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The treacherous road to microservices


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Uncon talk at DPC16.

Microservices are one of the current silver bullets. The cure for everything. Many have thought about creating them and some have tried and failed. This talk is about our attempt to go to microservices and the pittfalls one will encounter. It gives some tips on making it a success but even more on accepting your faillure and just improve.

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The treacherous road to microservices

  1. 1. The treacherous road to Microservices Niels van Esch @goatcode
  2. 2. Getting started with microservices ● Based on a true story ● No solutions, No howto ● Common pitfalls ● Tips
  3. 3. Perfect world
  4. 4. Niels van Esch @goatcode
  5. 5. Reality
  6. 6. Microservices
  7. 7. Microservices
  8. 8. Getting started
  9. 9. Reality
  10. 10. Reality
  11. 11. Reality
  12. 12. More pitfalls ● Shared data(source) ● Premature optimization ● Ops ● Team culture ● Company culture ● Unnecessary complexity
  13. 13. Tips ● Micro should not become mega ● Also no nanoservices ● Keep an overview
  14. 14. Niels van Esch @goatcode