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Farmosa: la startup che abbatte l'errore in terapia


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Farmosa è un gestionale per aziende sanitarie che abbatte l'errore terapeutico ed elimina gli sprechi di farmaci e presidi.
Sostituisce le ordinarie procedure di gestione/monitoraggio del consumo dei farmaci nei reparti oggi affidate, per il 92% dei casi, al controllo cartaceo e alla buona volontà del personale sanitario.

Published in: Healthcare
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Farmosa: la startup che abbatte l'errore in terapia

  1. 1. FARMOSA H-Farm, 20/09/2016 Mario Costanzo CFO -
  2. 2. MEDICAL ERRORS Expensiveness — € 15 billion each year in Europe Frequency — It affects 15% of hospitalized patients. Over one in 10 patients €
  3. 3. THERAPEUTIC ERRORS Incorrect administration of drugs Physician Incorrect prescriptions Nurse 30% is determined by substantial medical errors from incorrect prescriptions of drugs or doses administrated by physicians and nurses
  4. 4. ACTUAL SOLUTIONS • Organizational models (to prevent errors) • Checklists • Periodic training • Documentation release Healthcare Risk Management Actions Professionals
  5. 5. No monitoring or survey of the errors Poor results due to old habits, and staff hastiness WHYTHEY FAIL
  6. 6. An affordable ready-to-useTablet App that tracks Medical prescriptions and administrations without errors OUR SOLUTION: FARMOSA Synced with drugs warehouse Effortless Faster than any other method, including paper Errorless The exact medical prescription for each patient It knows how many pills are consumed from each box
  7. 7. HOW IT WORKS First Step Farmosa creates a virtual warehouse of each department and makes it available to the CPR system Second Step Physicians fill each day their patients’CPRs and make them available to nurses Nurses administer the therapies indicated in the CPRs and confirm Fourth Step The administered therapies update the virtual warehouse and fill a preorder Fifth Step The hospital’s Management monitors the whole process and controls consumptions and costs Third Step
  8. 8. FEATURES All info on health activities related to patients is stored encrypted and protected Privacy compliant Both drug prescription and administration are handled via tablet Tablet ready No installation required in the hospital server. Cloud based, all you need is an internet connection Easy to set up Economically sustainable for any hospital and clinic Affordable
  9. 9. CORE BENEFITS Nurse Physician Hospital Safe prescriptions with no errors Physicians Less work. Each department saves 800 hours of work per year Nurses Less costs in term of legal actions and less hospitalization time with therapy optimization Hospitals and clinics
  10. 10. A majority of world’s nations (80%) are facing major challenges when it comes to proper services in healthcare combined with reducing expenditure MARKET: MOBILE HEALTH 2019 2016 2021 19B 44B 64B • Need to reduce healthcare expenditure • Global devices penetration • 3G & 4G networks Solid drivers +237% from 2016 to 2021 Amazing growing rate Key players have not yet figured out how to increase their revenues. Not fully understood stats provided by and
  11. 11. COMPETITORS Risk Management Easy to set up Cloud based Tablet Ready Collaborative FarmosaFeatures MTBC Taleteweb wHospital
  12. 12. WHAT WE’VE DONE… Founding of the company. Testing and validation of the idea June 2015 Winner of WCAP 2015 grant. Start of Acceleration program July 2015
  13. 13. Prototype ready. Start of Testing in two hospital departments in Rome October 2015 End of testing period. Final version of Farmosa 1.0 ready to go. First paying client, A 240bed hospital June 2016 …IN LESSTHAN 18 MONTHS
  14. 14. We have closed our second contract with a public hospital. We’re serving 320 beds in total. We closed two partnership that help us selling Farmosa. We’re constantly working on our selling and growth metrics. Today NOW WE’RE HERE Price € 110,00 CAC € 35,00 Revenue € 60,000 TIM, Federsanità Partnership
  15. 15. OUR MASTERPLAN First step Our amazing game-changing app that makes no mistakes Final goal An health big data analysis software that suggest the best possible therapy for each patient Farmosa 1.0 Big Data Next step An affordable easy to config tablet app for patient’s CPRs tracking in hospitals and clinics Full Digital medical records
  16. 16. HOW WE REACH IT 0/3 months Development 4/8 months Testing 9 months Kick off Farmosa 2.0 Full CPR, SAAS for tablet and PC ready, sustainable and easy to use
  17. 17. TEAM Noemi De Santis Founder & CEO Mario Costanzo Founder & CFO Benedetta De Santis Founder & ICTO Raimondo Albinati Founder & User XP manager Andrea Regazzo Founder & Art Director Giacomo Farneti Hired Developer Health mkg and communicaton expert Lawyer Backend senior software Architect Front end Designer Backend senior DEVUI Specialist
  18. 18. THANKS Via Oslavia, 39/B 00195 Roma Office Phone: 0664564331 Direct: +39 3395800372 Address Telephone Contact info Email