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The ritz carlton

  1. 1. The Ritz CarltonLet Us Stay With You
  2. 2. Ladies and Gentleman• Garett Diemer• Mary Byker• Erica Lei• Nivian Valladares
  3. 3. Two time Baldrige Winner
  4. 4. The History of Ritz-Carlton• The hotel’s famous name began with the birth of Cesar Ritz in Switzerland in 1850• Cesar Ritz eventually know as the “king of Hoteliers ”Ritz opened three luxurious hotel in Europe• After Cesar Ritz died in 1918, his wife Marie continued the expansion of hotels bearing his name• Several Ritz-Carlton Hotels were built in the North America in the early 20th century• In 1983, Former CEO William B. Johnson acquired the rights to the name made famous by Swiss hotelier Cesar Ritz• Today, it is part of hotel giant Marriott International, which operating under that company’s luxury segment
  5. 5. • Private bath in each guest room• Lighter fabrics in the guest room to allow for more thorough washing• White tie and apron uniforms for the waitstaff, black tie for the Maitre d’ and morning suits for all other staff, conducive to a formal, professional appearance• Extensive fresh flowers throughout the public areas• A la carte dining, providing choices for diners• Gourmet cuisine, utilizing the genius and cooking methods of Auguste Escoffier• Intimate, smaller lobbies for a more personalized guest experience
  6. 6. The Credo• The Ritz-Carlton Hotel is a place where the genuine care and comfort of our guests is our highest mission.• We pledge to provide the finest personal service and facilities for our guests who will always enjoy a warm, relaxed, yet refined ambience.• The Ritz-Carlton experience enlivens the senses, instills well- being, and fulfills even the unexpressed wishes and needs of our guests• HR video
  7. 7. Motto• At The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company, L.L.C., "We are Ladies and Gentlemen serving Ladies and Gentlemen." This motto exemplifies the anticipatory service provided by all staff members.
  8. 8. Three Steps of Service• A warm and sincere greeting. Use the guests name.• Anticipation and fulfillment of each guests needs.• Fond farewell. Give a warm good-bye and use the guests name.
  9. 9. Service Values: I Am Proud To Be Ritz-Carlton• I build strong relationships and create Ritz-Carlton guests for life.• I am always responsive to the expressed and unexpressed wishes and needs of our guests.• I am empowered to create unique, memorable and personal experiences for our guests.• I understand my role in achieving the Key Success Factors, embracing Community Footprints and creating The Ritz-Carlton Mystique.• I continuously seek opportunities to innovate and improve The Ritz-Carlton experience.• I own and immediately resolve guest problems.• I create a work environment of teamwork and lateral service so that the needs of our guests and each other are met.• I have the opportunity to continuously learn and grow.• I am involved in the planning of the work that affects me.• I am proud of my professional appearance, language and behavior.• I protect the privacy and security of our guests, my fellow employees and the companys confidential information and assets.• I am responsible for uncompromising levels of cleanliness and creating a safe and accident- free environment.
  10. 10. The Employee Promise• At The Ritz-Carlton, our Ladies and Gentlemen are the most important resource in our service commitment to our guests.• By applying the principles of trust, honesty, respect, integrity and commitment, we nurture and maximize talent to the benefit of each individual and the company.• The Ritz-Carlton fosters a work environment where diversity is valued, quality of life is enhanced, individual aspirations are fulfilled, and The Ritz-Carlton Mystique is strengthened.• Singapore milk, Scented Candle
  11. 11. Technology as an Advantage• Guest-Profiling System• Accounting Data• Research and Development• E-commerce• “Character Trait Recruiting”• Converts data into useful information• Improves Quality and productivity• Crucial for Continuous Improvement
  12. 12. Guest Profiling System• Remembers each of its 800,000+ customers• Monitors guest preferences-Interests, family or couple, smoker or non-smoker, preferred form of payment etc.• Provides information on previous complaints, so that the staff knows what area to pay extra attention to• Allows hotel to tailor service for each and every customer• Accessible at every Ritz-Carlton Hotel• Provides a more personable and memorable experience
  13. 13. Accounting Data• Useful in identifying areas for quality improvement and tracking the progress of quality improvement programs-Higher productivity reduce costs• Ensures that the firm operates cost-effectively and profitably (Budget)• Analyzes investment opportunities
  14. 14. Research and Development• Helps discover “What customers want”• Helps identify market trends and patterns• Customer Surveys provide feedback with useful information that improve customer satisfaction• Tells us “what we can improve” and “how we can improve it”
  15. 15. E-Commerce• Allows customers to navigate through the site to find rooms, pricing, availability and so much more• Enhances Customer Relationship• Ability to suggest activities, rooms, special promotions, etc.• Increased opportunity for exposure and sales
  16. 16. “Character Trait Recruiting”• Instrument for determining a candidate’s fitness for each of the 120 job positions• Provides a way to match the right candidate to the right job• Proven effective so far, and combined with proper training, and proper compensation it reduces chance of employee turnover
  17. 17. Mass Customization• The Ritz-Carlton has established a sustainable competitive advantage though the practice of mass customization through high quality customer service.• The Ritz-Carlton services each quest as an individual.• This makes being a guest at the Ritz-Carlton more than just a service. Being a guest at the Ritz is a completely unique experience.
  18. 18. The Experience• The Ritz-Carton does not need to ask what kind of pillow you like, what your favorite newspaper is, if you prefer a smoking or nonsmoking room, or if you want breakfast served in your room.• All these things and more are provided like pleasant little surprises throughout your stay.• This is because the Ritz stores information about its customers as they continue to visit. The more times you stay at the Ritz-Carlton, the more you will pleasantly surprised with increasingly personalized service.
  19. 19. Continuous Improvement• The Ritz-Carlton gathers and uses surveys of customer satisfaction and quality-related data on a daily basis to ensure the continuous improvement of service.• By asking customers how the Ritz-Carlton can improve the company shows dedication to providing extremely personalized, caring, and quality service.• This resonates with customers and becomes a source of competitive advantage for the Ritz-Carlton, since no other hotel in the industry shows this level of dedication to quality.
  20. 20. Quality• Instead of focusing on keeping costs low, the Ritz- Carlton focuses on providing the highest quality service possible.• The hotel emphasizes a desire to fulfill every individual need that guests may have.• Because of this high quality service customers are willing to pay more for the experience.• This means that even during times of economic downturn guests that desire such high quality service are willing to pay to sat with the Ritz- Carlton.
  21. 21. Loyal Customers• The Ritz keeps its focus on providing services that cater to the hotel’s target market of upper-class individuals.• This means that the hotel has a loyal customer base who return to the Ritz-Carlton time after time, year after year, and generation after generation.