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Save the bay ppt

  1. 1. We Saved the Bay! Information about Save the Bay and what I learned 
  2. 2. 3 Pieces of Scientific Information I Learned on the FieldTrip  1) Invasive Species I learned that invasive species are dangerous. Invasive species take away (invade) resources and habitats from native plants and animals.
  3. 3.  Lizzie saving the environment by attacking invasive species!
  4. 4.  2) High levels of salinity and soil moisture were evident when closer to the water When we were testing and examining the soil closest to the water, the soil moisture and salinity of the soil were high. When there is high soil moisture, there is high salinity because salt in the natural element for soil and water).
  5. 5.  Testing the Soil Moisture!
  6. 6.  3) Mustard Plants are Annual Plants Plants that are annual plants only survive for one growing season and drop lots of seeds.This is BAD NEWS for Mustard Plants because mustard plants are invasive plants (do not want to have a widespread of invasive plants).
  7. 7. 2 Connections Between What I Have Been Learned in Class  1) An abundance of wildlife is most evident near water  More biodiversity is available and live near water because water is the source of all life. Because the soil near water is very rich, there is a diversity of plants near the water.  2) pH Levels  The pH scale is the measure of how acidic or basic a solution is  On the field trip, we measured the pH of each soil sample (see if each sample was more acidic or basic)
  8. 8. Memories  I will never forget when Madison caught the Albino Primantis. I learned that a Primantis changes its exterior color based on the environment that the Primantis is living in.The Primantis that Madison caught was an Albino because it lived in a dry, desert area.
  9. 9. How DidThis Impact Me? The trip impacted me because I feel more responsible for doing everything I can to help and save the environment. I have learned the importance of maintaining a healthy ecosystem and keeping the habitats of plants and animals safe.
  10. 10. What Would I Change?  If I could change anything about the field trip, I would want the instructors to teach us (in detail) how to use the instruments for testing the soil.  I would recommend this trip for others because I learned a lot about the importance of a healthy ecosystem and about the environment (things that everyone should know).
  11. 11. The FieldTrip Was Worthwhile!  I had a BLAST on the field trip! I think we should definitely go again! I learned a lot in a fun, hands on way!!