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Office ergonomics


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Office ergonomics

  1. 1. The  Office  Athlete    Ergonomic  Solu4ons  for  Peak  Performance   Douglas  A.  Heywood   G&A  Partners  Safety  Director  
  2. 2. Poll  Ques4on   •  What’s  your  role  in  your  organiza4on?   •  Owner   •  Execu4ve   •  HR   •  Administra4on  
  3. 3. The  Office  Athlete   How  am  I   like  an   Athlete?  
  4. 4. How  Am  I  like  An  Athlete?  
  5. 5. How  Do  I  Differ  From  an  Athlete?  
  6. 6. What  is  Ergonomics   Ergonomics  is  the  science  of  fiNng  the  job  to  the  worker  
  7. 7. Physical  Stressors   Twis4ng   Poor  Posture   Extended    Reaches  
  8. 8. Environmental  Factors   Inadequate  Ligh4ng    Cold  Office   Hot  Office  
  9. 9. Worksta4on  Design  
  10. 10. Non-­‐Ergo  Friendly  Worksta4ons  
  11. 11. Ideal  Ergonomic-­‐Friendly  Worksta4on  
  12. 12. Work  Zones   39  inches   63  inches   Primary  Zone   Approx.  10  inches   Secondary  Zone   Approx.  20  inches  
  13. 13. Monitor  Placement  
  14. 14. Eye  Adjusts    for  Condi4ons      
  15. 15. Symptoms  of  Eye  Strain   Headache   Dry  Eyes   Neck  Pain   Back  Pain   Nausea   Dizziness   FaDgue   Vision   Changes    
  16. 16. Overuse  =  Dry  Eyes  
  17. 17. Solu4ons  to  Relieve  Eye  Strain      Follow  the  20-­‐20-­‐20  Rule:    ANer  twenty  minutes  of  computer  work…    look  twenty  feet  away  for  twenty  seconds  
  18. 18. Solu4ons  to  Relieve  Eye  Strain   PosiDon  the  monitor  an  arms  length  away  (approximately  20-­‐40  “  away)    
  19. 19. Solu4ons  to  Relieve  Eye  Strain   This  monitor  is  incorrectly   Adjusted   The  monitor  should    be  flat  or  Dlted     slightly  down   To  reduce  glare     &  eye  strain  
  20. 20. Solu4ons  to  Relieve  Eye  Strain   Top  of  monitor  should  be  at  or  just  below  eye-­‐level  
  21. 21. Solu4ons  to  Relieve  Eye  Strain   This  woman  has  bifocals  on  and  is  trying  to  find  her  “Sweet  Spot”  
  22. 22. Solu4ons  to  Relieve  Eye  Strain   The  SoluDon  is  to  be  fi]ed  with  “Computer  glasses”  
  23. 23. Poll  Ques4on     •  Do  you  currently  use  ergonomics  in  your   office?   •  Yes   •  No   •  Not  yet,  but  I  plan  to  
  24. 24. Laptops  &  Ergonomics  
  25. 25. Laptop  Too  Low  
  26. 26. Desktop  Solu4on  
  27. 27. Portable  Laptop  Stands  
  28. 28. Selec4ng  The  Right  Chair  
  29. 29. Chair  Features   Height  Adjustment   5  Caster  Base   Lumbar  Support   Adjustable  Seat     Adjustable  Armrests    
  30. 30. Addi4onal  Features    
  31. 31. Adjus4ng  The  Chair  Height  
  32. 32. Adjust  Armrests  (If  Supplied)  
  33. 33. Assure  Proper  Leg  Posi4on  
  34. 34. Foot  Stools  
  35. 35. The  Ideal  Worksta4on  Setup  
  36. 36. Desk  Stretches  
  37. 37. HRCI  CerDficaDon  Credits:     "This  webinar  has  been  pre-­‐cer4fied  for  1  hour  of  general  recer4fica4on  credit   toward  PHR,  SPHR  and  GPHR  recer4fica4on  through  the  HR  Cer4fica4on  Ins4tute.       We  will  send  out  a  confirmaDon  e-­‐mail  to  all  those  that  are  confirmed  as   a]ended  with  the  program  ID  code  to  note  on  your  HRCI  recerDficaDon   applicaDon  form.       The  use  of  this  seal  is  not  an  endorsement  by  the  HR  Cer4fica4on  Ins4tute  of  the  quality  of  the   program.    It  means  that  this  program  has  met  the  HR  Cer4fica4on  Ins4tute's  criteria  to  be  pre-­‐ approved  for  recer4fica4on  credit."   QUESTIONS?   G&A  Partners   (800)  253-­‐8562   *This webinar has been recorded and will be posted on the G&A website by Friday