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GODAN Presentation at 2016 Thought for Food Summit


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GODAN Presentation at 2016 Thought for Food Summit

Presented by Anne Bruinsma, April 2016

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GODAN Presentation at 2016 Thought for Food Summit

  1. 1. Anne Bruinsma (partner) Thought for Food Global Summit April 1 2016
  2. 2. Responding to food security challenges ahead ●Demographics 69 million ●Depleting fish stocks ●Fresh water shortages ●Land degradation ●Climate Change: ●Mitigation ●Adaptation
  3. 3. Open Data Open data has the potential to impact lives through more effective and transparent governance, improved government services, better targeted development programs and improved research, science and innovation.
  4. 4. GODAN “We believe these problems can be, at least in part, solved by better use of open data. Whilst there are promising examples, we are still in the early days of identifying and evaluating strategies to make the most of open data in delivering change”
  5. 5. The GODAN approach: We: • Convene key actors (WGs, HLMs, Summit) • Empower – high political, policy advocacy • Equip (tools, success stories, models, etc) Manage outputs: Through: Key(s): 1. Research Interoperability 1. Partnerships Meaningfulness 2. Impact Accessibility
  6. 6. 202 partners and growing…
  7. 7. GODAN Partners
  8. 8. USP Free, open access Non-profit Gives access to information on every plot Shows multiple open data sets (different types) It’s social
  9. 9. PRO 30.000+ visitors Peeking at neighbours Different Use Cases Requests for more data Minimize data entry
  10. 10. CON Privacy Negotiation power Cross-compliance Leads to more regulations?
  11. 11. Current vs. Potential Impact Jellema et al, 2015
  12. 12. How can you help? 1. Become a data donor 2. Articulate your demand for open data 3. Be a data broker 4. Become a GODAN partner
  13. 13. GODAN Summit • Submit your ideas to the GODAN Summit Challenge: •
  14. 14. Thanks for listening! Contact: Ben Schaap ( / @benschp Questions?