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Innovetion(business solution)

  1. 1. Business solution beta By Godavari Adal
  2. 2. Table of contents  Product description  Market and competitors analysis  Target positioning and main differential attribute  Price strategy  Distribution strategy  Main media plan  Specific action
  3. 3. Product description  It gives a complete business solution to an organization  It is a software to work on a every project  It scan paper and type automatically  It has a hi-tech scanner which can also read any kind of barcode  If once scan program will also notify u when it is actually sold from retail shop
  4. 4. Product description  We just have to register a particular mail id in work category after this if u got a mail from same id program will read automatically and save that particular work and notify when it should done and it also notify about the deadline  if u got a call from particular no and u don’t want attend so you just have to categorized this in various category like call back . Not IMP etc then system will notify after some time u have this call.
  5. 5. Market and competitors analysis  This is a unique product and very useful also for an every organization  Because it reduces human effect, time consumption ,less possibility to miss a single call or task.  So in market monopoly is there but not exactly because there are some software like SAP this are doing the same but there is more difference between both of it.
  6. 6.  So if I am new to market first I will observe what kind of marketing they were doing  After it I will create my own marketing strategy according to my product  I will design a add for it for corporate world according to there mentality
  7. 7. Target positioning and main differential attribute  First target to MNC’s and reputed organization  After it multi branch organization  And corporate park  IT parks  Warehousing org.  logistics
  8. 8.  So the difference between the others and ours  How it works  What type of profit org. have after having this  Create a need  What is a need to buy this
  9. 9. Price strategy  To enter in market companies are selling at low cost  But because it is unique concept and it will save lots of manpower effort  So companies will buy this @ any cost  But now a days after launching any product IT compnies are redy to copy so that’s why I cant So expencive
  10. 10.  Then also original is original so I can keep my price higher  So after having discussion with the finance team and production team I will decide the price for it
  11. 11. Distribution strategy  Office should be near to industrial state  Hard copy of software will be to consumer as CD Disk  Software engineer will go to the org. and install the same as he will be well trained for it  Directly from manufacturer to consumer no middle channels.
  12. 12. Main media plan  To advertise it  companies meeting  Conference  Exhibitions  Door to door  Tele calling  Mail  Internet  Director meet
  13. 13. Specific action  Steps taken to promote it well  Banners and standees in IT park reception  Banners and standees in corporate park reception  a consumer who already purchased our system we can book a movie hall for all his employees.  Booklets and handbills on table