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Adding a bit of colour to my resume.

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Gareth murran

  1. 1. About Me Gareth Murran Click anywhere to start!1 Gareth Murran – A presentation about me
  2. 2. ABOUT ME Starting out with the Spectrum 16k back in the day I quickly knew this was what I wanted to do. No matter what it was I was going to do, this was it. I rapidly went through powerhouse computer legends like Commodore, Atari, Amiga and then of course the PC. I started creating websites when the Internet was still made up of text-based sites so dull that you wouldnt even bother to read the headline if it was today. Remember GeoCities? Now it’s all about rapidly growing, high-profile internet service like Today I am as dedicated as ever to developing my skills further as part of the MindLeaders Product Management team for over 6 years, covering Infrastructure as well as the wider area of Innovation for the company. The role has allowed me practice and develop the skills and strength to design market leading products and services using the latest technologies covering eLearning and eAssessment with the best in course content and design.2 Gareth Murran – A presentation about me
  3. 3. 3 VALUES OF SUCCESS Change happens. Keep moving the Cheese Yourself. Who Moved My Cheese? Published in 1998, is a motivational book by Spencer Johnson written in the style of a parable or business fable. Tenacity Cheese is a metaphor for what you want to have in life – whether it is a good job, a loving relationship, money, or spiritual peace of mind. Cheese is what we think will make us happy, and when circumstances Continuous take it away, different people deal with change in different ways. Learning After reading this book I decided that I needed a competitive advantage, Focus a core set of values to guide and lead me to success!3 Gareth Murran – A presentation about me
  4. 4. MY CAREER JOURNEY 2013 New Undergrad 1:1 B.Eng. Senior Innovation Developer Challenges2004 2005 2006 2009 2012 Postgrad 1:1 MSC Multimedia Innovation Product Manager 4 Gareth Murran – A presentation about me
  5. 5. WHAT INTERESTS ME ? Social Innovation User Experience The web is being rebuilt around Benjamin Franklin said, “An The important thing is to never people. People live in networks. investment in knowledge pays stop questioning or gathering and those networks determine the best interest.” Learn data. Curiosity has its own how people are influenced. something new every day. reason for existing.5 Gareth Murran – A presentation about me
  6. 6. MY FAVOURITE READS6 Gareth Murran – A presentation about me
  7. 7. PRODUCT MANAGEMENT User Research and Business Case and Build It and Release Release and The Idea Wireframes Scope Document Plan Version 2.0 Product Management Product Management is about multi-disciplinary mastery and laser focus. The job involves making sure everyone is communicating, pointing in the same direction and doing the boring work that no-one else wants to do As a Product Manager I’m responsible for what the product should do; other roles are responsible for how the product does that. As a Product Manager, data tells you what is happening, people tell you why. Without both, my understanding is incomplete. If I am doing my job well, I can justify decisions, explain my rationale, be transparent. I’m comfortable with the idea of “good enough” and I’m OK with decisions that may not be ideal for the user but make optimal use of limited resources.7 . Gareth Murran – A presentation about me
  8. 8. LET’S TALK SOFT SKILLS Strong Problem Solver End-to-End Product Ownership Process Improvement Technology Product Management Scrum & Project Management Client Management Public Speaking Waterfall & Agile Methodologies8 Gareth Murran – A presentation about me
  9. 9. LET’S TALK HARD SKILLS User Experience (UX) SaaS (Software as a Service) Content Strategy Backend / Servers User Interaction / HCI Marketing / Social Media Frontend Development Visual / Graphic Design / Video / Audio9 Gareth Murran – A presentation about me
  10. 10. CUSTOMER RELTIONSHIPS10 Gareth Murran – A presentation about me
  11. 11. CASE STUDY: FACEBOOK Ecommerce Application built on the Facebook platform. eLearning built in co-operation with the Facebook Marketing team. Product Management from initial meeting through scoping and delivery.11 Gareth Murran – A presentation about me
  12. 12. CASE STUDY: MOBILE Repurposing over 4000 eLearning courses for mobile context across Apple IOS and Android. Content Strategy to create, convert, manage and maintain 4000 plus eLearning courses across all platforms and devices. Helped MindLeaders understand how to effectively manage mobile strategy in the organization for increased brand impact, worker efficiency, and revenue.12 Gareth Murran – A presentation about me
  13. 13. CASE STUDY: AIMS LMS Learning Management System with full tracking, reporting and data integration of all training activities including names of individuals and customer sites. Deployment of the eLearning courses allowing consistent delivery and anytime access across the business. Import/export of payroll data for accurate reports to help reduce administration time/efforts.13 Gareth Murran – A presentation about me
  14. 14. MOBILE PC 10B+ DESKTOP 100M 1B+14 Gareth Murran – A presentation about me
  15. 15. +353 83 333 9475 @gmurran CONTACT ME - IMPOSSIBLE IS NOTHING15 Gareth Murran – – A presentation about me Gareth Murran A presentation bit about me