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Junker app, engine for growth in a circular economy


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JunkerApp, the ultimate domestic waste management app: scans barcodes, identifies 1.2 million products and components, tells which bin to use for each one. And more: calendars, points of interest for circular economy and real time answers to citizens. TRY IT FOR FREE (apple & google stores)

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Junker app, engine for growth in a circular economy

  1. 1. A well informed user is an engine for growth:! IN CIRCULAR ECONOMY
  2. 2. Junker…. Why JUNKER APP: reduce…
  3. 3. recycle, reuse… NOT burn! a European shared goal
  4. 4. What is Junker ? Please watch video in english at:
  5. 5. Updated The continuous monitoring and update of the service guarantees quality Unique No competitor is able to recognize every single product! Briefly: Junker is information quality and usability First and unique case in Italy and Europe of a database focused on materials, environmental sustainability, waste recycling criteria. 1.2 million products in DB! Helpdesk 5/7
  6. 6. Business Model: Saas Yearly subscription for:! -  Municipality or ! -  Waste collection Company ! ! FREE for citizens
  7. 7. Based on user participation and contributions With the Junker app circular economy really turns The user takes a picture of the product and sends it using the app We Respond in a few minutes with updated information All other users have now immediate access to the updated information The Junker platform receives the geo-localized picture WHAT if a product is not recognized?
  8. 8. JUNKER speaks 4 languages Junker has thought about tourists as well! Fully translated in english, french, german to help all places with Strong tourist inflow
  9. 9. Each year unsold/wasted food is nearly 151 KG per person!! JUNKER versus FOOD WASTE A huge problem for the Big Organized Distribution
  10. 10. ! Avoid unsold food At the same time guarantee sufficient product quantities on the shelf This is one of the greatest challenges the Big Organized Distribution has to cope with every day! JUNKER creates VALUE
  11. 11. Reduce unsold items costs Junker intercepts food unsold by the Big Organized Distribution and creates economic value and zeros waste OBJECTIVES: Reduce waste disposal costs Transform losses into profit How?
  12. 12. HOW THIS WORKS USERSPOINT OF SALE Director of Sales inserts expiring products with discount! REWARDING! By scanning discounted products the user:! earns GREEN POINTS for discounts on GAS and ELECTRICITY! 360° of convenience User receives the offers ! Finds the nearest sales point (KM 0) ! Buys products at convenient prices! Big Organized Distribution does not have to manage waste!
  13. 13. Big Organized Distribution Single Point of sale Sales B.O.D. Center Centralized promotions (flyers) CSR - reputation Green/Bio products promotions Remarketing Local promotions (promoter at the pos) ANTI-WASTE What can be communicated besides waste recycling information: Additional product information Give value to what in 1 or 2 days becomes only waste Client fidelization New clients acquisition
  14. 14. Big Organized Distribution Promotions NON subscriber Municipality = Junker app free Subscriber Municipality = Junker full (Users can see Junker advertising in the dedicated area) -  Actively reduces organic waste -  Communicates anti-waste action -  Fiscal advantages -  Economical benefits Advantages for the USERS! Advantages for the Municipality! Advantages for the Big Organized Distribution! Advantages for USERS! Advantages for the Big Organized Distribution! -  Fiscal advantages -  Economical benefits
  15. 15. JUNKER: what can be communicated Example : Fairy and phosphates What info can be conveyed: The use of recyclable/recycled materials More sustainable packaging Green production Zero Km Product Less packaging No palm oil No phosphates Pilot projects But also: New product launch User opinion
  16. 16. JUNKER for circular economy Junker redirects users based on waste typology ! (ex. “cloths, furniture, home appliances…”) ! - disposal points! - repair points - reselling points!
  17. 17. JUNKER for circular economy ! When the user scans products in order to dispose them,! we know exactly what he/she is throwing away! ! For example, if he/she has scanned a detergent, we can suggest the nearest points of sale for detergents, based on sustainability, packaging reducing and inexpensiveness ! !
  18. 18. JUNKER for circular economy ! Through Push Messaging the Municipality is able to convey through Junker – events, green campaigns, news! Because Junker is a direct and powerful communication channel towards the users
  19. 19. JUNKER is participation: ! ! Informs and brings together users and activities for reuse, reparations, exchanges. Always based on geo-localization.! ! !
  20. 20. JUNKER is participation: ! Gives space and visibility to virtuous activities, initiatives, best practices.! ! !
  21. 21. JUNKER is participation: Through Junker the Municipality can:! ! -  Efficiently communicate with an ever growing number of “active” citizens! -  Invite them to events! -  Make known initiatives, best practices, places of interest! ! ! Through Junker citizens have always with them a very precise and accurate informative tool that helps them: ! -  Recycle correctly domestic waste! -  Confer objects for reuse! -  Confer to disposal particular objects , ! -  Receive info and news or invitations to green events
  22. 22. JUNKER is participation: Through Junker the Municipality receives:! ! -  Citizens’ reports! -  And can answer to these! -  or forward the report to the appropriate authority or person ! Citizens can send with a single click various types of reports to the Municipality: ! - Urban degradation/decay! -  Objects to give away/donate, ! -  Neighborhood good practices !
  23. 23. Junker and other APP stats Those % are not those of an utility app!
  24. 24. A specific case:
  25. 25. User activity for March:
  26. 26. Results: From 1% to 54% During the first month of collection From tail end to champion of recycling in the province of RAGUSA
  27. 27. Reasons for the success Users! Waste Management Companies! Municipalities! •  Easier collection •  NO errors •  NO fines •  More recycled waste •  Less mixed/dirty fractions •  More profitability •  More consent •  Less assistence to users/ citizens Companies & Big Organized Distribution! •  More CSR •  More reputation •  More info to clients •  More remarketing A! G! U! C!
  28. 28. Junker for accessibility Junker “reads” the products information For blind and visually impaired ! For FREE Useful when shopping at the supermarket!
  29. 29. Some numbers ACTIVE USERS DAILY MILLIONS of SCANS MADE BY USERS YEARS ACTIVITY’ Available in Italian Municipalities for a total of 5 million citizens millions of products in the DB 120.000 1,8 5milioni 2 1,2 50% Of families use it in our Municipalities COMMERCIAL NETWORK AND PUBLICITY INVESTORSzerozero
  30. 30. Already Junker clients: Aprilia, Arrone, Assisi, Baronissi, Binasco, Bolzano, Calvi, Camaiore, Camerano, Cantalice, Casaprota, Casarile, Castelfidardo, Chiaravalle, Colli sul Velino, Ferentillo, Filottrano, Follonica, Greccio, Guido Visconti, HERA, Labro, Lacchiarella, Lanuvio, Lucca, Mentana, Mompeo, Monte San Vito, Montefranco, Montemarciano, Montenero, Morro reatino, Narni, Nettuno, Novara (Pernate), Noviglio, Orvinio, Otricoli, Palata, Pescorocchiano, Petrella Salto, Piaggine, Poggio Moiano, Polino, Rieti, Rivodutri, Roma - III Municipio, Rosate, San Lorenzo in Campo, Scandrigia, Sirolo, Terni, Torricella, Vermezzo, Vittoria, Zelo Surrigone, Zibido San Giacomo… Chiasso, ! Arogno!
  31. 31. In collaboration with material consortiums
  32. 32. Prizes and Recognitions
  33. 33. Why wait, try it? web: mail: @junkerapp Video: Download from the Store and scan the products!