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Aligned behavioral norms


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Published in: Education
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Aligned behavioral norms

  1. 1. Aligned Behavioral Norms<br />Section 5: Scripts/bullets of detailed expectations and routines<br />Entering the classroom<br />The teacher will stand with one foot in the class and one foot in the hallway. The teacher will greet the class as they enter the classroom. The students should enter one at a time in an orderly fashion. As the students enter the teacher should be checking uniforms. If a student is out of uniform, they should step to the side until their shirt is tucked in, jewelry is off, etc. The teacher should have the students enter silently (Level 0) and begin their Do Now immediately. The teacher should either hand out a paper Do Now or have the Do Now on the overhead or board. Book sacks go on the back of their chair or seated on by the scholar. No bags should be in their lap. Scholars should get out the materials they need for that class as soon as they sit down- Homework and classroom folders should be on their desks immediately.<br />Entering Class:<br />Teacher at door greeting scholars when they walk in.<br />Entry Procedure: (2 minutes max)<br />Enter at level ZERO<br />Be sitting in seat by the time the tardy bell rings<br />All supplies are out (including homework) and/or scholars get appropriate supplies when they come into the classroom (i.e. get binders from shelf)<br />Backpacks hung on chair or placed next to chair<br />Begin working on Do Now & write down tonight’s homework assignment <br />Leaving the class<br />Scholars should line up quickly when it is time to dismiss one minute before the bell. The teacher should be the person to open the classroom door to the hallway. Time matters! It is very important that all teachers are on time using a formal bell system. Teachers should release scholars on the sound of the bell. Scholars should walk out one behind the other in a quiet, orderly fashion, with their hands to their sides. No water or bathroom during transitions. <br />Exiting Class:<br />Exit Procedure:<br />Homework in homework binder<br />Clean-up area<br />Tuck in chair and stand behind chair<br />Turn in exit ticket <br />Level zero!!! <br />Incomplete Exit Ticket Procedure:<br />No incomplete or blank exit tickets!<br />Students who do not complete exit tickets will complete it during lunch and will remain in the Dean’s room during the remainder of lunch<br />Transitions<br />When it is time for a transitions, there is one bell at the end of class that signals teachers to step into the hallway. Teachers must make sure that their door is open the entire way. The teacher should check for oncoming classes before releasing the class into the hallway. Upon a clear pathway, the teacher will say “go” and the scholars will exit the class. <br />Scholars walk quietly (Level 1) as a class to their next classroom. Scholars will remain on the right side of the hallway at all times unless they are at a crossing zone. Scholars will transition urgently and safely and enter their next classroom immediately upon arrival. Scholars should not stop walking to carry on a conversation or go their lockers. No more than 2 scholars can walk beside each other during transitions.<br />Lunch<br />Expectation- All scholars are expected to be in their seats at a level 2 during the 25 minute lunch period. <br />Enter the cafeteria at a level 0. Anything above that is too loud and scholars will be expected to exit and do it again. The administrator on duty must be at the door as scholars enter to remind them of the expectation for entry (use the microphone to ensure that everyone hears you)<br />Scholars will line up and wait to receive their lunch. Scholars in line B must walk around the tables to the far side of the cafeteria. No scholars are allowed to walk through the tables. If the line gets backed up, have the scholars sit down at their tables and then call tables as the line gets shorter.<br />All napkins, utensils, and condiments must be in hand before the scholar gets to their seat<br />NO scholar may get out of their seat without the permission of an adult. <br />Only administrators can give a scholar permission to use the restroom. A teacher may get the attention of the AOD.<br />If the noise level gets above a 2, the administrator on duty will use the universal signal for silence and wait for scholars to meet the expectation. Administrator will keep scholars at Level 0 for two minutes. Scholars will be allowed to talk after 2 minutes. All adults in the cafeteria (including cafeteria workers) must also meet the noise level expectation and remind scholars who are taking too long to be silent.<br />Dismissal- The cafeteria is called to Level 0 at 5 minutes before the end of the lunch period. Any announcements that need to be made are made at this time. <br />Scholars are lined up by homeroom or grade level at this time. The person calling each class must identify the door to line up at to meet their teacher. For all grades, line up the classes at the same door to create a consistent structure for the year. Also, if the classes can be called in the same order, this would also be helpful. <br />Scholars exit the cafeteria at Level 0. All scholars who are still seated will remain at Level 0 until the cafeteria is empty. Any scholars who do not meet the expectation should be placed on the wall and placed on cafeteria clean-up duty for the next day. <br />Consequences<br />Stand on wall<br />Clean-up duty<br />Silent lunch<br />Detention<br />Rewards (weekly)<br />Music Fridays<br /><ul><li>Outside lunch