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Rise of node(Part I)


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Introduction of Node to node beginner

Published in: Technology, Business

Rise of node(Part I)

  1. 1. Rise of Node for node beginner Part Iby go dd yzh ao
  2. 2. As a Front-End Engineer NotSatisfied
  3. 3. To Be a Web DeveloperPick up a back-end language
  4. 4. Too Many Choices
  5. 5. OutlineA Short Story of NodeNon-Blocking with Single ThreadResources of Learning Node
  6. 6. A Short Story of NodeNode’s goal is to provide an easy wayto build scalable network programs Another Context for JavaScript Library
  7. 7. Node Parts os netServer-Side JS CoreEnvironment Library fs ...
  8. 8. Platforms
  9. 9. Family MembersNPM —— Node Package ManagerConnect —— Middleware for NodeExpress —— Web Development Framework
  10. 10. Big Names
  11. 11. Big NamesIsaac Z. Schlueter TJ Holowaychuk Tim Caswell
  12. 12. Keynote of Node“ In Node, everything runs in parallel, except your code ”
  13. 13. HOW
  14. 14. Event Driven - Event Loop Your Code Single Thread New Thread I/O Operations Internal
  15. 15. Callback’s Everywherefs.readFile(/etc/passwd, function (err,data) { if (err) throw err; console.log(2); console.log(data);});console.log(1);
  16. 16. ResourcesNode Beginner CnodeJSHow to Node GithubTJ’s Blog QuoraNodejitsu’s Blog My Blog(Fuck GFW First)Node Blog nodecastscn
  17. 17. Thanks!