Week of september 13 (2)


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Week of september 13 (2)

  1. 1. Week of: Monday, September 13, 2010<br />WE LIKE IT!<br />Years ago my dad had the opportunity to ride in the Zulu parade. What do I remember most? The parade was amazing, and the events leading up to the parade was fun, fun, fun---BUT those coconuts! I remember helping my family paint and decorate Fat Tuesday’s most coveted prize weeks prior to the big parade. I could be as creative as my imagination would allow—and now thanks to our own Ms. Mairin, our 1st graders have decorated their very own Zulu coconut. <br />The kiddos and their teachers enjoyed a presentation from members of the Zulu Social Aid and Pleasure Club this past Friday. We learned a brief (first grade version) history of Zulu, and a fascinating story of Louis Armstrong and his reign as King Zulu. We are very appreciative to The Zulu Social Aid and Pleasure Club for donating their time and their coconuts! Snaps-- to members of YA YA who graciously donated the art supplies, and their time to this project. <br />You may be wondering how this fabulous activity came into existence. After all, it isn’t everyday that 4 distinguished gentlemen in bright yellow jackets arrive at our school with coconuts! Big ReNEW Shout Out to Mairin “The Magnificent” Charles for organizing this presentation for our children. Mairin, is a part of the Young Leadership Council and their project One Book One New Orleans was instrumental in providing us with this opportunity. Didn’t get a chance to see the coconuts? Well, those works of art will be on display at a museum downtown SOON! More information to come! THANKS MAIRIN and WE “LIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIKE”IT!<br />Recycled Reminders:<br /><ul><li> We REALLY need you outside no later than 7:40 AM for AM duty.
  2. 2. Breakfast carts need to be down no later than 1:30
  4. 4. Roll should be taken via Powerschool during breakfast. Thanks for being consistent!
  5. 5. Touch and Hold consistency—</li></ul>This Week: Planning and Professional Development<br />Yay for Enrichment! I am anticipating a drama free week with 100% adherence to our schedule! Tomorrow is dedicated to team planning. We are so grateful to you guys for the quality work you are putting into your plans. Lead planners ROCK! Now that Enrichment has been figured out we can now work as a team when planning lessons for our students. These plans must be understood and internalized by all. The following topics should be discussed during team time:<br /><ul><li>Lesson Planning - Clarification of standards
  6. 6. What GLE’s are being addressed this week?
  7. 7. What skills do the students need to know to master this objective?
  8. 8. What activities in the (I DO, WE DO, YOU DO) will lead to kids being able to master the objectives?
  9. 9. Assessment
  10. 10. How are we going to check for understanding at all points of the lesson?
  11. 11. How will we assess?</li></ul>This is the heart of lesson execution. If we are developing lessons TOGETHER then there should be few modifications being made the day before the lesson is taught. The K-2 Room is available for team meetings. I look forward to seeing the collective work around planning on tomorrow.<br />FYI:<br /><ul><li>DaysMeetings/SessionsMondayGrade Level PlanningReview of Unit Plans, Standards(GLE’s), and think tank around lesson planningPlanning of Friday Joy (Celebration)Remember: Tom’s classroom is set-up for these meetings as well.TuesdayIndividual PlanningUse this time for lesson planning, grading, and whatever you need to stay ahead. Feedback from classroom observations and/or one on one’s.WednesdayGrade Level Data MeetingsGLE Tracking and progress All things STEP and Interim AssessmentsThursdayProfessional Development Thursday(Whole school in Thom’s room)This week: Classroom Management and CultureFridayWhole School Staff Meetings (2x’s / month)</li></ul>Data Driven Instruction<br /> As we prepare for our first Interim Assessment (IA) in a few weeks, I will be working with each grade level to develop re-teach plans for math. One of the ways we can make our data reviews less stressful is to ensure that we are keeping up with what our kids mastered and what they didn’t in easy to use trackers. I have seen these from several of you and applaud you for getting on this sooner rather than later. A simple way to monitor this is to create a tracker which lists the GLE’s at the top of the spreadsheet and kids’ names along the side. We want to be sure that we know what our kids know! Please be prepared on Wednesday with the data from your first math assessment. The protocol for our data review/talk will be emailed out on tomorrow. <br />STEP data has been entered and we are ready to move into the next phase of our action plan. Please begin working on your classroom data walls. The deadline for completion of all data walls with initial step data is next Monday- September 20, 2010. I will be presenting our STEP data to members of our Board this Tuesday.<br />Anchor Charts<br />As you are preparing lessons and delivering your instruction, please don’t forget about the role of environmental aids in the classroom. Julia McCarthy has great pattern anchor charts in her room. Please begin creating these charts to assist in supporting your students learning. The following link has great examples of anchor charts that have contributed to a print-rich environment. Creating anchor charts with your classes can be great lesson closures and/or interactive Do Now’s. http://www.tcsdk12.org/literacy/Anchors/Anchor%20Charts.html<br />Remember: What Are We Driving Toward This Month?<br />September<br />Here are the areas I care most about for this month:<br />Teaching and Learning<br /><ul><li>All STEP Data being entered in the STEP Tracker by teacher and also into the STEP online tracker we were trained on last month.
  12. 12. 100% fidelity to the academic program and curriculum resources (on schedule and resources being used effectively)
  13. 13. Having all diagnostics completed with data available and posted (in or near classrooms): STEP, math, writing, Terra Nova
  14. 14. Instructional Focus: explicit vocabulary instruction, Cold Call using Timing the Name and Call and Response, and Check for Understanding
  15. 15. Curriculum planning through scheduled team and individual planning times
  16. 16. Curriculum planning focus: lesson planning, mastery objectives, engagement, and activities</li></ul>Culture<br />Introduction and adherence to the revised K-2 Discipline Framework and school-wide consequences<br />Coming Soon:<br />Parent Teacher Conferences will be October 21st and 22nd Plan to spend at least 10 minutes with each parent to discuss grades. We will send out time preference sheets to parents and schedule accordingly.<br />Family Literacy Night is tentatively scheduled for Thursday, October 28, 2010. More details to come, but I am envisioning costumes and a Halloween theme! Interested in being a part of the Family Literacy Night Committee for our school? Please say yes! Email me ASAP. <br />