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Cloud Server vs Dedicated Server


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Cloud Server vs Dedicated Server

  1. 1. Cloud Server vs. Dedicated Server Sales Related Query
  2. 2. What is Cloud Server ? Cloud is actually a virtual real time environment that is hosted by multiple connected servers all at once. It is great option for businesses that need to optimize IT performance without spending huge capital on purchasing IT infrastructure. Sales Related Query
  3. 3. What is Dedicated Server ? A dedicated server is exactly how it sounds. It is a physical server that someone buys or leases to manage all the data. It is a great solution for large businesses, especially for those who require exceptionally high levels of data security, or organizations that have predictable demand requiring all of their servers running in a 24/7 environment. Sales Related Query
  4. 4. Features of Cloud Server Hosting On demand capabilities: You can access a pool of resources and you have the ability to change cloud services through an online control panel or directly with the provider. You can add or delete users and change networks and software as per your need. Broad Network Access: Your employees can access business applications and other important documents using their smartphones, tablets, laptops, and office computer system. They can use such devices where ever they are located with a simple online access point. Resource Pooling: The cloud technology enables your employees to enter and access data within the business management software hosted in the cloud at the same time, from any location, at any time. Rapid Elasticity: Cloud is flexible and scalable option that suits on all of your business requirements. You can easily add or remove users, software features, and other resources. Sales Related Query
  5. 5. Features of Dedicated Server Hosting Security with built in security: You can run, own and control your physical server to attain utmost security. Web hosts provide authorized access to protect your data. They provide biometric access, proximity card readers to secure your server. Flexibility: Business users can customize the hardware and software configuration according to their business application requirement. Uninterrupted bandwidth: Hosting users will get uninterrupted bandwidth because there is no other website that resides on the same server. You will get no bandwidth shortage issues. Unrestricted access and control: You are the sole user of your hosting server. You are provided with the full root admin access so that you can customize your dedicated server any way you want and get unrestricted access to your computing resources. Sales Related Query
  6. 6. Difference Between Cloud Server Hosting & Dedicated Server Hosting Cost Differences: Monthly cost for dedicated servers may range from $100 to $1000 depending on the package you have chosen, while cloud hosting is totally about how much you use. Performance: Performance wise both are quite comparable. Dedicated servers are as fast as their cloud counterparts. Reliability: Since data is stored and retrieved from multiple machines on the cloud; your web application will never suffer from any kind of downtime when one machine crashes. In dedicated server, there is no possibility of system recovery, if server crashes. Sales Related Query
  7. 7. What's Right for You? If your company manages highly sensitive data, for instance, financial data or personal identity information, then dedicated servers are the best option. For all other companies, cloud server hosting is the way to stand ahead. Your data will be accessible from anywhere in the world, so you can keep your business running all the time. Sales Related Query
  8. 8. Do you want to know about VPS Hosting A virtual private network server is made by partitioning a single physical server into multiple virtual instances so that each user will get their own server to run their website. On a VPS hosting , you are allotted resources which are not shared by anyone. The overall CPU time and the memory are shared across all virtual server instances, but at the same time those resources are always dedicated to each account. Know More Sales Related Query
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