Cloud, Mobile and Social: Three Industry Trends Of Which Every Lawyer Should Be Aware


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Emerging technologies in cloud, mobile and social are altering the way lawyers conduct business and interact with their clients. More than ever before, these 3 verticals are poised to have a huge impact on your firm. Join us for our webinar with Curo Legal‘s Chad Burton and‘s Nitin Gupta as they discuss:

How cloud technology will impact law firms in 2014

Mobile lawyers and practice management “on the go”

Social media and how online client communication is changing

Cloud, mobile and social technologies are booming, and for no small reason. Utilizing these technologies can allow for smaller, more nimble law firms to easily compete with larger ones, without having to scale their workforce. 70% of law firms have cloud computing in their roadmap; 89% of lawyers use mobile devices to deliver legal services. Are you making the most of the technology available to you?

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  • The first challenge that law firms face is the ability to Access and edit legal docs on the go:Lawyers are now constantly on the go, and are facing increased pressure to be more and more responsive to their clients. Currently, lawyers are emailing themselves documents, or carrying around USB drives to then access those documents from their mobile devices or other computers. Lawyers have to find new ways to be able to access any legal document on the go, and have the ability to edit that document if need be.Secondly, law firms’ Legacy DMS has limited functionality:Big and medium sized law firms typically have iManage as their DMS. Lawyers would like to extend iManage’s functionality to efficiently access and edit documents on mobile devices. Some law firms are not willing to fully replace their DMS, but are looking for ways to extend its functionality to mobile. Also, they would like to assign different levels of permissioning to users to acces and edit documents but are unable to effectively do this.Third, Collaborating on legal docs with clients has always been a challenge to lawyesLawyers and paralegals are constantly collaborating with one another and clients, and there is no efficient way to track workflow and version control. Emailing documents back and forth is cumbersome and a history of changes is hard to maintain. Additionally, lawyers and paralegal are constantly sending large files to other lawyers, paralegals, co-counsel, and clients. . Files are being burned on CD’s and then sent to the appropriate individuals. Thereafter, an email confirmation is sent the next day to confirm whether the documents were received. Additionally, files that are being sent are highly sensitive and confidential, and are not being sent in the most secure way possiblenext day to confirm whether the documents were received. Additionally, files that are being sent are highly sensitive and confidential, and are not being sent in the most secure way possibleFourth, law firms have Outdated FTP and extranet servers:Files are currently being stored on FTP and extranet servers, and lawyers and paralegals are having difficulty accessing, sharing, and collaborating on these documents. These outdated servers do not allow lawyers and paralegals to quickly search for and find documents in time-sensitive situations. Additionally, they do no provide heighten security measures/compliance such as HIPPA, HITECH, and SSAE 16 Type II.
  • Cloud, Mobile and Social: Three Industry Trends Of Which Every Lawyer Should Be Aware

    1. 1. The Rise of Cloud, Mobile and Social Three industry trends that are completely changing the way lawyers deliver legal services 1
    2. 2. Before we begin… Technical Difficulties? Can I ask a Question? @goclio Is this being recorded? 2
    3. 3. Panelists Chad Burton Principal Attorney & CEO Burton Law LLC & Curo Legal Jack Newton CEO Clio Nitin Gupta Legal Vertical Lead Box 3
    4. 4. 4
    5. 5. 5
    6. 6. 6
    7. 7. 7
    8. 8. 8
    9. 9. 9
    10. 10. 10
    11. 11. The cloud empowers you to deliver a better experience to your clients 11
    12. 12. We’re screwed. 1 2 12
    13. 13. There is a profound message here for lawyers—when thinking IT and the Internet, the challenge is not to automate current working practices that are not efficient. The challenge is to innovate, to practice law in ways that we could not have done in 1 3 13
    14. 14. 14
    15. 15. 15
    16. 16. It’s not just what you sell 47% 53% It’s how you sell it 16
    17. 17. Deliver a cloud experience to your clients 17
    18. 18. 18 laggards 16% late majority 34% early majority 34% early adopters 13.5% innovators 2.5%
    19. 19. The cloud gives you time and quality of life 19
    20. 20. How many hours per day does Clio save you? 20
    21. 21. 1.7 hours / day 21
    22. 22. 8.5 hours / week 22
    23. 23. Mobile + Cloud = Freedom 23
    24. 24. Smartphones + tablets now outsell PCs 24
    25. 25. 2 5 25
    26. 26. 2 6 26
    27. 27. Social Cloud Mobile 27
    28. 28. Consumerization of Technology is Happening Apps that work like you do Access from any device Collaborative in nature 28
    29. 29. We’re Moving From On-Premise To Cloud • • • Expensive Hard to manage Complicated • • • Pay-as-you-go Flexible and scalable Access from anywhere 29
    30. 30. It’s a Mobile World 37% 53% 82% Uses three or more devices for work Uses seven or more apps for work Works from three or more locations Source: Forrsights Workforce Employee Survey, Q4 2012 30
    31. 31. Mainframe Client/Server Mobile/Cloud 31
    32. 32. Challenges Faced By Law Firms With Existing Technologies • Accessing and editing legal docs on the go • Legacy DMS that has limited functionality • Securely collaborating on legal docs with clients • Outdated FTP/extranet servers 32
    33. 33. Our mission is to make law firms more productive, competitive, and powerful by connecting lawyers and their information and allowing them to efficiently and cost effectively deliver legal services 33
    34. 34. How Law Firms Use Box Helps lawyers cost effectively and efficiently deliver legal services Enterprise Mobility Nelson Mullins allows their traveling lawyers to access/edit legal docs on the go Next Gen Custom App Collaboration Development Perkins Coie allows lawyers to securely communicate with clients via Box Fowler integrates with iManage via Intapp’s integration builder Infrastructure Replacement Geragos & Geragos sets up virtual data rooms and client portals 34