Dragon tales 9 6-2010


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Dragon tales 9 6-2010

  1. 1. Dragon Tales Week of September 6thTHANKSThanks to everyone for 100% compliance in attempting to include mastery objectives in your lesson plans.I look forward to seeing your progress in this area.The Journey Gets ToughAs the journey to proficiency and beyond leads us through rough terrain (All thosecollaborative planning sessions!) we must stay steadfast in our efforts to do all that wecan to ensure our students are progressing academically. In two short weeks I haveseen tremendous effort and progress in lesson plans. As soon as possible, I will ease upon some of the collaborative planning sessions. I hope by October 1 we can go to onlyone culture collaborative planning session a month. I also hope by October we canreduce DDI session to two per month. We will always have the Thursday instructionalsession.Mastery ObjectivesWhen planning for instruction all decisions should be focused around WHAT DO I WANT STUDENTS TOKNOW AND BE ABLE TO DO BY THE END OF THIS LESSON. Remember mastery objectives shouldbe specific about the content students are expected to learn. The objectives should always containobservable behavior. Again, thank you for your efforts. They have not gone unnoticed.CommitteesCommittee meetings will begin the week of September 6. PLEASE SEE ATTACHED CALENDARCommittee’s are: 1. PBIS- Tuesday Mornings- 7:30-8:30a.m. (Deemer ,Mathews, Rivere) 2. School Improvement (Title 1)- Wednesday Morning- 7:30-8:30a.m. (Sievers, Jeanfreau, Davis Siegel) 3. A/BIT- Monday Morning 10:00-11:00All ready chosen (Baker, Anderson, Hotard) 4. Hospitality- (Please limit enrollment to Para’s only and two teachers) - Thursday Morning 7:30-8:30a.m. (Schmidt, Taylor) PARAS PLEASE CONSIDER JOINING THIS COMMITTEE (HELP IS NEEDED) 5. Leadership Team-Friday Morning- 7:30-8:30 a.m. Already determined. Thanks to those who agreed to be a part of this team. (Lambert, Baker, Jeanfreau, Davis, Conerly, Bonee, Sievers) Your input is important and we would love to have everyone participate. Sullivan, Tillman, Barton, Moses, Regan, and Daly if you would like to join a committee we would welcome you to do so. I am sure you simply forgot to put your preference in my mailbox. Please let me know which committee you would like to be a part of or simply attend the scheduled meeting of your choice for PBIS or School Improvement.
  2. 2. IMPORTANT UPCOMING DATES:  Sept. 6- Labor Day Holiday- Hope you enjoyed your long weekend!  Sept. 7th- Culture collaborative planning session- Please come with 5 to 7 ideas about how YOU are willing to be held accountable for Scholarship, Leadership, and Partnership. Also, bring 5 to 7 ideas on how we should hold student’s accountable for scholarship, leadership and partnership.  Sept. 8th- Please bring your mock test results so that we can continue to work through the data driven instruction process  Sept. 9th- Bring your fully charged laptop to collaborative planning session  Sept. 10-Interim window OPENS  Sept. 15-Interim window CLOSES  Sept. 17-Interims sent home  INTERVAL 1- SEPT. 13-17  Sept. 20-Records Day/ Parent Teacher conference (4:30-7:40p.m.) No word yet on schedule change.Instructional Look Fors week of August 30th  Lesson plans turned in on time- Purposeful Planning  Objectives are listed in mastery objective format- Purposeful Planning  Each teacher has posted outside her classroom door times for small group ELA and small group Math instruction- Looking for 100% compliance by Wednesday Sept. 8th- Focused Small Group Instruction  I will be observing your attempts to do small group instruction as per your times posted outside your door- Focused Small Group InstructionAs always observations are continuously ongoing.Shout outs:This week’s shout goes to MRS. DAVIS for working through her frustration with mastery objectives bytaking the initiative to research mastery objectives online. Mrs. Davis found some excellent sites thathelped her better understand mastery objectives. She is going to create a list of links that might help others.This extra effort is very commendable. Thank Mrs. Davis for making this extra effort. If you have a chancethis week let MRS. Davis know how much you appreciate her as a member of our staff.Each new day should bring us closer to the reality of achieving 20% growth in eachcontent area. This week teach the goal to students and tell them why we haveestablished this goal. Make sure they can state the school vision and our goal of 20%. -