The Death of Software in the Call Center - a 100% Cloud Based Approach?


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Elimination of software in the Call Center is smart, practical, strategic and financially efficient...IF....YOU FOCUS ON ONE KEY THING THAT MOST CIOs MISS.

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The Death of Software in the Call Center - a 100% Cloud Based Approach?

  1. 1. The Death of Software in theCall CenterA 100% cloud based approach
  2. 2. There is a prerequisite for success for cloud basedcontact centers.There is a method to realizing the ROI…to the “visionsof sugarplums dancing in your heads”.Its not what you think…it isnt software, orinfrastructure. They influence it – but don’t or can’tunlock the optimal ROI.The journey to the end of your onpremise software
  3. 3. What’s the mostimportant factor?ROI? Cost Reduction?Growth/Scale/Capacity?Why is it important for me to moveto the Cloud from OnPremise?
  4. 4. …one view
  5. 5. You have no choiceAll meaningfulinnovation will bedelivered via cloud.Fear this. If nothingelse, be motivated by it.You have 24 months atbest.Because you’re going to have toembrace it. By force.
  6. 6. Do Cloud solutions eliminate cost andcomplexity, inherently?
  7. 7. It appears that waytoday…there will be moreoptions, not fewer.That spells complex.They are just as difficult toimplement successfullyNo Way.
  8. 8. Cloud based applications are the singlebest sources of information innovation,arent they?
  9. 9. CRM technologies haveinnovated and improved atamazing ratesTelephony has become lessexpensive, more reliable, andof higher quality.Multi-channel solutions havecreated value, not destroyedthemFinally, some truth
  10. 10. Its not easyIt’s the right thing to doI have to do it anyway…so what’s the obstacle?So, to Cloud in the Contact Center…
  11. 11. The obstacle to call centersuccess with cloud technology
  12. 12. Cloud based Contact Center apps arebetter than ever
  13. 13. We’ve never had moresolutionsWe’ve never had bettersolutionsInnovation is hitting ourindustry faster than anyone elseIts true, and that’s part of theproblem
  14. 14. Contact Centers have never had soMANY “good choices”
  15. 15. CRM, Telephony, Call Recording, MarketingAutomation, Dialers, Softphones, Supply Chain,Accounting, Language Solutions, Chat, SMS Servers,Vertical Plug-ins, Ticket Trackers, BI,…OMG.And more of em actually “work” than ever before.This overabundance of solutions….WILL GET WORSE,AND WILL OUTPACE CONSOLIDATIONWhich leads to the problem
  16. 16. OK – so “cloud” is not THATeasy…but what’s the root problem
  17. 17. u
  18. 18. Layers of duct tape, bailing wire, glue…because wegave him pressure, without giving him money.It worksIts all in his headIn the Call Center…IS = IntegrationSins
  19. 19. The old worldLuckily the technology industry has asolution for the wiring challenges
  20. 20. The new worldIts not much better
  21. 21. How we the IT industry suggest we fixit
  22. 22. We’ve not been very good at it in theCall Center – because we have neverbeen afforded the time or moneyWe have more to integrate not less.Cloud = more integration!The sockets are nice and clean…butwe have to wire it up….and thevoltage and currents don’t alwaysmatchSo its Integration.
  24. 24. Lets characterize it first
  25. 25. A lack of integration architecture“aplomb” but tremendous“resourcefulness”A lack of market ready cloudintegration toolsThe problems can be aptlycharacterized by:
  26. 26. The reboot of the IT leader in the Call Center or CIOApplying the right order/sequence to cloudimplementationCloud Integration TechnologyThe solutions
  27. 27. Gartner, Forrester and others predict the demise of theCIO“By 2017 the CMO will Spend More on IT Than the CIO”- Gartner Group 2012CMO, CSO will have a much larger influence on solutionselection than CIO.More good news for CIOs
  28. 28. The CIO will be theCloudIntegrationOwnerThe Call Center CIO: Adapt or Die
  29. 29. Focus on CRM firstSpend the time on an integration architectureInvest in a cloud integration platformNot your publishers platform…What the new CIO must do
  30. 30. Telephony is the heart of a call centerYou will not survive very long without your telephonyCRM is the brainYou will die without your data***** with the exception of highly unintelligent organisms…CRM First
  31. 31. Invest in cloud to cloud integration technology now.CASTIron from IBMJitterbitBoomiSnaplogicMulePick a Cloud Integration Tool
  32. 32. DisciplineStapler guy must use theintegration toolsHe wont like itToughOpen-nessBe wary of overinvesting in apublisher’s integration tools.Study and StrategyIF you don’t know what a goodintegration architecture lookslike...then learn it…or ASK MEUse it
  33. 33. I meant, ask LevementumCloud Services Firm:CRMeCommerceMarketing Automation, Collaboration and Integration. Specifically Salesforce, Magento,Pardot/ExactTarget, SugarCRM, and othersCall Center has been or largest horizontal segment for 8 years running.>150 Call Center customersEst: 2006Phoenix, AZBoston, MAPortland, OREl Paso, TXWhy Ask Me?
  34. 34. Geoffrey MobissonVP of Sales & MarketingLevementumgmobisson@levementum.com480 320-2520Twitter: gmobissonLinkedIn:gmobissonFacebook:LevementumI am
  35. 35. An ending note