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SugarCRM vs Salesforce 2010


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The Top 10 reasons the customer should switch to SugarCRM.

Published in: Technology
  • The benefits of consistently collecting, analyzing, and acting on data are basically indisputable at this point in modern business evolution.
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  • If you want some customization in SugarCRM or addons!/SugarCRM-Addons/c/9156247/offset=0&sort=normal
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  • @goabhigo I agree. This is a very biased view. And half of this presentation talks about sugar being open source which they discontinued now. Now, where do they stand?
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  • goabhigo - To your points:

    1. is a platform...its a poor comparison, and is really designed to BUILD business apps. If you are a developer, could in theory build an CRM or ERP with it....that is, if you have the time, and inclination. Most customers don't...which is why they look at SugarCRM and Salesforce.

    2. Developer edition...again, if I am running a business....the last thing I want to do is BUILD out the basics of CRM. Furthermore, I want a fully supported, feature rich CRM - not a developer edition. Can I build a CRM...sure it can be done? But for most users of CRM....building CRM isnt what they want to do. They want to do what they are good at: provide their goods and services to their markets. Which is why people BUY and INTEGRATE CRM solutions that are ready to go. And when they make this decision, they want to get the most for their investment, without being locked into a private limited cloud, at a high price.
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  • This is in reference to slide number 22:
    1.If u guys can depend and believe on Gmail account,whic store your 'confidential' mails in cloud then why not Salesforce? In Salesforce also you are the owner,unless and until you dont have the login credential no one cannot acces your data.
    2. You can take back up of all the relationships,pae layouts,fields etc using IDE for eclipse, that too wthout any cost!!
    3. Data upload is much more easier dude. In clicks you can upload your thousands of records
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SugarCRM vs Salesforce 2010

  1. The Top 10 reasons the Salesforce user should switch to SugarCRM<br />
  2. Agenda<br />SugarCRM’s Competition<br /><br />Comparing the Software<br />Software Architecture<br />Software Integration<br />3rd Party Applications<br />Software Features<br />Comparing the Costs<br />Software Costs<br />Typical Implementation Costs<br />Ongoing Costs<br />Comparing Services<br />Support Offerings<br />Deployment Offerings<br />About Levementum<br />
  3. Pre-amble…<br />BHAS: <br /> “If you are assessing Salesforce, or any other closed source CRM for your CRM needs, you would be remiss (ok…foolish) not to examine the SugarCRMvalue proposition”<br />
  4. Bias in this presentation?<br />Objectivity? <br />Researchers are competitors to<br />Respectfulness<br />Yes<br />Our experience?<br />Multiple to SugarCRM conversions<br />
  5. The basis…and disclaimer<br />The data being presented here is from research performed over 2010-2008<br />This presentation is focused on differences….not subjective opinions about<br />“People vote with the their feet”….and is a very successful and solid solution. Period.<br />…that said, SugarCRM offers some real advantages.<br />
  6. So with that…<br />The Top 10 reasons to switch from to SugarCRM<br />
  7. #10: Deployment flexibility<br /> offers you a SAAS solution, hosted in its NA, EMEA or AP data centers.<br />SugarCRMoffers you a SAASsolution and an On-Premisesolution (both are provided with your subscription) or a host of certified partner SAAS solutions worldwide<br />Differentiator? <br />Deployment Choice!<br />
  8. #9 Core code customizations<br />Salesforce offers you an architecture to extend product features and integrate.<br />SugarCRMoffers you an architecture to modify the core – modify the API – re-architect product features….in an upgrade safe-way. Additionally – all SugarCRM code is provided to you….its open source (even the commercial version!)<br />Differentiator: Choice, Control, Power with a Framework<br />
  9. Comparison: Software Architecture <br />Application Architecture<br />Database Architecture<br />Deployment Architecture<br />SugarCRM provides customers with:<br /><ul><li> An enterprise class MVC architecture.
  10. Software built on benchmarked proven Open application development code and objects.
  11. Multiple options for database and platform deployment
  12. Flexible deployment in ANY industry standard cloud platform
  13. A true “Open Cloud” choice…as opposed to a private black box cloud and platform.</li></li></ul><li>#8 REST Integration Framework<br />’s web service API does not support REST (as of 8/10)…<br />SugarCRM supports REST!<br />Differentiator: Leaner (faster) integrations…ask your development team. It matters!<br />
  14. Comparison: Software Integration<br />Web Services Architecture<br />Database Access Architecture<br />Deployment Architecture<br />SugarCRM provides complete flexibility on integration and data delivery:<br /><ul><li> Use a SOAP or RESTful approach for your integrations and applications.
  15. Access your data via web services, or access via ODBC, JDBC, or a direct database connection
  16. Utilize any Business Intelligence platform seamlessly.
  17. Note, for example, Crystal reports for can only be used “within” Salesforce.</li></li></ul><li>#7 3rd Party Extensions<br /> claims approximately 1000 extensions and services on the AppExchange<br />SugarCRMoffers 6000 extensions…plus the source code for these.<br />Differentiator: Additional features, and even better – citable code fragments and examples of how to customize the solution creatively<br />
  18. Comparison: 3rd Party Applications (2009)<br />Sugar CRM<br /><br />SugarCRM provides customers with:<br /><ul><li> An unparalleled volume of addons
  19. A commitment to open source
  20. The ability to customize all add-ins
  21. More than 75 language packs</li></li></ul><li>#6 Free Entry Level Offering<br />’s does not offer a free entry level offering<br />SugarCRM’sentry level offering mirrors the Group edition (their 2nd level offering)<br />Differentiator: Features and value…the ability to try, try, try, try, and maybe buy…or not.<br />
  22. Comparison: Software Features – Entry Level Offering<br />SugarCRM<br />Salesforce<br />Microsoft<br />SugarCRM provides customers with:<br /><ul><li> An enterprise class MVC architecture.
  23. Software built on benchmarked proven Open application development code and objects.
  24. Multiple options for database and platform deployment
  25. Flexible deployment in ANY industry standard cloud platform
  26. A true “Open Cloud” choice…as opposed to a private black box cloud and platform.</li></li></ul><li>#5 Powerful Entry Commercial Offering <br /> offers an entry level offering that lacks key Sales features<br />SugarCRM’sprofessional offering is equivalent to the Enterprise offering of<br />
  27. Comparison: Software Features – Professional Level Offering<br />
  28. Comparison: Software Features – Enterprise Level Offering<br />
  29. #4 Money<br />’s enterprise ready solution is offered at $125/mo<br />SugarCRM’senterprise ready offering at offered at $30/mo<br />Differentiator: Cost!!!!<br />
  30. Comparison: The Costs<br />
  31. #3 Data…and Control of it<br /> has historically made it difficult to pull complete data sets (relationships, objects, constraints)<br />SugarCRM offers you native and complete access to the entire db<br />Differentiator: Control<br />
  32. Comparison: Data Jail<br />SugarCRM:<br />With SugarCRM, you are the owner of your own data. You get a full backup of all your data with all the object relationships intact up to four times a month at no additional cost. There are two key aspects to CRM data: customer data and the relationships between accounts, contacts, opportunities and all the other data<br />Salesforce (2009):<br />Raw object text backups<br />No relationships between objects<br />One monthly flat file data dump without any data relationships. How is a customer supposed to load that into a database? You can’t.<br />
  33. #2 The USA PATRIOT ACT<br />Organizations that run on the NA systems or are subject to the PATRIOT act – and the EMEA and AP instances have ambiguous rules therein.<br />SugarCRM offers you control of your on-premise environment<br />Differentiator: Control<br />
  34. #1a Open Source<br />…closed<br />SugarCRM…open<br />Differentiator: Total control of your own destiny<br />
  35. #1b Basic Customizations<br /> offers a robust framework for basic change…but with limitations on max applications, objects, fields, etc.<br />SugarCRM has a limitless module builder and studio<br />Differentiator: Control!<br />
  36. More reasons…<br />
  37. Custom Modules and Fields<br />SugarCRM<br />Easy to use “Field Studio”. Does not require developer skills.<br />No limits on custom fields<br />No limits on custom modules<br /><br />Easy to use module builder + “Eclipse –”. Does not require developer skills.<br />Constraints on additions<br />
  38. Workflow and Reports limitations<br />
  39. Integration Limitations I<br />Callouts or Logic Hooks<br />SugarCRM <br />CE No Limits<br />Professional No Limits <br />Enterprise No Limits<br /><br />CM Not allowed<br />Group Not allowed<br />Professional Limited<br />Enterprise Limited<br />Unlimited Limited<br />
  40. Integration Limitations II<br />Web Services API<br />SugarCRM <br />CE No Limits<br />Professional No Limits <br />Enterprise No Limits<br /><br />CM Not allowed<br />Group Not allowed<br />Professional Limited<br />Enterprise Limited<br />Unlimited Limited<br />
  41. Implementations!<br />What is the key technical skill required for your implementation<br />No<br />Leverage<br />Leverage in other Projects<br />Leverage in other Projects<br />
  42. Deployment Options<br /><br /> hosting environment (not a cloud)<br />Multi-tenant shared database environment<br />No migrations allowed outside of the host<br />SugarCRM<br />Hosted, On-Premise, Private Cloud or Hosted Cloud<br />Supports AmazonEC2, Rackspace, and all major cloud offerings<br />Images are ready to go<br />Migration from Hosted to Cloud, On-Premise to Hosted, etc…allowed!<br />
  43. Summary<br />SugarCRM offers a superior cost, feature, integration and flexibility offering.<br />In our horribly biased opinion….but investigate for yourself!<br />
  44. About Levementum<br />Founded 2005<br />Added SugarCRM service line 2005 (v3.5.1)<br />Added Compiere ERP service line 2008<br />Added Pentaho BI service line 2009<br />Added Magento e*Commerce service line 2009<br />Added Mindtouch Collaboration service line 2009<br />Mission: <br />Drive “world class” Revenue & Margin results using Open Source Technology and Process focused Methodology<br />Company Information<br />31 Employees<br />Offices:<br />Phoenix, AZ (Headquarters)<br />New York City, NY<br />Atlanta, GA<br />
  45. About Levementum<br />Service Lines<br />SugarCRM (Open Source CRM)<br />Officially a “Gold Partner” of SugarCRM since 2006<br />Services:<br />Consulting, Development, Integration and Intelligence<br />Training<br />Cloud Hosting<br />CompiereERP (Open Source ERP)<br />Services<br />Consulting <br />Training<br />Development, Integration and Intelligence<br />Magento<br />Mindtouch<br />
  46. Levementum Global<br />USA<br />Phoenix, AZ<br />Atlanta, GA<br />Portland, OR<br />Green Bay, WI<br />Australia<br />Sydney, NSW<br />Canada<br />Toronto, ON<br />
  47. A Sampling of our Accounts<br />