Digitalization in retail & shopping experience


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Recent digital innovations to enhance the customer experience

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Digitalization in retail & shopping experience

  1. 1. Digitalization in retail & shopping experience ROSE&VERTE for Magdus 2014
  2. 2. The impact of technology on consumer path Consumer path is not a linear course but a combination of multiple touch points, enhanced by instantaneous information and geolocalization. The shopping experience is the addition of interactions between brand, retailer and consumers . cross-canal consumer
  3. 3. Several digital shopping experiences looking for disruption
  4. 4. Sephora US, the Beauty Board • Inspired by both Pinterest & Instagram, the Beauty Board « reinvents» the online shopping allowing customers to glamorize their talent for makeup. But above all it‟s a new way to shop for makeup looks, get hair inspirations, view beauty photos, and learn how to create new looks from top Sephora products.
  5. 5. Moosejaw, a mobile & social strategy as efficient as irreverent • Moosejaw is an outdoor retailer, which combines marketing and technology, Moosejaw is able to tackle “show rooming” concerns, maintain consistency across all shopping channels and foster brand loyalty.
  6. 6. Wal-mart thwarts Showrooming by shaking up the world of pricing • For WalMart such as Leclerc in France, the "Every Day Low Price" battle is key. This time, Wal-Mart is rolling out an online tool that compares its prices on 80 000 food and household products with those of its competitors. If a lower price is found elsewhere, the discounter will refund the difference to shoppers in the form of a store credit.
  7. 7. Target brings the love back • Having lost part of its market share, Target decided to review its strategy and focus greater attention on its online sales channel. It has managed to improve its social positioning by launching a number of digital initiatives. • Target live stream 2 hour runway show inspired by 250 everyday tweets • Target Creates shareable content and compelling storytelling via this new six-second looping video format • Target has created an e-commerce site fed by recommendations from the photo-pinboard site Pinterest.„Target Awesome Shop‟, extracts and updates on a daily basis data both from e-commerce site and Pinterest.
  8. 8. Inspiration Corridor, a personalized experience mixing digital expertise & shopping IRL
  9. 9. In-store experience becomes connected and social • I-Beacon gives retailers the opportunity to offer clients new ways to shop and share …In Situ. Demonstration fromToronto
  10. 10. Next tools to reenchant Customer experience • FittingReality: On a retailer‟s website, you will be able to virtually try clothes on and see how you might look. You send your image via a webcam, Kinect, or a mobile phone. • Hointer: While shopping, customers can use the Hointer app to order clothing to try on in the fitting room, request more sizes, and to pay for their purchases – all from their smartphones. • iQmetrix: Allows retailers to provide an endless array of information and product experiences to discriminating shoppers using touch display screens. The hope, for retailers, is that consumers will put down their smartphone and stop showrooming
  11. 11. Next tools to reenchant Customer experience • RetailNext: This retailer-focused analytics dashboard provides insights as to how shoppers are behaving and how stores are performing, using cameras mounted in-store, as well as other strategies. As a result, stores are able to create data-driven strategies.. • Perch: Allows any surface to become an interactive display with the product being an integral part of the experience. With Perch, accessing product information becomes an experience. • Nomi: This company allows retailers to use mobile technologies such as iBeacons to measure and improve retail foot traffic, loyalty, sales and even staffing requirements.
  12. 12. ROSE&VERTE Digital marketing & Brand strategy Tel : +33 603 54 76 39