Indian personalSTATUSPHERE: The growing status boost that may exist, the global consumer class is care brand Cardiograph Corporation’s handthat comes from being savvy and shopping Amazon Student released in August 2011, remarkably alike in its needs and wants, not to sanitizer Sanitol’s ad campaign shows one(environmentally) responsibly. enables students to scan the barcodes of mention more urban too (read: more connected, man touching another’s intimate area and books, DVDs, games or electronics they more spontaneous and more try-out-prone). So another picking his colleague’s nose. The adsEXCUSUMPTION: Cash-strapped, recession- own, and see the trade-in price. If accepted, if you’re a Chinese or Indian or Turkish brand, hint at the kind of germs that consumers mightstricken consumers embracing creative a shipping label is generated, and the funds or you’re a Western brand selling to emerging have on their hands, and proving why theysolutions to spend less and still enjoy as many awarded as an Amazon gift card. markets, 2012 is the year that you can push should use sanitizer to keep clean.experiences and purchases as possible. things a bit further.
  8. 8. 16 Trends 2012. Tangerine Tango Trends 2012. Tangerine Tango 17 Why kind, human brands will thrive in a connected economy ;)12. POINT & KNOW 1. THE HUMAN RANDOM ACTS OF KINDNESS | For consumers2012 will be about instant visual information By taking pictures of objects, places or long used to (and annoyed by) distant, inflexiblegratification. product barcodes, users can find out further and self-serving corporations, any acts of kindnessWith textual search and textual informationnow being available to most people most of the information. Released in November 2011, the Amazon Flow by brands will be gratefully received. For brands, increasingly open communications both with and between consumers (especially online), means TOUCHtime, the race is on to add a (useful) real world app enables users to access information about that it’s never been easier to surprise and delight R.A.K. appeal to the vast (and ever-growing)element – and by ‘real world’ we mean the world products– and purchase them– using image audiences with R.A.K.: whether sending gifts, number of consumers who make up GENERATION responding to publicly expressed moods or just G (that’s G for Generosity not Greed). Disgustedof objects and people. recognition. In addition to books, music showing that they care*. with big, arrogant, sloppy and out of touch and film, many household products can institutions, fed-up consumers around the world2012 will see a mix of the known (Apps! also be recognized. * Just to be absolutely clear: R.A.K. are not about increasingly expect businesses to be socially,Augmented Reality!) and the very known rewarding customers for tweeting / liking your ethically and environmentally responsible:(QR codes!) bringing information about the Oh, and will 2012 finally see the tipping point product, and not about giving away lots of freeobjects (and even people) that consumers for QR codes, the granddaddy of POINT & samples (that would be FREE LOVE), but about . 71% of people “make it a point to buy brands fromencounter in the real world instantly. And like KNOW technologies? They’re everywhere now, selected, random acts of kindness (hence the name companies whose values are similar to my own.”some other trends, it’s the rise of the (always- and thanks to smartphones, consumers may ;-) (Source: Young & Rubicam, August 2010.)in-my-pocket) smartphone that will fuel full- finally be warming up to them too. Now is the ideal moment to engage in some R.A.K: . In 2006, ‘strong financial performance’ was theblown POINT & KNOW in the next 12 months. In September 2011, Ralph Lauren introducedAfter all, the need and expectation for instant customized QR codes in its stores, featuring third most important factor for US consumers 1. HUMAN TOUCH | Consumers increasingly wanting in determining corporate reputation. By 2010,information and instant access to everything the retailer’s signature polo player logo. to see the human side of brands (or if indeed financial returns had fallen to the bottom ofone wants to know, is already deeply ingrained By scanning them, customers could win tickets a brand has a human side at all ;-), making R.A.K. Edelman’s rankings, while ‘transparent and honestin the SEE-HEAR-BUY consumer. Use POINT to the US Open tennis tournament or purchase more welcome than ever. practices’ and ‘company I can trust’ were the two& KNOW in a practical fashion: adding depth products on the Ralph Lauren M-Commerce most important. (Source: Edelman Trust Barometer,of knowledge, communicating stories, origins, site. Other luxury brands, like Louis Vuitton, 2. PUTTING IT OUT THERE | Audiences publicly 2010.)price comparisons, reviews, ecommerce and so are beautifying their QR codes too. Hey, disclosing more and more personal information onon, or by all means, just have some fun with it! and once even luxury brands are on the Facebook, Twitter and other social networks, about . 87% of UK consumers expect companies to their lives, moods and whereabouts, both current and consider societal interests equal to business e-bandwagon... ;-) intended, enabling R.A.K. to be more relevant. interests, while 78% of Indian, 77% of ChineseExamples: and 80% of Brazilian consumers prefer brands In October 2011, Starbucks unveiled 3.PASS IT ON | More consumers than ever are now that support good causes. (Source: Edelman,Google Goggles is a free image recognition a QR code promotion designed to educate sharing their experiences with their friends and wider November 2010.)app which enables users to search based on consumers about its mobile payments app audiences on social networks, meaning R.A.K. canphotographs taken with a handheld device. and its coffee. spread far beyond the original recipients. The link with R.A.K.? Members of GENERATION G are also left cold by old-school business priorities Let’s look at these three drivers behind R.A.K. and formalities. in more detail:
  9. 9. 18 Trends 2012. Tangerine Tango Trends 2012. Tangerine Tango 19 R.A.K. 101 When done well, R.A.K. will bring unexpected glee 18 thoughts. 01.012 to consumers and truly enhance a brand’s reputation. Done badly, R.A.K. will leave audiences unmoved (at best), or quite possibly annoyed or even freaked out. A few tips on how to get it right: Be genuine. R.A.K. should demonstrate a brand’s attitude, not be a (temporarily) welcome exception to it. Any cold-hearted, stuck-in-the-past brand who thinks it can fake it will be unmasked in today’sIn September 2010, Kleenex launched their «Softness worth sharing» campaign. In December 2010, Spain based airline Spanair collaborated with creative Launched in August 2010, Vitamin drink Emergen-C’s “Share the Good”Participants could send a free packet of tissues, send friends a virtual Kleenex on agency Shackleton Group to surprise passengers on one of its late Christmas campaign is a Facebook app that encourages users to surprise their Facebook transparent marketplace. And the backlash won’tFacebook, or design and print a custom label to stick on a box of tissues. One Eve flights. As the passengers waited to pick up their luggage at the carousel, friends who need a pick-me-up. Using the app, users “tag” a friend who’s having be random.million packages were sent during the promotion. the airline sent out personalized presents to everyone who was onboard as a a bad day, and Emergen-C will mail that person a free sample packet. way of celebrating the holiday. Be personal, but not too personal. Audiences will like R.A.K. that are aimed at their individual 3. PASS IT ONWith sharing, creating, discussing and collaborating . The popular Chinese instant messaging platform circumstances or needs, but equally don’t want tofor many becoming a way of life (both on and offline), QQ has over 600 million active users. (Source: QQ, feel like a brand has been stalking them. However,people want and expect interactions to be genuine March 2011.) brands should make sure they ensure that theirand enjoyable. And yes, that includes interactions R.A.K. is appropriate. A light-hearted gesture at Now, let’s not forget that brands have always beenwith brands. . Foursquare saw 380 million check-ins in 2010, up the right time will be appreciated, intruding into able to offer R.A.K., whether informally or, for large 3,400% on 2009 (Source:, January 2011.) personal issues certainly won’t be. brands, via heavily publicized ad campaigns. But aMeaning R.A.K. reach out to those consumers R.A.K. strategy can now be cost-efficiently appliedcraving ‘human’ brands who show not generosity, . Just 33% of internet users say they worry about Be compassionate, not crass. R.A.K. from ‘human’ by all brands, because the ‘PUTTING IT OUT THERE’but acts of compassion, humanity, or even just how much information is available about them brands are welcomed because they are just that, effect also guarantees that many R.A.K. recipientssome personality. online, down from 40% in December 2006. acts of kindness, rather than purely self-serving will share their experiences with an ever-wider corporate marketing stunts. :) (Source: Pew, May 2010.) audience.2. PUTTING IT All this personal information increasingly enables brands to actually know what’s happening After all, rather than having to call, text or even see people personally (oh the hassle!), social networks’ Make it shareable. Give someone a reason to share their R.A.K. with their friends and family (even betterOUT THERE in consumers’ lives (both good and bad!). if they have something to share, whether it be an streams allow users to easily broadcast information extra ticket, or an online video). to a wide range of people without interrupting or In fact, it’s never been easier for brands to listen intruding. Just one more stat: and react to potential customers’ needs or desires Be generous. Yes, GENERATION G appreciateMore people are now publicly and knowingly in innovative or even personalized ways. As any brand generosity, but better to be really . The 500 million active Facebook users share overdisclosing more personal information than ever much of this happens in real-time, brands can generous to a few people, rather than kind-of-nice 30 billion pieces of content per month. The averagebefore: about their daily lives, their moods or t increasingly engage with consumers right at their to lots of people. user has 130 friends. (Source: Facebook, February 2011.)heir whereabouts* (whether on Facebook, Twitter, moment of need, making R.A.K. more relevant, andFoursquare, GetGlue or any other number of social therefore better received. Have meaning and purpose. Encourage consumers The explosion in both the volume and reach ofapps). Some numbers: Case in point: UK based cosmetic retailer BioTherm to engage in their own R.A.K. And then (publicly) connections creates huge opportunities for brands Beauty offering free products to selected people reward them for it – leaving them with a great that create interesting, meaningful, funny, uplifting. Japan and Germany were the only countries out who happened to be tweeting about being tired. STATUS STORY. moments that people love to share. Which means of 22 surveyed where a majority of online users did that R.A.K. can now touch thousands, if not tens not use social networking. (Source: Pew, December Get real. Want to really surprise people? Then of thousands of people, rather than just the original 2010.) deliver a R.A.K. right to them, in their daily lives, recipient. surrounded by family, friends, or colleagues.. Twitter boasts 200 million accounts, and 95 million While people will share R.A.K. online, offline acts daily tweets. (Source:, February 2011.) will always have a big impact, too.. The Netherlands is the country with the deepest Don’t intrude, or be pushy, or sell. This isn’t about Twitter reach, with 22.3% of online adults using you or your brand, it’s about the recipient. the service. Next up were Brazil (21.8%) Venezuela (21.1%) and Japan (20%). (Source: Comscore, December Don’t make R.A.K. too frequent. Customers 2010.) shouldn’t feel upset if they don’t get a R.A.K.
  10. 10. 20 Trends 2012. Tangerine TangoGrowing your brand. Future trends that affect you.An occasional series.December 2011grow researches future trends to find macro trends that are going to affectyour business. Companies that take note of these macro trends and incorporatethe findings in their business model will increase their share of market and shareof voice and reduce their customer acquisition costs as their brand strengthens.These macro trends (long life, major pull) run across all demographics,economies, government, people and technologies and therefore havea long shelf life, usually over decades, with a major effect on the fundamentalfabric of society and the way it operates and communicates.Our focus on clear thinking and beautiful design enables grow, the largestindependent branding, advertising and design agency in Qatar to providethat “Factor X” ingredient and insight that makes ordinary brands great.Success in business depends upon your ability to understand the“big picture”, the long term macro trends and changes that determinethe future business environment. Our role is to help you understandthese trends and shape your company and your brands’ future.grow, a successful and refreshingly creative Doha-based advertising and designagency focused on brands. Successful clients include Alaqaria, Carnegie Mellon,Commercialbank, Doha Bank, Harley Davidson Qatar, Four Seasons Hotel Doha,International Bank of Qatar, Museum of Islamic Art, Qatari Diar, Qatar National Hotels,Ritz Carlton Doha, Ramada Plaza Doha, Sharq Village and Spa and Weill CornellMedical College.For more information visit or email Editor: Anthony Ryman Designer: Patrícia Bizarro Credit: