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Omni channel - Salesforce Developer Group Bengaluru

All about Omni-Channel setup, considerations/limitations. The slide also includes hands-on steps to verify if you are following the steps properly.

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Omni channel - Salesforce Developer Group Bengaluru

  1. 1. Omni-Channel Abhilash Kuntar SalesforceTech Lead, Co-organizer, Bengaluru DG 7+ years experienced, 7x Certified @goabhigo
  2. 2. Agenda ▪ Introduction ▪ Enabling and Setting up – Create Omni-channel objects – Set Routing Configuration – Set access to Presence Statuses – Add the Omni-channel widget to Salesforce Console ▪ Omni-channel Supervisor Beta! ▪ Considerations ▪ Future ▪ Q & A 2
  3. 3. Omni-channel Routing Automatically route any object that can be put into a Salesforce queue directly to agents. ▪ Key features include the ability to: – Create work items from records (leads, cases, chats, sos calls), using Service Channels. – Route work items to available, qualified agents based on priority and availability. – Define a routing configuration to account for prioritization and agent capacity. Associate it with existing Queues. – Allow agents to define their availability with Presence statuses. 3
  4. 4. 4
  5. 5. Setup Omni-channel ▪ BEFORE enabling omni-channel, ensure you have.. – Access to Salesforce Console – Created a console App – Some Queues created – Case/Lead Assignment Rules defined. ▪ Enable Omni-channel – Its free, no need to raise case to Salesforce to enable. 5 Enable Omni-channel
  6. 6. Setup Omni-channel ▪ Create Service Channels – turns objects to work items – One Service Channel per object ▪ Create Routing Configuration – defines how work items are routed – Overflow Assignee New! – Routing Priority – Routing Model – Most Available, Least Active – Work Item Size – Units of Capacity, Percentage of Capacity – Connect the Queue to Routing Configuration 6 Service Channel & Routing Configuration
  7. 7. Setup Omni-channel ▪ Create Presence Configurations – define how much work agents can take on and what Omni-Channel behaviours they can access – Capacity – Automatically accept requests – More settings on Decline Requests ▪ Create Presence Statuses – to indicate if the agent is available or not available to receive incoming work – Status Options – Online, Busy – Service Channels – Assign to users through Permission Sets or Profile. 7 Presence Configuration & Presence Status
  8. 8. Add Omni-channel widget to Salesforce Console 8 In the desired Console App, add the widget under ‘Choose Console Components’ section. Test it and rock n roll!
  9. 9. Omni-channel Supervisor Beta! 9 ▪ Real-time information about your Omni-Channel agents, queues, and work are streamed live into the panel ▪ Filter, sort, drill down to see details – all without leaving console. ▪ Enable the tab – change the visibility to ‘Default On’ ▪ Add the tab to Console app.
  10. 10. Hands-on 10 ▪ DE ▪ Service User ▪ Console app ▪ Enable Omni-channel and other settings ▪ Add to the ConsoleApp (under ‘Choose Console Components’ section) ▪ Permission Set ▪ Test – Go to Console app – Login to Omni-Channel – make yourself Available – Create a case and assign it to a queue which you are a member of – See if the Case gets assigned to you automatically.
  11. 11. Considerations 11 ▪ Cannot deploy! ▪ Different Presence Status will not route to different Queues within the same object ▪ Works with Salesforce Console only ▪ Doesn’t work with CTI ▪ Capacity - Close tab NOT close Case ▪ Capacity – Calculated for Cases assigned through Omni-Channel, not manual ▪ Automate more using Omni-channel SOAP API ▪ When using Omni-channel for Chat – Can’t use direct-to-agent routing – Can’t use chat conferencing – Can’t use supervisor whisper messages and assistance flags ▪ Check Ideas (& vote).
  12. 12. Future ▪ More powers to Omni-channel for Chats ▪ Route phone cases (CTI ) ▪ SOS ▪ Snap-ins ▪ Less (or no) coding for Lead/Case/Custom object assignment logic. 12 …is..
  13. 13. 13 Any questions? You can find me at @goabhigo &