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Performance appraisal process 2009 2010 principal handout


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Performance appraisal process 2009 2010 principal handout

  1. 1. STATE OF LOUISIANA DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION RECOVERY SCHOOL DISTRICT 1641 Poland Avenue, New Orleans, LA 70117 504.373.6200 • www.nolapublicschools.net2009-2010 PERFORMANCE APPRAISAL PROCESSThe purpose of an effective evaluation program is to enhance student achievement. In order to providefor the successful evaluation of personnel, all employees must know what is expected of them in terms ofperformance criteria and job responsibilities. School-based personnel should have the opportunity tocapitalize on their strengths as well as improve on their weaknesses through a structured evaluationprocess. All employees must be provided a copy of their Human Resources approved job description aswell as a rubric illustrating the performance standards and the level of performance expected. One signedcopy should remain in the school file. The original signed copy is forwarded to the HR office.Nothing contained in the RSD Performance Evaluation Process shall diminish the right of the RecoverySchool District to evaluate employees or make employment decisions or of principals and otheremployees with supervisory responsibilities to observe the employees that they supervise.1The evaluation of school based personnel is based on the following: 1. The evaluator’s assessment of performance is based on the criteria specified in the written job description, including the Louisiana Components of Effective Teaching for instructional personnel and the Standards for School Principals in Louisiana for building administrators. 2. Progress made toward the achievement of objectives included in the professional growth plan is considered for all professional staff. 3. The self evaluation should be considered in completing the summative evaluation.The forms listed herein are designed to serve both the evaluatee and the evaluator. These forms shouldbe completed in a fair and thorough manner. The listed forms serve as a record of the ongoing efforts ofemployees to perform their job responsibilities in an efficient and professional manner. Both the evaluatorand the evaluatee are active participants in this process. In order to avoid duplicating the efforts ofthe supervisor, TAP schools may substitute the documents listed below for documents requiredin the performance appraisal process.Non-TAP Schools TAP SchoolsF1: Professional Growth Plan (Used for all Individual Growth Planprofessional employees)F2: Personnel Observation Form (Used for all Observation/Self Reflection Report-Teachersemployees being evaluated) F2: Personnel Observation Form-all other employeesF3: Summative Evaluation/Self Evaluation Individual Summary-Teachers F3: Summative/Self Evaluation-all other employeesF4: Intensive Assistance Plan F4: Intensive Assistance PlanF5: Conference Form F5: Conference FormF6: Additional Comments F6: Additional Comments1 La. R.S. 17:3902HR Page 1 4/24/2011
  2. 2. STATE OF LOUISIANA DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION RECOVERY SCHOOL DISTRICT 1641 Poland Avenue, New Orleans, LA 70117 504.373.6200 • www.nolapublicschools.netObservation Process (F2)Certificated PersonnelCertificated employees should be observed a minimum of four times during the evaluation cycle. Twoshould be completed before the end of the first semester, and the remaining two should be completedbefore April 22, 2010. A minimum of one of the observations must be unscheduled. The formalobservation includes: pre-observation conference (if a scheduled observation), one observation, and apost observation conference. Two of the observations must be conducted by the immediate supervisorand two may be completed by master/mentor teachers, instructional coaches, etc..Classroom observation is a critical aspect of the teacher evaluation process. A pre-observationconference is held to review the teacher’s lesson plan to include the use of technology, studentassessment practices, and school improvement efforts. Observations should be of sufficient duration tosee the lesson begin, develop, and culminate (a minimum of 30 minutes). A post observation conferenceis held to discuss and analyze the lesson or activity and to provide commendations and recommendationsto strengthen or enhance performance. Follow-up observations may be conducted to reinforce positivepractices and to determine how recommendations have impacted the teaching-learning process.Classroom visits may be made to monitor progress toward achievement of professional growth planobjectives and to provide support or assistance. A request for support personnel from central office maybe made by either the observer or the observee.A record of the observation is made on the Personnel Observation Form (F2). This form is signed anddated by both the observer and the observee. Signature acknowledges that the employee has read andreceived a copy of the form. The evaluatee receives a copy, one copy is filed in the school personnel file,and the original is held until the end of the year to be forwarded to the single official personnel file.If support personnel have been requested, a copy is forwarded to the Human Resources Departmentimmediately following the observation conference. The Conference Form may also be used in theevaluation process when requesting support personnel.Intensive assistance may be initiated at any time during the evaluation process. The evaluatee isinformed in writing of the reason for placement in an intensive assistance plan and an intensiveassistance plan is developed with the evaluatee. No teacher should be recommended for non re-hireunless an intensive assistance plan has been completed prior to the last quarter of the school year. Ifan employee has significant performance issues that are not observed before the last quarter of theschool year, the supervisor should report the concern to Human Resources to be handled on a case bycase basis. In cases of misconduct, the principal should contact the Employee Relations Coordinator tofile an official report of the alleged misconduct. At that point, an investigation will be initiated and theprocess for handling allegations of misconduct will be followed.Non-certificated PersonnelThe evaluator should conduct one observation conference prior to the end of the first semester. Thepersonnel observation form (F2) is utilized to facilitate ongoing observations of non-certificated personnel.The pre-observation conference or actual “sit and observe” session referenced in the F2 does not apply tonon-professional employees. The evaluator takes into account all the informal observations made duringthe evaluation period, as well as the quality of work performed, in completing the observation document.The form is signed and dated by the observer and the observee. Signature acknowledges that theemployee has read and received a copy of the form. The evaluatee receives a copy, one copy is filed inthe school personnel file, and the original is held until the end of the year to be forwarded to the singleofficial Human Resources personnel file.HR Page 2 4/24/2011
  3. 3. STATE OF LOUISIANA DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION RECOVERY SCHOOL DISTRICT 1641 Poland Avenue, New Orleans, LA 70117 504.373.6200 • www.nolapublicschools.netAssistance Process (F4 or F5)Certificated PersonnelIf it is determined through the evaluation process that an evaluatee does not satisfactorily meet theRecovery School District’s standards of performance, then that evaluatee is offered guidance andassistance.The first form of assistance can be documented on the Conference Form (F5) with any previousnotification (emails, memos, etc.) attached. The employee is informed in writing of exactly which area(s)is considered deficient, exactly what standard of improvement is expected, and the timeline in whichimprovement must be accomplished. No employee can be held accountable for improvement inperformance unless the immediate supervisor adequately documents in writing the deficient area(s) andthe expected level of improvement.Should the building administrator not be satisfied with the improvement shown, the principal may initiatean Intensive Assistance Plan (IAP) (F4). The immediate supervisor informs the employee in writing ofexactly which area(s) is considered deficient. The immediate supervisor and the employee develop anintensive assistance plan. The plan identifies the objective(s) to be accomplished and the expected levelof performance. The plan will indicate the kinds of support/assistance/resources the Recovery SchoolDistrict will provide for the employee and will specify the timeframe within which the employee mustdemonstrate improvement. The plan will also allow for multiple opportunities for the employee todemonstrate improvement. Examples of IAPs will be provided and additional support is available fordeveloping/implementing IAPs by contacting the Performance Appraisal Specialist.The IAP serves as official notification to the employee that a certain area(s) of performance is in need ofimprovement. The prescription of professional growth activities is developed and the conclusion date bywhich satisfactory performance must be accomplished is noted. Both the immediate supervisor and theemployee sign and date the form.The IAP is designed to document support and assistance provided by the principal. When an employeeis placed on an IAP the supervisor should be sure to provide meaningful, intensive support. Examples ofsupport include but are not limited to, opportunities to observe teachers with high levels of performance,one-on-one assistance from the Master/Mentor teacher, professional development through the district,etc. The IAP should contain measurable goals and support/assistance given should be documentedthroughout the IAP.At the conclusion of the timeframe, a follow-up conference (documented on the F4-IAP number 3) is heldto determine if the objectives and expected level of performance have been achieved. If so, both theimmediate supervisor and the employee sign and date the form indicating that the employee is removedfrom intensive assistance. The form, along with all supporting documentation, is distributed. Theemployee receives a copy, one copy is filed in the school file, and the original is kept to be filed in thesingle official file.Should the immediate supervisor determine that the employee is showing progress, but has not met all ofthe stated goals, than the immediate supervisor may elect to provide the employee with an additionalIntensive Assistance plan with subsequent notification and prescription with reference to the citedperformance area(s) in need of assistance. The conclusion date denotes the date by which satisfactoryperformance must be attained. Failure to attain satisfactory performance at the conclusion of IntensiveAssistance will result in an unfavorable recommendation regarding employment status. At the conclusionof assistance, both the immediate supervisor and the employee sign and date the form. The form, alongwith all supporting documentation, is distributed. The employee receives a copy, one copy is filed in theschool file, and the original is forwarded to the single official file with Human Resources.HR Page 3 4/24/2011
  4. 4. STATE OF LOUISIANA DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION RECOVERY SCHOOL DISTRICT 1641 Poland Avenue, New Orleans, LA 70117 504.373.6200 • www.nolapublicschools.netShould an unfavorable recommendation occur, the employee will be notified of the recommendation bythe supervisor, using the Special Conference Form (F5). The immediate supervisor will provide theHuman Resources Department with an adequately documented recommendation for employment status.Should the employee dispute the unfavorable recommendation of the immediate supervisor, theemployee should submit an appeal, in writing to the Coordinator of Certification and PerformanceAppraisal. The Human Resources Department will then arrange a conference with the employee, thehearing officer and the principal. Following the conference, the hearing officer will make arecommendation to the Executive Director of Human Resources. The Executive Director of HumanResources will then make a recommendation to the superintendent based on the hearing and alldocumentation submitted.A professional employee can be terminated if the employee is found to be incompetent or if performanceis found to be detrimental to the educational growth of students. A professional employee can beterminated if, in any phase of the evaluation process, his/her performance is deemed to be irremediable.Non-Certificated PersonnelGuidance and assistance for non-professional employees is done in the same manner as for professionalemployees except for the Intensive Assistance Plan (F4). Non-professional employee assistance isprovided via the Special Conference Form (F5).A non-professional employee can be terminated for just cause at any time during the evaluation process.Summative Conference (F3)Certificated and Non-Certificated PersonnelThe evaluator/evaluatee should use the results of all observations, conferences, and assistance results inpreparing the summative form. This is a summary of all activities relating to the employee’s annualperformance.The Self Evaluation is part of the evaluation process and will be submitted by the evaluatee prior to thesummative evaluation conference. The evaluatee receives a copy, one copy is filed in the school file, andthe original copy is held for the single official file.The Evaluation Summary is used by the evaluator to provide a summary of the employee’s performance.The rating scale in the table below is used to determine the level of performance. Provision is made forthe evaluator to provide written feedback regarding performance.Ratin Summaryg 1 Not Demonstrated: Employee does not demonstrate competence on or adequate growth toward achieving standards of performance 2 Needs Improvement: Employee demonstrates growth toward achieving standard(s), but does not meet performance standards required to be effective 3 Proficient: Employee demonstrates basic competence on standard(s) of performance 4 Accomplished: Employee exceeds basic competence on standard(s) of performance most of the time 5 Expert: Employee consistently and significantly exceeds basic competence on standards of performance.HR Page 4 4/24/2011
  5. 5. STATE OF LOUISIANA DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION RECOVERY SCHOOL DISTRICT 1641 Poland Avenue, New Orleans, LA 70117 504.373.6200 • www.nolapublicschools.netDATES AND FORMS TO BE USED*By October 15 Signed copies of job description on fileBy October 15 Professional Growth Plan/Individual Growth PlanBy Mid-Term Two Formal Observations (F2)(January 8) (Additional Formal Observations as needed)As Needed Informal Observation (F2) Administrative/Special Conference (F5)By March 19 Complete second Formal Observation for 0-3 year teachers, using F2By March 19 Intensive Assistance Plan (F4) Completed (if needed)By April 22 Final two Formal Observations (F2) (Additional Formal Observations as needed)By April 22 Inform employees of non-rehire, using F5By April 22** Complete Summative Evaluation (F3) conferences with evaluatees, using F3 as Evaluation and Self EvaluationBy April 30 Immediate Supervisors complete records check for school year and prepare all evaluations (original copies) to be sent to HR. Send ONLY the Fforms unless documentation is required for non-rehire.By May 7 Deadline to appeal results of performance evaluation. All employees wishing to appeal must submit an appeal in writing to Amber Morgan by 4pm on Friday, May 14thBy May 14 Hearings completed, notification of results sent to employees and principals* This timeline is intended as a guide for principals and is subject to change.** Documents must be completed and submitted earlier for probationary employees scheduled to receivetenure.HR Page 5 4/24/2011
  6. 6. STATE OF LOUISIANA DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION RECOVERY SCHOOL DISTRICT 1641 Poland Avenue, New Orleans, LA 70117 504.373.6200 • Quick Reference GuideOBSERVATION PROCESSCertificated Personnel-Total of Four (4) Observations1. Pre-observation conference (F2)-scheduled observation(s) only2. Observation3. Post-observation conferenceNon-Certificated Personnel1. Observation (F2)2. Post-observation conferenceASSISTANCE PROCESSCertificated Personnel1. Administrative/Special conference (F5)2. Intensive Assistance (IAP) (F4)3. Repeat Intensive Assistance (IAP) (F4), if neededNon-Certificated Personnel1. Administrative/Special conference (F5)SUMMATIVE CONFERENCECertificated and Non-Certificated Personnel1. Use results of all of the above2. Use self evaluation provided by employee3. Complete F3 providing an explanation for all ratings.HR Page 6 4/24/2011
  7. 7. STATE OF LOUISIANA DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION RECOVERY SCHOOL DISTRICT 1641 Poland Avenue, New Orleans, LA 70117 504.373.6200 • www.nolapublicschools.netDEVELOPMENT OF 2010-2011 PERFORMANCE APPRAISAL PROCESSThe primary goal of the performance appraisal team is to develop a performance appraisal process forschool year 2010-2011 and that is efficient, effective, incorporates student performance, provides supportto struggling staff and serves as a true indicator of the quality of services the RSD is providing to itsstudents and community. The RSD has a unique opportunity to develop a performance appraisal systemthat is truly innovative, research based and effective. In order to create a performance appraisal systemthat meets the goals of the district, three key factors will be considered in developing the plan: 1. Student achievement growth is the number one indicator of teacher efficacy 2. Performance appraisal must be transparent, consistent and objective in order to create a district culture that values performance appraisal as a tool for improvement as opposed to a punitive process 3. Specific, meaningful rewards and recognition must be tied to high levels of performanceAnother component that is key to a successful process is involvement of stakeholders in the developmentof the process. Human Resources will reach out to principals, teachers and other staff to solicit feedbackregarding the development of the updated performance appraisal system. Any principal interested incontributing to the process is encouraged to contact Human Resources.Throughout the process of developing an updated performance appraisal system, the following questionswill guide the decision making and thought processes. 1. How will the new system support and encourage teachers/staff to work at their full potential? 2. What student data is most appropriate to use to gauge teacher effectiveness? 3. How will the district ensure that this system is implemented consistently and fairly at all schools? 4. What kinds of support will administrators require to complete the evaluations/observations, etc.? 5. What types of rewards/recognition can we offer to employees who demonstrate the highest level of performance, and how will we ensure fair and equitable distribution of rewards/recognition? 6. Does the new system use measurable, observable information to determine the performance level of employees? 7. Is the system as efficient as possible while providing all of the information necessary? 8. How will the district use the results of performance appraisal to inform professional development decisions? 9. How will the district avoid duplicating efforts with TAP and performance appraisal? 10. What measures will the district use to determine the overall effectiveness of the performance appraisal system?HR Page 7 4/24/2011