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Junker app presentation (english)


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Junker makes domestic recycling easy and quick, just a blip away.
1.2 million products in our database, at your disposal with a blip on the barcode: materials, recycling info, correct bin. TRY IT, IT'S FREE.

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Junker app presentation (english)

  1. 1. Recycling is easy Just a blip away with Junker
  2. 2. Recycling is a problem for citizens waste disposal is carried out based on different territorial rules Citizens must: learn to recycle waste based on local rules and policies find the correct waste disposal information distinguish between different packaging materials follow various collection dates/calendars waste disposal modality varies from one manager to another
  3. 3. Recycling is a problem for Municipalities/Hygiene Companies UE goals 65%di WD by 2012 and 50%recycled by 2020 TODAY less than 20% of the Italian municipalities reaches 65% of WD. Information Customer care Collaboration Motivation Empowerment Knowledge The same can be saidof London, Paris…
  4. 4. Complete Just what you need to know when you need it Unique No competitors in Italy or Europe Solution: we gave them Junker! Fast & Easy Just a blip away Interactive Open to users’ contributions
  5. 5. The solution: a new and unique service We ease the citizens-municipality relationship because Junker: Recognizes more then 1 million products using their unique barcode Indicates the products' composing materials Indicates the correct waste bin or recycling modality for each product Exactly in the place where the citizen is at the moment (geo-location) And when to dispose (calendar for door to door collection) There is no App similar to Junker in Europe
  6. 6. Crowdsourcing Junker is the first crowdsourcing platform ready for Smart Cities The user takes a photo via the app + can write a description The help-desk answers in a few minutes and adds the product in the database to benefit the next searches Junker receives the geolocated photo What if a product is NOT in Junker’s database?
  7. 7. JUNKER speaks your language! Junker is extremely helpful for tourists Junker is fully translated in english, french, german to help municipalities with high touristic influx
  8. 8. Unique point for information Brings together and easies access to all services and information regarding: Sustainability Ready for Smart Cities Green services Urban hygiene for Smart Cities Recycling
  9. 9. Business model Municipalities Large scale retail and Producers Users Environmental Hygiene Companies Free service Annual fee - Remarking tool Product end of life cycle and proximity - Company Environmental Responsibility compliant Annual fee
  10. 10. Our results 18 months online A total of 450.000 barcode searches as much as 6000 barcode searches per day Strong App retention 220 Municipalities subscribed Used in Italian Municipalities which total 5 M citizens 1 Million barcodes/products in DB 450.000 60005million 64% 220 1million 18months 60.000 daily active users No cost involved in user acquisition Without a commercial network! 1 person out of 5 use it in the virtuous Municipalities 1/5person
  11. 11. Vision Become the Carbon Print digital label of products For each product the citizen would see: any environmental certification/label/green footprint correct and localized information on disposal information regarding the product manufacturer special collection places
  12. 12. Partnership: national raw materials consortiums
  13. 13. Won Prices and Received Acknowledgments
  14. 14. Thank you! Q&A