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What is


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What is

  1. 1. A better way to hire and behired.!June 11, 2012!
  2. 2. What is!On other job platforms, candidates freely apply and the!burden is on you to filter out the unqualified and non-serious!candidates.!On, our platform separates the serious and!qualified candidates from the rest, before they get to you.!
  3. 3. The model.! Employers! Job seekers! Referrers! Pay only when you make MYtokens show who is Jobs sent to referral a direct hire! serious! network!You decide the Investment- Filters qualified candidates Motivated by the bonus $500-$12,000! from the spray and pray! offered! Significance = ????! Bonus! Bonus when hired ! Refer candidates to you!
  4. 4. The process.! Marketing! Filtering! Management! General audience &!Customized approach!