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Mixen Productions - MC11U Multimedia Presentation - Jamila Litchmore


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Multimedia Presentation on Approaches to Animation, Web Design techniques and design.

Published in: Education, Business, Technology
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    To experience the full version the 10 accompanying tracks must be downloaded. However it includes tidbits such as:
    -The battle between Captain Bob and Mr Competition
    -Bob's final Project
    -Full Soundtrack
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Mixen Productions - MC11U Multimedia Presentation - Jamila Litchmore

  1. 1. Mixen Productions presents The Survival of Captain BoB’s Blog
  2. 2. Welcome to Captain Bob’s Blog http// recent posts April 14, 2009 MayBe, he’s just not that into you Every ‘guy’’gal’ would like to believe that they know the Tricks of the trade in this matter Want a of mass importance we call dating. Click here for more Free Tarot April 18, 2009 Reading UWI Flaunts it! Click here Click here to see more photos Next
  3. 3. He does fairly well but is always threatened by Mr. Competition Web Images News Search Me Search Me Jamaica Search: UWI FASHION SHOW Ahhhh! It Web doesn’t Matter Welcome to Twirl Cover Girl! what I do! MaturenHot UWI flaunts it! www, Dat Crazy – Fashion Show
  4. 4. Finally he decides to solve the problem once and for all and prepares for battle http: Approaches to Animation i.e. Ways in which it is done Traditional Animation Search: Some Disciplines - Done Frame by frame associated with web design Stop Motion -Done by ‘physically manipulating ‘ real objects and capturing it on film Computer Animation -Created digitally on a computer  Photography Some other approaches: Authoring  Drawn on Film Animation Marketing Sand Animation Flip Book
  5. 5. He solicits help from Mr. Third Year who is preparing for his Final Show at his Lair You will need to utilize some of the skills I learnt in final year…such as using Final Cut Pro But most of all I think your blog needs a burst of life… I’m working on my final project now for the Final Show where I’ll be able to display all my hard work….I think you should do something similar. This year we are supposed to use art to express our feelings. This year we’re using poetry. Put on a show Bob, show everyone your hard work.
  6. 6. The day of the Battle approaches and Bob is armed with knowledge and technique. The name of the Battle 1. PHOTOGRAPHY The use of digital technology Is WEB DESIGN. to make digital images of Bob and Mr Competition objects. will be judged in 3 areas. Results: 1 for Mr Competition (Battle cannot be viewed due to graphic nature) 3. MARKETING 2. AUTHORING Process associated with promoting for sale goods or Creating Content services. (Marketing Dictionary) Results: 1 for Mr Competition Results: 1 for Mr Competition
  7. 7. Captain Bob faces difficulties but then remember his secret weapon … The Final Project… he must put on a show… he uploads it and is successful!!!!! Captain features poet Being Fashion Forward in the SUNSHINE Recession by Captain Bob
  8. 8. Credits Music Golden Skans – The Klaxons Information gained from What are you looking at do you know Who I am? Mixen Productions Copyright 2009