Creating A Webinar


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Creating A Webinar

  1. 1. Creating A Live Webinar<br />If you want to provide your customers with an innovative way to offer a new product or service, then you can consider doing a webinar. <br />A Webi… what?<br />A Webinar… short for web seminar. It is literally an online seminar done on the web so you can connect with different clients all over the world. You should definitely learn how to create a live webinar. See for yourself whether you can use this to improve your business.<br />The first thing you need to do is to plan the topic and length of your webinar. A webinar doesn’t really have a restricted time frame. However, there are suggested durations that you can follow to keep your clients interested. Ideally, it should be finished in about an hour. This includes your introduction, content, and the question and answer portion at the end of the seminar. Most people are usually busy and their time is quite limited. Additionally, most people can listen attentively and stay focused for about 20-30 minutes of a seminar. <br />When selecting a webinar topic, you have to follow certain guidelines. You can ask yourself regarding:<br />1) Who are your clients or listeners?<br />2) What are probably the problems and concerns that my clients have?<br />3) How can I offer solutions through the webinar?<br />4) What can I present to them?<br />5) What kind of content will I include in my webinar?<br />Second, after selecting the topic for your webinar, you have to create the content and do some practice. Make sure that the content is interesting by sharing some of your personal experiences. Try speaking in front of the webcam. Ideally, you should record the video so you can evaluate in which areas you’ve encountered difficulties. <br />Finally, you would have to pick the right tools which can help you with your webinar. At present, there are numerous webinar services which you can use to host your presentation. However, you would have to know how to properly moderate the service. There are webinar hosting services such as Podia that allows you to produce your own webinar in a convenient webinar creator tool. Thankfully, you can also add colorful slides and detailed layouts to your presentation to make things more interesting. They also offer a LIVE version wherein you present in a live audience while the service records the whole process. Afterwards, you can publish your recent webinar and make it available to other interested viewers. This service is very convenient for you and your clients. All you have to secure is a webcam to start recording your Podia Live webinar. <br />It is also important that you select an appropriate time and date that is convenient for most of your clients. For example, you would want to schedule your seminar at night since probably most of your clients are working during the day.<br />You can use social media to promote your webinar. Upload pictures, wallpapers, and videos that inform clients regarding what they can expect to get from your webinar. You can also personally send the link of your webinar so that it would be easier for your clients to access and view you. Luckily, if you are using Podia, the clients won’t have to install any additional plug-ins. They can simply browse the internet link of your webinar. Also, make sure that you have a clear copy of your own webinar. After completing a successful webinar, you can do some revisions on it to create a developed version of your webinar. You can sell the polished copy or make it available for the next batch of interested clients.<br />