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Mays prep the roundtable issue viii


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Mays prep the roundtable issue viii

  1. 1. THE ROUNDTABLE I The Official Newsletter of Benjamin E. Mays Preparatory School ▪ Home of the Knights 3059 Higgins Boulevard, Bldgs. A&B ▪ New Orleans, Louisiana 70126 ▪ (504) 428-8711 Mays Prep Prepares to Walk Into History ** Mays Prep prepares to transition into one of the most culturally significant school facilities in America **For two years, Mays Prep has beenserving children in temporary trailersprovided by FEMA as short termreplacements to the devastated schoolfacilities caused by Hurricane Katrina.Very soon, this will change. As a partof the 1.8 billion dollar FEMA grantthat New Orleans recently received torebuild and renovate the city’s publicschools, Mays Prep has been chosen tooccupy the historic William FrantzElementary School building. Currently,the building sits abandoned and indesperate need of wholesale repair.Not just any school buildingOf course, William Frantz is not your Mays Prep scholars enjoy the groundbreaking ceremony with State Board membereveryday school facility. It has become Ms. Louella Givensa symbol of the progress made duringthe Civil Rights Movement of the offerings and extracurricular Ruby Bridges Timeline1960’s as the iconic Ms. Ruby Bridges activities including a middle schoolfirst integrated the school in the fall of sports program and a host of other 1954 – Ms. Bridges was born1964. Since that day, the Frantz School supplemental school activities. Among other things, 1958 – Ms. Bridges and her familybuilding has served as a landmark for move from Tylertown, Mississippi tothe city of New Orleans. __________________________________________ New OrleansHonoring a proud legacy “…the school will boast a full court 1964 – Ms. Bridges enters the William gym, state-of-the art-science labs, Frantz School in New Orleans’ 9th WardMays Prep is proud to transition into designated green space forthe historic William Frantz building organized play, and solar 1968 – Artist Norman Rockwellprimarily because it gives us the paneling so as to ensure natural painted The Problem We All Live Withopportunity to preserve the school’s light.” __________________________________________ 1995 – The Story of Ruby Bridges iscultural legacy. Even more, the publishedchildren of the city of New Orleans aredeserving of the opportunity to learn Altogether, this project involves a 24 1998 – Ms. Bridges receives thein a first class, modern facility. million dollar investment, and our Presidential Citizens Medal from hope is that it will signify Mays President Bill ClintonEquipped with a variety of impressive Prep’s long term presence in a 2010 – Ms. Bridges is honored byfeatures, we hope to leverage our new community that we have been Mayor Mitch Landrieu,campus to expand our course working with since inception. END. commemorating the Anniversary of Frantz School’s integration
  2. 2. Mays Prep Staffer Lends Voice TEACHER SPOTLIGHT To National Conference At Mays Prep, we take a tremendous amount of pride when our teachers asked to share their professional perspective about what we simply call, “the work”. This past summer, 3rd grade teacher Ms. Nicole Carryl served as a featured speaker at a conference organized by Tulane University’s African and African Diaspora Studies Program entitled, “Before and After Katrina: Black Education in New Orleans.” Watch it here! The conference’s panelists and presenters “I am passionately consisted of local and regional committed to a healthy disregard of educators who were charged with sharing research, the impossible” offering perspective, and pushing forward the dialogue around the topic of Black Education in NewThird Grade Teacher, Nicole Carryl -N. Carryl Orleans.Ms. Nicole Carryl is in her first Despite being one of the youngest of all the featured rof of service to Mays Prep, having previously taught 4th panelists, Ms. Carryl shared her thoughts on theyear Quick Facts About Ms. Carrylgrade in the Recovery School District. Ms. Carryl is a impact that various external forces like housing,native of Brooklyn, New York and is a 2004 graduate of Hometown: Cincinnati, Ohio healthcare, unemployment, and public safety impactOakwood University in Huntsville, Alabama. She first Alma mater: have on public education. Her reviews werearrived in New Orleans in 2007 to pursue graduate  Oakwood University, B.A. phenomenal. Each day, Mays Prep welcomes staffstudies at Tulane UniversityMA. has since combined her members who, like Ms. Carryl, share a similar passion  Tulane University, andprofessional, volunteer, and research experience to the for education and more specifically, for the fulfillmentfield of education. Mays Prep is pleased to have Ms. Carryl Why Mays Prep?: of our school-wide mission. To that end, we are luckyon our team! to have her – and so are our scholars. END.Mays Prep Needs You:3 Ways to Support Our Work MENTOR: We have several scholars who 1 are in need of mentors. Volunteering time in this way could be immediately impactful. DONATE: We would be appreciative of 2 donations of any sort; especially books, computers, and cash contributions. REPRESENT-Shirt: We welcome you to 3 purchase a Mays Prep T-shirt and wear it in support of public charter schools in the city. Mr. Matt Candler, volunteer and Mays Prep supporter, spends a little time with a scholar
  3. 3. Partnerships Make Mays Prep’s First Annual Holiday Giveaway a Smash!Recently, Mays Prep partnered withQCS Logistics, Feed the Children, All-Pro Sports and Entertainment, andCrocs Cares to execute our firstannual Holiday Giveaway.The significanceThe event represented anopportunity for us to leverage ourlocal and national partnerships in away that benefits the school, and thegreater Mays Prep community.School leader Duke Bradley says, “Ofcourse partnerships are essential tothe success of Mays Prep, but___________________________________________ “…Memorandums of Understanding set on paper mean less than those partnerships that have some demonstrable benefit to our school community.”___________________________________________ Former Saints great Willie Roaf (left)and current star Courtney Roby (right), support Mays Prep’s Holiday GiveawayThrough this event, we were also ableto express our appreciation for thesupport that our families have shownus throughout the year while comingtogether to fellowship and enjoy oneanother.What a day! What a day!Stemming from our newpartnerships, Crocs Cares outfittedevery Mays Prep scholar with a newpair of shoes. In addition, Feed theChildren provided over 1000individual boxes of non-perishablefood items and personal careproducts to every single Mays Prepfamily. We can’t forget the additionalfood donations provided by QCSLogistics. To top it all off, All-ProSports and Entertainment supportedthe event by arranging for theappearance of current and formerNew Orleans Saints stars CourtneyRoby and Willie Roaf.Altogether, this event representedthe true power of partnership. END. Mays Prep scholars and friends enjoying themselves during Holiday Giveaway ceremony
  4. 4. PHOTO OF THE MONTH QUOTABLE “The new decade ought to loom as a dynamic and enormously creative era [in] addressing our educational challenges. We’ve set heroic goals, are constructing remarkable tools, and have an opportunity to rethink the Taken from Education Week, “The Same Thing very shape of teaching, Over and Over” learning, and schooling. Yet we find ourselves rehashing tired debates between public school defenders and self described innovators….We don’t need “innovation” or to “protect” public schools. The truth is far simpler, and more frustrating than that. Yesterday’s structures are ill suited for today’s ambitions. Rethinking them is not an attack or a solution; it is just the inevitable precursor to crafting New Orleans City Councilwoman Jackie Clarkson enjoys herself while better answers to today’s reading to a group of Mays Prep scholars. challenges.” – Frederick M. HessDiscipline As a realized, a certain mindset must be in place. In that sense, weCornerstone of view discipline as a cornerstone of success in school and in life.Success Ms. Jasmine Graves who servesAt Mays Prep, we subscribe to 6 as our Dean of Students and Families says,core values: Hard Work, ______________________________________Excellence, Respect, Discipline,Determination, and Leadership. “Maintaining a disciplinedEach of these values are explicitly school community allows us totaught and every member of the create the conditions wherebyMays Prep community is held our students can perform…”accountable for actively ______________________________________demonstrating them. We call it“Living the Values”. disciplined school communities like but we also want discipline to fanatically straight lines and eerily quiet correspond with an attitude thatPerhaps the most seemingly ill- hallways. permeates our school communitydefined of these values is and penetrates the spirit of ourdiscipline. To us, however, We use discipline as a tool to instill a certain students.” “It must be more thandiscipline is not ill-defined at all quality within our students that will support just a mechanism to controland actually manifests very their ambitions and inform their habits student behaviors and promotedistinctly within our school. It beyond their days at Mays Prep. Our hope is operational efficiencies. It mustshould be noted that the Mays that this quality will inspire an unrelenting be a part of our psyche.” END.Prep definition of discipline pursuit of academic excellence and a beliefextends beyond the most obvious that academic excellence can actually be WE ARE MAYS PREP!features of most other achieved. We believe that for this to be